Father’s Day, a Summer Poem & Jupiter Retrograde

Father’s Day, a Summer Poem & Jupiter Retrograde

This Sunday, June 20this a complex, multi-cultural and multi-celebratory day. Sundayis Father’s Day, Summer Solstice (Litha), the Sun enters Cancer and Jupiter, the beneficent, retrogrades. On Father’s Day let us recognize and celebrate all Fathers in our lives (all shapes and sizes, kingdoms, genders & relationships) this Sunday. We celebrate fathers who are mothers. And the mothers who are fathers. We recognize the Father in heaven, too, our Creator, with gratitude.

Next is the summer solstice. When our Sun enters the sign of Cancer, summer begins. The Sun is poised at the Tropic of Cancer, resting for three days before beginning its journey southward. Beginning at summer solstice, the light in our world decreases. A paradox.

Solstices and the equinoxes are the four most important festivals of the annual cycle of Light & Dark. At these cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, initiating a new cycle) points specific spiritual energies of Light are present, through which many layers of wisdom are able to unfold. By attuning to these energies of Light (containing information) we are able to develop subtle perceptions and understandings. Sunday’s summer solstice is the longest day of light for the year. As our Sun reaches its moment of greatest strength.

Jupiter will retrograde for four months (June 20 – October 17) beginning at 2 degrees Pisces and ending at 22 Aquarius. All growth, expansion, travels and adventures turn inward. Retrogrades offer us a time to review, reflect, reassess and re-affirm. It is also a time of rapprochement (return, forgiveness, understanding).

Here is a poem by Mary Oliver celebrating summer.

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

From “The Summer Day”; 1992

ARIES: You will begin to feel there is more than enough inner strength and energy to meet all the expectations and demands of work and the world, both self-imposed and from others. You will bring beauty and balance, prosperity and connectivity to your work. Also, detail, order and organization. These you will teach and then ask of others as well. Careful. Be kind and patient.

TAURUS: It’s time to tend to yourself now. To spend time where you live in order to order and organize both inner and outer realities. It’s been a long long time (years?) since you’ve been able to assess needs in your personal life. Since you’ve been focused outwardly, saving the world, things as home are quite in need. Seeking assistance is practical. For there is much work to do. Afterward there may be a move.

GEMINI: Consider your needs for a while. Allow yourself to think of all the things needed in all aspects of your life. Consider the state of your home and family, your relationships and money, your communication and sense of well-being. Are all these as they should be? Do you offer comfort, calmness and ease to others? Observe your life within these questions. Do it quietly over time. Allow emotions to be acknowledged should they appear. Feelings are messages.

CANCER: It’s good for you to seek, ask for and assess the truth, available to you from your feelings and senses. Then it is good to share with others what you sense and feel as the truth of the matter, and why. When we speak the truth, sincerity and integrity enter every relationship and interaction. When speaking the truth, be neutral, ask questions, be confident, kind and courteous. Truth sets everyone free. You, too.

LEO: Your creative gifts and abilities are to be applied to daily life situations. Each day then becomes magical and transformed. Is there something new and different you would like to be doing in your life? Do you seek to be out and about in the wilds, serving the animal (bird or fish) kingdom, offering them food, shelter, medicine and comfort? Do you want to be elsewhere? Know you are here, needed right here and now.

VIRGO: You seem to have new vital energy. You’re active, self-confident, happy, purposeful and enthusiastic (filled with God). You’re so busy, there’s no time for relaxation. When not busy and working, count your blessings, notice how you’ve expanded into a new sense of self-identity and self-confidence. It’s been growing all along. Notice too past life gifts are coming forth.

LIBRA: A spiritual essence (message) begins to stream into your inner life. It expands you and provides the gift of understanding. It is alleviating all judgments you may be carrying since childhood. Those judgments affect your present life and although you think you’re happy, the shadow of judgment is eventually projected upon those around you. Even in the best relationships. Forgiveness releases us in the same way truth does.

SCORPIO: What expansion is occurring in your life? Does it feel like a revelation? What new direction is being taken and what sense of new self-identity? Is there a new focus and are there new activities pending? Everything’s changing for you. It’s not just your perception. Things you’ve sought eventually appear. Now all you have to do is begin to prepare without feeling overtaken, overwhelmed or dissolved. Remain poised no matter what occurs.

SAGITTARIUS: Remember to do your daily outer and inner work with composure, poise and objectivity, exhibiting no pressure toward self or others. You are being watched (observed) as to your ability to create Right Relations, balancing leadership skills, friendships, keeping the two separate with finesse, elegance, grace and skill. This is quite a job. You most likely already display all of this. Now more is called for. You are the ambassador of cultures.

CAPRICORN: Many days, weeks and months of work reach a summit. If you look back on the autumn of last year, something began. Now it has reached a point of manifestation, of being seen in the world. Perhaps this is you, who is presently always in a state of transformation and transfiguration. There are perhaps lots of thoughts concerning travel, going far away, experiencing new cultures, foods, people. Yes, soon you can go. There’s a place for you everywhere.

AQUARIUS: Tend to your well-being, your happiness and also to money, all with great care. Put money away for future needs. Always do this second, when money comes in. Tithe with your money, first. This assures a constant supply of resources in terms of life needs. When we give, more is returned. Humanity is yet to learn this. That is the new materialism of sharing. You could be leading humanity in this endeavor. We say to you in times of stress, “Don’t worry, be happy!”

PISCES: You shift between pain and feeling wounded, grieving and being comforted. It’s such an interesting polarity. Both can be felt as extremes, all at the same time. Seek the way in between, a point of poise while also realizing life now is a “razor’s edge” of realities. Yes, it is. A crossroads has appeared. A decision, too. You need sensitive handling. Tend to yourself, your money and resources with great care. You reach out to family and bring everyone who is separated together. Some understand, some don’t. All’s well.

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