Words Are Magic

Words Are Magic

Friday night, October 22, the Sun entered Scorpio, our most mysterious of signs (except for Pisces).

We look forward to that ‘something wicked our way comes’, when Scorpio arrives! And if it isn’t “wicked” we shake in our boots knowing the Nine Tests arrive soon, also in Scorpio. It’s such a dramatic, deeply intense, the underbelly of reality commanding sign (ruled by Pluto and Mars). No one forgets a Scorpio.

At most, Scorpio is a most captivating sign. It is also the most inscrutable of signs. Before we enter Capricorn, Scorpio offers us points of crisis and moments of reorientation, two deeply important functions of Scorpio and of great value for us to understand (concerning ourselves as Scorpio Sun, moon or ascendant [rising sign], and friends and family who may be Scorpios).

Our lives on Earth are our chosen Spiritual Adventure. There comes a lifetime when we have divine curiosity. We want to understand the underlying motives of livingness (our lives and others’). We want to step out of the “cloud of unknowing”.And, no matter what, we are eager to progress forward sanely, with strength and serenity.

When thinking in this way, we are stepping upon the Evolutionary Path or the Path of Return (to heaven). We want to be practical, to understand what is of value to us. We are given power and want to understand the extent of that power (Pluto). We want to pass all of the Nine Scorpio tests offered to us by Mars. Mercury helps by informing us that we must be very careful of our thoughts and speech for they can destroy as well as create. “Words are magic”, Mercury tells us.

It is only through understanding these principles along with the nature Scorpio and the nine tests that true insight is cultivated. Then, we are called to be Disciples. We want to feel optimism and understand what being a World Disciple means. Scorpio calls all Disciples. It calls all disciples to step forward. To stand with the Forces of Light, flaming swords held high. Scorpio is the warrior emerging from all battles triumphant.

ARIES: A shift is occurring, a threshold to be crossed, new realities, new work and responsibilities to appear. You emerge from your foundations and face the Sun, hidden by Scorpio waters. Although not a Scorpio you and the sign of Discipleship share the influences of Mars and Mercury. So you are both in the same “planetary families”. Both have work to do that’s transformative that helps humanity. The key is communication. Use it for Goodwill, for knowledge, to dispense intelligence. Use it to uplift.

TAURUS: There seems to be no rest and each day provides new challenges, including that of health. Sometimes your back hurts, sometimes your head. Don’t let your heart hurt even if things seem somewhat dismal and dreary – weather, world or finance-wise. Help arrives when one asks for help. Unusual events occur, especially as you continue your intentions for assisting all aspects and endeavors of humanity. We work with you in morning meditation.

GEMINI: The new era energies impel you toward your task as messenger – constantly offering information, more praise of others but most of all identifying your creativity. It seems that you bridge so many realities, especially between Spirit and matter. This building is Gemini’s purpose. You connect people here and there in various multi-faceted ways, opening the minds of others to see a new light, a new day, a new life ahead. Although you may not understand how, you are blessed. We bless you.

CANCER: How are the issues of resources, values, finances and money appearing in your life? Are you tending to resources for yourself and/or others? It’s most important that you focus time and energy upon your own needs so you can be strong and able in all ways for the coming times. It may be your concerns have deepened for family and children? This will continue until your focus shifts toward how and what you create. Balance and harmony then appear.

LEO: Jupiter is now moving forward in Aquarius, your opposite sign. Leos are being called to serve in many and greater ways as the new era unfolds. Be aware that all Leos must begin to cultivate all their talents and gifts. Identity comes first. Identifying yourself through what you create is a hint. A new sense of self-expression comes through your creations. Sometimes you feel dramatic, exaggerated, and embellished, desiring a more glamorous and stylish life while also hiding away. We see and recognize you, Leo.

VIRGO: Communication on all levels and aspects is most important at this time as Mercury slowly moves forward in Libra. Mercury rules communication and it’s asking you what creative endeavors you are participating in, what thoughts, ideas and intentions you have concerning your talents and abilities. Soon Mercury will be in Scorpio and we will be talking about the Nine Tests. You already know to use communication to radiate love outward into the world.

LIBRA: With Mercury and Mars in the sign the scales, some Libras are pondering better communication in their relationships and better ways to display love. It’s good to tie up all unresolved communication situations. Tend to shared money and finances and invest in real things. Release all relationships that are not good or kind or respectful. A new world is continuing to unfold with new laws and principles. Always say yes to what’s offered, giving love a chance.

SCORPIO: During Scorpio you can come out from the shadows or retreat, becoming more hidden and complex. Others understand you less and that’s good because you have important work to do, part of which is a new self-identification. This happens yearly around Halloween. You drop into the dark underbelly of life, the dark waters to renew yourself and emerge only when comfort calls. Your communication becomes even more potent. Some understand this. You’re searching for Persephone.

SAGITTARIUS: Communication is and will be an important theme this month and next. During Scorpio each year your communication enters into a state of retreat, a rest time. You enter into a more spiritual world which heals and comforts with its inner tending. You may feel somewhat nebulous and uncertain, as if veils have fallen between you and the world? It’s a protective mechanism. So you aren’t disturbed. Allow nothing piercing and sharp into your world.

Capricorn: Have cash on hand and structure your money in careful ways in the coming weeks and months. Purchase no non-essentials. Tend to debts immediately, paying more than minimum on credit cards. Consider purchasing silver and gold to back your dollars, keeping your money safe. A good source for coins is the Money Changer (https://the-moneychanger.com). They are intelligent, reliable, trustworthy and a source of invaluable monetary information. The value of the dollar is changing.

AQUARIUS: You may be seeking love, or if already in love, seeking a closer connection. Remember that making contact, true and kind and good, releases love. Can you make that type of contact? You’re also seeking more harmony and balance and right relations which your heart longs for. Have the objective to radiate love at all times. Use no harsh or critical words. Also have the intention to always listen and understand. Aquarius often goes right to the heart of the matter.

PISCES: There is and will continue to be daily increased work and responsibilities. You must summon all your abilities to maintain health and strength in order to meet the present world needs. Complete all tasks put off since summer. Do you also need new shoes and a new bed? I heard you need a new car, too. Relationships have been testy, money’s been perplexing, and change has been ceaseless. Who listens to you? Where is your home? Call in the Soul. It’s our guardian, guide, healer and comforter.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.

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