The Wesak Buddha Full Moon Festival. Crystal Bowls of Water in the Garden

The Wesak Buddha Full Moon Festival. Crystal Bowls of Water in the Garden

Many years ago in the early 1970s I encountered an article in an alternative paper with symbols and shapes used for a festival called Wesak.  I lost the article but I remember being deeply drawn to the geometrical shapes. Later, I found a pamphlet from Lucis Trust (Alice Bailey and the Tibetan’s teachings) about the Wesak Festival and inside were the very same shapes – points, lines, crosses, interlocking circles and triangles, ending with a five-pointed star (Venus). 

Today I know those shapes signify sacred movements (evocations, a “calling”) performed in front of a flat rock altar next to a stream in a valley in the Himalayas during a full moon of April or May, the Buddha Full Moon also known as the Wesak Festival. The shapes are accompanied by sacred mantras and these “invoke and call down” the Buddha, assisting in his yearly visit and appearance to Earth from Heaven (Shamballa, the Father’s House).

The Wesak Festival this year is Monday night, April 26, 2021, 8:32pm (west coast time). People from all around the world travel to the Wesak Valley for the festival. There’s a legend that holy ones appear in the valley at this time, too. 

The Christ, Manu, Mahachohan, the Hierarchy, all ancient teachers who once visited the Earth, teachers, initiates and disciples still living on the Earth, the New Group of World Servers, everyone preparing since Winter Solstice, also participates in the Wesak Festival. The festivities are a vital part of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. 

The Wesak Festival is a training process for disciples. And it is a sacred high point of the year. The Wesak Festival is the second of the three Spring Festivals, each festival providing humanity with the Love/Wisdom, the Will/Purpose, and the Divine Intelligence of God for the upcoming year.

Each year the Buddha returns to Earth to bless humanity with the Father’s Will-to-Good which, when received by humanity becomes Goodwill. The Forces of Enlightenment accompany the Buddha, inaugurate an era of Right Thinking and strengthen the Will to Good in all lovers of humanity. 

We place crystal bowls of water outside prior to the festival. The water, absorbing the Father and Buddha’s blessings, becomes sacred water under the full moon’s reflective (Taurus) Light. Everyone everywhere is invited to participate. At the moment of the full moon we say together, “We are ready, Buddha. Come Forth.”And recite together the Great Invocation, the Mantram of Direction for Humanity. 

ARIES: Something’s (everything about you) exalted. There’s an abundance of physical and emotional strength and energy, your moods swing into a rhythm following the stars. You seek to understand, then begin to recognize and protect values, possessions and eventually become tenacious, like a Taurus. A good thing. Although fluctuating financially, you’re really always prosperous. Be the first at the Wesak Festival and stand with your group in the front line. 

TAURUS: Watching you these days we see activity, forcefulness, courage, leadership. You’re free and independent, led by vision and imagination. Your feelings of care and compassion assert themselves everywhere. Enlightenment is your purpose. Nothing obstructs this, not even relationships. You pioneer new enterprises. You say you’ve found your Path and need no one (or so it seems). Except perhaps your spiritual group on the way to Wesak. Everyone travelling together. 

GEMINI: You move into a quiet place, becoming very sensitive to the needs of others. At times you will be drawn into the mysterious or mystical through longing, prayer, meditation or imagination. What are you reading these days? It’s best to remain behind the scenes, protecting yourself. Study forgiveness, define and study apocatastasis(a new word) taught by St. Gregory of Nyssa. The world this week is being sanctified. Is your crystal bowl in the garden?

CANCER: Enlightenment this week and month come through family, social groups, friendships, organizations and/or communities that seek to reform and revolutionize society. You will ask what are the collective objectives as you also recognize and define your future hopes and wishes. If they are not practical you will make them so. You can no longer compromise your ideals. They protect, guide and illumine your life.

LEO: You seek enlightenment through achievement in the world. Concerned with reputation, honor, or fame you begin to apply the concept of goodwill to influence others while also being the authority. As you are given more responsibilities you learn how to lead with both power and love. When one is without the other leadership is empty and hollow. Every leader learns this through suffering. Leos learn to “love more and more.”

VIRGO: Your high ideals seek honesty, integrity and impartiality while attempting to take the blindfold off of Mother Justice. You aspire for more education, deeper consciousness, true knowledge leading to wisdom. You often expand your mind through religious studies. You try to spread great ideas. Few see your spirit of adventure. Find and carve a sacred staff from a willow, cedar, oak or pine tree. Plant your temple garden. 

LIBRA: You look to others, seeing if and how they live their values and how they act in relationships. You contemplate aspects of death and regeneration, the phoenix-like qualities found in those with great courage. You seek a deeper level of intimacy. Some Librans will enter into detective work, diagnosing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual difficulties. You will engage in conflict for the purpose of creating greater harmony. Many won’t understand.

SCORPIO: Enlightenment comes through seeing partners, intimates and those close to you with new eyes – eyes that are not judgmental and critical but unconditionally filled with love and understanding. You find harmony through cooperation; balance through diplomacy; and peace through negotiation. This sounds like the Aquarian way calling forth the unity of nations. Reorientation from the unseen to the seen is Scorpio. The Great One is always standing at the door of our heart, asking to be allowed in in order to stay and teach us for a while. Then we  “ascend”. 

SAGITTARIUS: You will enlighten and illumine others, just like the Buddha did 500 years before the appearance of the World Teacher, the Christ. The Buddha teaching practicality and neutrality by tending to necessities, both personal and professional, by assisting and serving others, by tending to details and being health conscious, all of which create a holy order of things. The most important teaching is having a neutral attitude. Then you walk the razor’s edge with balance, harmony and grace.

CAPRICORN: You’re often very dignified, and more so this month as the Buddha’s blessings shower loving willingness upon all of us but especially you. Your dignity allows others to also become dignified. The world sees you as creative, self-expressive, entertaining (yes, very funny sometimes), dramatic (in a good way), romantic (you hide that), playful while also taking risks. If anyone acts proud of themselves, just praise them more. That is the most interesting of responses, don’t you think? 

AQUARIUS: Enlightenment and understanding occurs this month through acknowledging the foundations (early childhood) of your life and how you’ve adapted and embraced those experiences and learnings. Grown up now you seek new sources of happiness, love and vitality. It’s important to make a list of your values, loyalties, and needs. Nurture and shelter all of them, whatever they are. Give thanks for your early years. They nurtured the goodness you experience within yourself now. Do you need a new home?

PISCES: Perceptions are heightened about these times of Kali and your need now is to order and organize all surrounding environments. You seek to improve and enlighten, eliminating all that is no longer needed. This provides you with tasks and purpose, two things you need in order to feel comfort in the new era. Continue to contact family, siblings, close friends. Take walks and short trips through neighborhoods, learn a new language, maybe Sanskrit, drawing the Diamond Sutra. This way you reach for and find the Light.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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