The New Light of Spring in Multiple Shades of Green

The New Light of Spring in Multiple Shades of Green

When Spring arrives, the astrological community celebrates. The first day of spring is International Astrology Day. And so, on Saturday, March 20th, our Sun leaves the watery sign Pisces to enter fiery Aries (creating all things new). In preparation for springtime, Pisces gathers all the virtues of the previous eleven signs (Aries to Aquarius) and offers them to Aries which creates the new spiritual year for humanity. A clean slate for new opportunities appears.

When spring begins, all the elements of nature awaken. And we, made of Earth’s elements, come alive too! Spring unfurls a new light in multiple shades of green, every kingdom begins to mate (Libra), and a new sound unfolds. It is the sound of “creation” itself. The sound of autumn is “harvest”.

Aries is the element fire, burning away the old (winter) so that new life can be aspired to, invoked, created and released. Seeds, when placed into the ground, disintegrate their outer shell and release a new green shoot of life. With roots pushing downward for nourishment, the two green Aries-looking leaves push upward for sunlight and air. The growth of the plants is like the energy of Aries pushing outward for expression into the world. It is humanity pouring itself out into life, creating, initiating, always beginning new things, and so often not able to finish them. That’s the task of Taurus!

We, a universe in miniature, possess the same secret (occult) and springs of lifeas Aries. We too pass though the same cycles of light (spring) and dark (winter) as the earth. And the creative forces,ablaze as they are in nature when spring arrives, are also ablaze in us. Within each of us is a corresponding fountain or spring of creative force welling up from deep within.And so, as the Earth responds to the fiery Aries impulses to make all things new we, too exuberantly seek new life,proceedingto make all things new within and around us.All the months of Spring is aResurrection Festival.

ARIES: You shift from instinctual knowing to searching for self-identity, from being asleep to becoming awake and aware. It’s important to realize both. At this time, as the new Age unfolds, all identities are changing at an accelerated pace. We are to recognize and reflect upon our world transforming. For what was, isn’t anymore. Do not become stranded in the old world. Usually this doesn’t apply to Aries, always the one initiating new thought and ideas. Intend to carefully and responsibly apply Goodwill to all new challenges.

TAURUS: You might be feeling quite tender these days, both vulnerable and nostalgic. Your body also may be exhausted, unable to sleep or sleeping too much. Perhaps parts of your body are inflamed; your digestion may be off, your eyes tired, your stamina lessened. Be very careful with diet (look into the GAPS diet). Learn your dosha (Ayurevedic constitution) and blood type and eat accordingly. Research alternative health care. You are valuable, we need you. So be sure to remain in a state of good health.

GEMINI: So often, I ask what your dreams and visions are. I ask because dreams and visions can direct and propel us into a new future twinkling in the distance. Visions are based on hopes, wishes, desires and aspirations. Bring them all to light and create a visualization journal. When we envision things, we create a magnetic field around that vision and it “calls” (magnetizes) things to us. Some of us have despaired of visions ever coming true. Where do you stand on this? Because at this time in the world our visions lead our entire world into the future, the new era and civilization.

CANCER: The heavenly signs and planets form an umbrella at the top of everyone’s chart. This umbrella of stars and planets does not act like a shade or veil. They cast us in a bright twinkling starry light – and for you the lights of accomplishment, appropriate responsibility and a vibrant sense of achievement. Your presence for others is also a “light”; a light for the world. Your light can help others feel successful, assisting them in moving forward. It is important to identify with your own light. We know you’re shy at times. However we notice your gifts shining forth.

LEO: Your sense of justice stands alongside your sense of adventure. You need an adventure, a journey into the rest of the world, meeting with people of different cultures, interacting with other kingdoms. You sense the need for change. And so you shift from self to the world and back again until the two fuse and synthesize and you simply become the adventure itself, creating a harmonious and kind world. Leo’s are leaders leading with heart. Leo’s hearts shine like the “light of the world”.

VIRGO: I wonder how you’re doing with Uranus in Taurus (change all around) and Neptune in Pisces (confusion or refinement). I wonder what you are thinking as we shift into the new era and if you’re feeling the new rhythms and vibrations. Do you feel estranged as if you live in a desert somewhere? Have you attempted healing any unskillful thoughts and actions towards others? This leads back to a healing of the self. Are you’re preparing and purifying during Lent, cultivating the virtuous life? What is the virtuous life for you?

LIBRA: Relationship is your entire focus at this time and it continues well through spring to summer. You want to be worthy of esteem (of self and others) through acts of kindness, compassion and having a generous spirit that produces compassion. During these times of change, you focus on maintaining a constant foundation, based on love and respect. These produce stability in all relationships. Each day you become more and more sensitive. Think of others who are also sensitive. Especially to you. Is there a need to forgive?

SCORPIO: So much energy is in reserve now, held behind the scenes. Mars, your planet, will be bursting forth like a rocket, its trajectory (your passions) as yet unknown. Each day during spring, carefully accomplish planned daily tasks. What these tasks are depend upon whether you are a seeker, aspirant, pledged disciple, accepted disciple or Initiate. Which are you? Which do you aspire to be? What tasks are to be accomplished each day? What are your future plans working under the Law of Attraction?

SAGITTARIUS: In time, things around and within you become brighter, more accessible, less hidden. You wonder always what right step to take as the past begins to dissolve away. Soon you can take steps into the bold unknown, both in the world and within the self. Life throws itself completely into the season of spring. Allow yourself to do this too. Take seriously the Lenten preparations. They take you home again, in reality or metaphorically. Is there communication needed with family and something else? What is it?

CAPRICORN: For those recognizing the new Aquarian Age has arrived, we recognize a new world order is emerging too. It has new life, vitality, hue, sound, color, shape, beauty and it holds our future. You know to step lightly in this new world. You are in preparation to be a leader in this new world. The stars and planets are creating a new stable foundation for you. Like a carpet of light for you to step upon. Ponder quietly on these words. Revelations eventually appear. They will be reflected in your art.

AQUARIUS: The planets and stars are creating a stellium (many, a gathering) of light within your physical brain and mind. You might begin to think at the “speed of light”. Do you know that there’s something faster than the speed of light? Thoughts are faster than the speed of light. It would be good to take notes during this time when you mind will feel like it’s in a meteor shower. Within each spark of light is an idea to be anchored. This is a serious time of revelation for you and your Aquarian tasks ahead. The light within you twinkles the future.

PISCES: For years Pisces can follow the guidelines of others while simultaneously learning how to follow one’s inner guidance. It’s important for you to identify at this time the value of your own visions, aspirations, knowledge and abilities. Pisces brings others into new states of knowingness which leads to new states of identity. Often Pisces speaks of things others never thought about. Awareness then results. You will be offered much in the coming months. Assess everything with care, invoke right timing, direction and discipline, Then Right Knowing follows.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute —-a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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