Three Spring Festivals & Saving Forces

Three Spring Festivals & Saving Forces

Each spring, at the three spring full moon festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini), three extra-planetary forces stream into the Earth to assist humanity especially during times of crisis (a time we are in now). These Three Forces are the Forces of Restoration (Aries, restoring humanity’s psychological well-being), Enlightenment (Taurus/Wesak, helping humanity to see clearly) and Reconstruction (Gemini, ushering in a new creative activity for a waiting world). These Forces began to stream into humanity after the devastation wrought on humanity during WW2.

We have much in common now with the WW2 aftermath – fatigue, continual warfare, confusion, death, etc. It is even a larger menace now for the “killing” occurring is the mind of humanity. Then as is now, the battle was/is between the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness. It is thus most important this year, 2021 (year of choice), to know about these Three Saving Forces.

We are continuing the phase of the old ways breaking down, making way for the new Aquarian era/Age. Everything is changing under the new sign, planets and Rays. It is a cosmic change of seasons thus calling for new responses. An entirely new vibrational field is being formed on our planet, electrical in nature. We are shifting from the Age of devotion (Pisces) to the Age of Knowledge (Aquarius), from belief to intelligence and intuition, from ignorance, speculation and opinion to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. This shift is not easy. Life is not as it was anymore and never will be again.

At each new age, new directions are given. For the Aquarian Age, these are the New Laws and Principles. They help us navigate this new era of Aquarius, whose foundational language and tool is astrology. So, during this interim time of transition from one Age to the next, two paths are seen. One left, one right, one bright and shiny, twinkling our future, the other dark hiding under a false light. It is humanity’s test of discernment. And so, all around us, each day, humanity chooses.

ARIES: It’s best to be careful when out and about. You’re experiencing the energies of Pisces, which means one can be a bit confused when in the midst of crowds for any length of time. It’s best to be reflective, solitary, and with only a few people who understand (astrology) and support your many endeavors. Dreams and visions are important now. What are your visions for the future and how/where do you see yourself in the coming years?

TAURUS: Each day you enter a dream state, a place where your creativity is activated and you help to prepare us for a future world of safety and survival. You attempt to share this with others but so often people become impatient. You stand solitary in your knowledge knowing it’s your responsibility to bring forth the resources (land) needed to create the new world era. Everyone around you has their own gift to bring forth. You recognize them. Then they do too.

GEMINI: Where are you and what are you doing each day? Who do relate to and what are you reading? What are your future plans and are you following circadian rhythms? What are you hoping for and what do you need? Can you answer these questions? Your answers are like a preliminary resume to join a spiritual group, ashram, community. All answers are correct. We’d like to get to know you more. What meadows are you in these days? What flowers are blooming?

CANCER: Are you considering a journey soon? Have your thoughts and perceptions changed? Do you find fearful or angry or aggressive thoughts in your mind and do you feel guilty or righteous about them? It seems essential that your home be clean, well lit, ordered and organized. Even if little gets accomplished, do one kind action each day. A greenhouse, a pergola, and car and/or a boat (for you or another) are good items to invest in.

LEO: A reorientation is taking place in your life creating a state of transformation. You are often so hidden behind multiple veils. All that you have cultivated as talents, gifts and abilities will be called forth in the times to come. Are people, cultures, journeys or geographies calling to you from a distance. Your response will change your life forever. Enter into the deeper mysteries. The temple door has opened.

VIRGO: Signs in opposition, like Virgo and Pisces, create an interplay of the known and the unknown, ups and downs, here and there, etc. until the two, alarmed by each other, finally accept, integrate, fuse, blend, synthesize and make peace together. All the sign must do this with their opposites. With Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Gemini, synthesis can occur. Virgo is the sign of service preparing for the saving quality in Pisces. The two of you are one.

LIBRA: You may feel exhausted when confronted with the present state of more work than usual. You may also feel a wounding that is difficult to express. There’s a purpose to that wounding. It provides us with the needed compassion for others, which is a healing. It’s challenging to have the courage to clearly articulate your wound without judgment and blame. Wounds become life tools. They balance us and love us.

SCORPIO: if you surrender completely to your creativity, you will be rewarded with an expansion of gifts you did not know existed. Creativity for you works under the inspiration of aspiration and vision, which then summons the essential beauty which all forms veil. You are to bring forth this revelatory essence of beauty. It is what underlies your life-purposes, which motivates your life’s events, past, present and future. Do you understand this?

SAGITTARIUS: Know that your well-being is intact no matter how you feel or sense things to be. No matter what you think your financial situation is, there are realistic new resources and avenues available so you can rest easy and not enter into states of unease, unreality or feelings of lack. Nothing needs doing. You are supported by all the energies in the heavens. Turn to others and also offer them this support. Your supply then becomes limitless. Saturn will see to it.

CAPRICORN: You may be called to express yourself in ways that could upend people’s belief systems. We live in a Ray 4 reality. Ray 4 is the new harmony emerging from chaos and conflict. You always attempt to express new ideas with compassion, clarity, sensitivity and kindness. When finding yourself in difficulty with another, do the following. Visualize a line of light from your heart to their heart, your Soul to their Soul (5-pointed star above our heads). Then the Soul, which is love, takes over. Leaving you free. What’s blooming where you are?

AQUARIUS: You’ve returned to a place where you again ask the questions, “Why am I here, what is here that supports me, where is my home and where do I go from here?”At times you wonder if there are enough resources to support your visions. You dream of home, land, gardens, chickens, lots of friends, family, the arts and community. Keep visualizing, keep dreaming. Do only what you love. Simultaneously, serve others, supporting their well-being, security, and self-esteem. All that is given is returned one-hundred-fold.

PISCES: All Pisces, during Pisces turn inwards deep within themselves. This happens naturally with Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces will continue for the next four years, until March 30, 2025 (year of the Precipitation), when Neptune enters Aries. A subtle change and refinement of life will take place till then, allowing for greater wisdom, work and accomplishments that may seem like miracles. They are your visions and tasks this lifetime coming into manifestation. Maintain faith, patience and serenity at all times.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology

& the Seven Rays.


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