Drops of Jupiter, Calling Humanity

The cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, direct then retrograde, then direct again, are once again in the astrological news. Saturn turned direct last Sunday, at seven degrees Aquarius (moving forward with the new era under new spiritual Laws & Principles). And this Sunday, October 17th, Jupiter, planet of benevolence, of love and wisdom, turns stationary direct. Jupiter is knowledge which leads to love & wisdom. Saturn is discipline, structure and the Rule of Law.

As I wrote last week, change occurs when the planets shift and move about in the heavens, especially as they move back (retrograde) and forth (direct).

Transiting (in the sky) Saturn on the US south node (past coming to the present, the darkness being seen so reorientation can occur). They say the Dweller on the Threshold is about to take down all that has remained hidden in the darkness. There is to be a reorienting of the past, removing all hindrances, allowing the present future (new era) to unfold.

Jupiter, planet of love & wisdom (Ray 2), of truth telling (rules Sagittarius), of justice and the expansion of everything everywhere, offers us, after four months of reflection), the “big picture”. Notice if perspectives and beliefs have changed, expanded and are uplifted to intelligent new realities. We choose now to rise above separations, to harmonize, balance, and seek our highest aspirations. We develop new tools; consider new goals, new studies and journeys. We want to learn more, understand everything and help build the new culture and civilization (Aquarius).

We begin to disentangle ourselves from whatever hinders freedom. Forgetting the things that lie behind us, we stand in the present, heart and mind united, with boldness and strength. We walk away from tyranny. We realize we are equipped with freedom. Our hearts are free. We begin to act free. Strong and liberated, brave and unafraid, these are our birthrights. Jupiter calls to humanity. Listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qthko5ppHcM

ARIES: As you present yourself, your talents and skills to the world, a new sense of self-worth comes about, a new sense of beauty and creativity. You understand the value and beauty of life. You want all assets to be stable so you can feel safe. You may not need much materially, but you do need comfort. You become grounded, easier to be with, somewhat serene and poised. You like chocolates, books, things familiar, gold and crystals. We find you interesting.

TAURUS: You will consider your place in and contribution to the present and future society and culture, and assess how much real information you can share publicly. There is a balancing of your personal and public lives. One area of livingness ends as another begins. The new is aligned with your heart’s desires. You have vision and farsighted concepts. Follow them. They lead you to the “forest” (Vedic metaphor for where you need to be). Others then follow, hearing the sounds of your flute.

GEMINI: The way we live our lives affects our health and well-being. It is important to see the broader picture, not allowing small inconveniences to upset inner balance. This new cycle is to be one of joy and happiness. We can choose this each day. The next days, weeks and months are a time of preparation. Soon you will be called to a new world service. During this time, write, share, sing, dance, publish and fine-tune all your communicative talents and skills in preparation. Life begins a new rhythm and pattern of change.

CANCER: The coming weeks and months invite you to enter into a deeper understanding of self in relationship. Intimacy becomes you, generosity, trust and compassion too, as you more fully embrace the ‘other’. This brings a certain empowerment and feelings of joy and happiness. Careful with finances. Don’t beg, borrow, depend on credit or accumulate debt. Use cash. Tithe each month to those in need. Begin each day with gratitude. As gratitude is expressed, you have more and more to give.

LEO: You assume new ways of communicating, cooperating, balancing, harmonizing and negotiating. These allow relationships to experience greater happiness. It’s a blessing to extend beyond compromise and have harmony in relationships. You begin to understand the Law of Principle of Goodwill which creates Right Human Relations. These ideas foster the well-being of others. Love comes surprisingly, unexpectedly and assuredly. Peace, too.

VIRGO: Daily life rhythms and rituals, health, small animals, serving others –these bring you unsurpassed enjoyment. You enter into the world of form and matter, and find that it is good. Virgos can tend to remain somewhat “out and away from this world.” What is all around is what really matters now. During this time you recognize your part in the world, your usefulness and goodness in helping others. Life Purpose comes to stay.

LIBRA: It’s time to have fun, amusement and pleasure and gladness, time to express yourself in ways unknown before and perhaps with a bit of joy. It’s time to be artful and creative, to be playful, take risks, expand and grow like a garden in the wild. Notice new ideas, new dreams, desires and aspirations. Discover what nourishes you and allow yourself to be entertained without apology. Explore all possibilities, especially the emotional and romantic.

SCORPIO: Family life, living arrangements, comfort, beauty, the rooms in your house, your garden, all things domestic, your origins and foundations…all of these will be your focus in the coming months. Some Scorpios may invest in land, buy real estate, others will decorate, move or invite family and friends home more often. A sense of peace prevails. Begin to build a garden gate. Study Richard Neutra’s homes and architecture

SAGITTARIUS: You will do more of the following – express yourself (speaking, writing), take short trips, talk with siblings and friends, relate more consciously with the world around you and perhaps purchase a new vehicle to explore new areas, regions and lands. Family and friends, lots of people will contact you. There will be more errands, too. Daily activities and tending to details may become overwhelming. You’ll need to be in a garden more than ever.

CAPRICORN: You are the seven-stringed lyre of Apollo. Music, art and architecture, style and design create the magic and beauty that releases you from daily harsh realities. Justice, care and kindness for those in need are your greatest gifts. They come from the heart. In always helping others, you reflect the kindness and beauty of God. There is a hidden path to God. It’s called Beauty. God is grateful for you.

AQUARIUS: There will be transformations, reorientations and renewal, some rather numinous, in the coming times. When focused in the heart, you move into a level of existence that is the color of honey yellow, a transparent golden hue. You find the path of “I Am” and then the goals you have set for yourself come true. You will step into new roles, new identities. Life’s purpose catches you and you’re never the same again. You come from the future.

PISCES: Contemplating the past year helps integrate all your experiences, desires, dreams, aspirations and the constant messages encountered from the beyond. The Great Ones left you “breadcrumbs” each day to let you know you’re on track, that wherever you were and are, there is support, and that all limiting beliefs can be laid to rest and by the wayside, forever. You will teach and share all that you’ve learned in the coming new times.

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