Planting in the Temple: April Showers, May Flowers

Planting in the Temple: April Showers, May Flowers

In the Agni Yoga Wisdom teachings, there are references to the light from stars, planets, moon and sun vitalizing trees and flowers to be used by humanity as foods, resins, oils and medicines. All these substances are life givers and thus planted in temple gardens. The flowers most mentioned are roses, freesias and lilac and trees of pine, cedar and eucalyptus. Oils are rose, cedar (deodar), eucalyptus, musk and amber and references to wreaths and garlands for healing.

It is written that eucalyptus helps one in clear thinking. Cedar and eucalyptus purify and heal. Pine needles contain electrical energy received from the heavens. The wisdom texts recommend having the fragrance of freesias, gardens of roses, lilacs in the spring, cedars and eucalyptus on the roads leading up to the temple. Roses prevent imperil, freesias benefit the nervous system, barley for lungs is unsurpassed.

All vegetables are good for the body, but some more so; asparagus, celery and garlic being medicinal. Mulberries (moru) and the orchid tree (balu) as well as valerian (to ease the spirits and the heart) are mentioned for the first signs of illness. But sometimes valerian can be too strong for some sensitive spirits. Chamomile for teething babies, and unsettled stomachs, and as a tincture for biodynamic gardens. Ayurvedic remedies are useful. Ayurveda comes from the Fourth Human Wave, Atlantis. In the Third Human Wave, Lemuria, the skins of musk animals were valued.

Mint (leaves, essence, scent, oil) is a disinfectant. It is also a friend. Plant violets and freesias for their scent. Their fragrance tells one a Benevolent Source is near. Licorice, senna, aloe, Artemisia (wormwood). The juice of carrots or radishes, or strawberries, are best in their raw, pure state. The ancient Rishis subsisted on these foods.

There is alchemy in the plant kingdom. Like Mary pouring myrrh on Christ, the Teacher’s feet. Symbolizing the power and radiance of love. In ancient temples peacocks were kept. Rays of the sun at dawn are recommended each day. Warm milk, honey and turmeric at night with a spray of pepper. At night the Teacher sends rays of healing to strengthen the heart. Vitalizing our bodies with the indicated “medicines.” April showers bringing forth May flowers. Increasing the prana, the nature-valoris, starry light twinkling within us.

Note: Beginning a new spiritual and astrological year with Aries, it’s good to review the signs… their habits, proclivities, abilities, needs and tasks. So we can understand each other better and love each other more.

ARIES: This sign, initiating new ideas, also forms deep habits. As children and students, partners and lovers they need encouragement to be patient, punctual and steadfast. Eventually they move from instinct to illumination to intuition, releasing all that is undisciplined. They must learn how to serve, a principle of liberation, which saves and uplifts the world. They must learn to love or their mission fails.

TAURUS: This is the sign of illumination, their minds like search lights, directing everyone towards the Path ahead. They can be focused researchers. To accomplish this they must fit themselves for service through exercise, sunlight, pure water, adequate protein, and a balance of work and leisure, comfort and a life without undue discipline. They reach into the source of light, radiating light outward into the darkness.

GEMINI: They stimulate and vivify all life (kingdoms) they contact, acting as a transmitter of knowledge, dispersing information, letting in the radiance of truth. They seek to find their destined service, to act as a bridge between everything and everyone. They are the Antakarana (Rainbow bridge), lifting all kingdoms into heaven (the Soul), bringing heaven down to earth. Gemini’s are to plant nut and avocado trees. Geminis are the seed.

CANCER: It’s difficult to advise some signs. Cancer and Capricorn are two such signs. They are their own advisors. Cancers are very intelligent, instinctual and later intuitional. They need quietude, repose, tidiness and routine. Often their crabwalk circles these virtues. We need to assist them in accomplishing their tasks with equanimity and joy. Cancer can be fascinated with habits long past their usefulness. Cancers should grow roses and honeysuckle.

LEO: When not assuming power over others, the lion can be playful, masterly and self-assured. It’s important they see fair play and sportsmanship as more valuable than competitive winning. Leos have a strong constitution and are generous because the Sun shines directly into their hearts. They can often over-reach beyond safety and see themselves as immortal. They are and they aren’t. Only with love is this true.

VIRGO: These are the students of the zodiac, learning everything in detail before embarking upon a game plan or endeavor. They leave no stone unturned and this provides them with acute perception and an intelligence that harbors great depths (unseen). Sometimes they are shy. Sometimes they are afraid of their intelligence. They turn away from dazzling.

LIBRA: Whatever they do Librans are balanced, have a keen precision, always adjusting to circumstances. Sometimes they shouldn’t. They weigh each move; sometimes are so impartial they cannot compete. This is good for the new Sharing Society that Librans will help create with the New Group of World Servers. Libra is an extraordinary ally with a splendid judgment, always focused on collaboration and harmony. Everyone wins.

SCORPIO: The most courageous, the most battle-worn and weary (along with Pisces), the most hard hitting, the most tenacious and persistent (like their shadow, Taurus), the most powerful (internally), the most defended (sometimes), the most feared (by those who don’t understand astrology), the most excessive, with the most desires, the most experienced in knowing the underbelly of society, which is why they always wear black and purple and sunglasses. They understand shadows.

SAGITTARIUS: These secret foodies, also musicians, are adventurous game players. They don’t like defeat. They play long and hard. Ideals and goals form their long-term value system. They’re very sensitive, can lose in games to those who concentrate on repetition and the humdrum. Sagittarius is the opposite of uninspired, never monotonous. Sag is restless, seeks freedom, the archer on the white horse (car), galloping (driving) over the plains. Oops, he’s gone.

CAPRICORN: They work hard at everything. They’re dignified, prudent and very serious, until their dry sense of humor erupts and everyone’s startled to see the other side of Cap’s solemn demeanor tending to constant tasks at hand. They are traditionalists who overcome criticism or ridicule, which no one should overcome, actually. Their natural somberness needs to be met with light-hearted confidence. Joy seeks them. So the Light supernal within can emerge.

AQUARIUS: Many are artistic, graceful and unusual. Aquarians consider others’ difficulties through the lens of the future and the past. Aquarians are often misunderstood. As they stand within and from the future, they can be thought of as dreamers. They are the visionaries. No one sees the future as they do. They must always have freedom, never be hemmed in. Their eyesight is extraordinary, sighting objects no one else sees. They do not humiliate. They are praiseworthy.

PISCES: They win by retreating, never forcing the river, the pace, the play of life. In a Piscean lifetime and world there’s an attempt to perfect an ideal, a spiritual ambition and to gain loving regard. To achieve the ideal they concentrate their mind, emotions and body. Their senses predominate. That is their protection. They see potential. They are vessels of compassion. They are to be protected.

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