Neptune, the Dissolver, Making Way for the New Era

Neptune, the Dissolver, Making Way for the New Era

We continue in the sign Pisces (month & progressed U.S. Sun is 15 degrees Pisces), last sign of the zodiac, ruled by Neptune, the dissolver. Neptune eliminates all things hindering humanity’s entrance into the new era (Aquarius) with its new Aquarian Laws and Principles. Aquarius is humanity’s next developmental stage. Aquarius calls humanity to recognize the reality of the Soul – the new kingdom being built bridging Spirit and matter. Without this recognition, many in humanity can be left behind.

When Neptune rules, it can be a time of collapse, preparing, in the shadows of the new era. As the new culture and civilization is being built, the old simultaneously falls away. There is great tension at this time everywhere. The tension between two polarities., old and new, dark and light, night and day, good and evil, in plain sight. Polarities have purpose. So humanity can see the differences and make a choice.

With Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, a great restructuring of our economy is occurring. It feels as if we are collapsing, ultimately a good thing which must occur, as we pass through our darkest nights into the light of a new day

Humanity in the U.S. is no longer to organize its reality against liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, but against the forces of materialism or global centralization (darkness, obstruction, autocratic and dictatorial governments, the cancel mob culture, big corporations, world banks, corporate farming, Big Pharma, etc.) and decentralization/locality. This is a spiritual war we are experiencing. With the two sides battling in plain sight.

The Lenten season continues – a time of purification (physical, emotional, mental) through prayer, study, contemplation and fasting. The purpose of these disciplines (Saturn) is to prepare us for the new fires of the new spring season. We are preparing for Spring Equinox, Aries Festival, Passover, Easter (Resurrection Festival), Wesak and the Gemini festival.

Lent prepares our divine nature to be rightly adjusted to receive the fires of Aries. To bring about a change in ourselves and our world we “increase our Goodwill, radiating it into our homes and environments, and then to the world transmitting the energy of the Will to Good. Then right choice comes about. Humanity’s present task.

ARIES: You are making quick and decisive decisions, planning ahead. There’s little time for hesitation. However, pondering upon these things you must. For Saturn, the structure maker, tells us to be cautious, considering consequences and before implementing. After mid-March, decisions are easier. Always be candid offering direct information. Anything shadowy must be opposed. Access the new language and new thinking that comes from astrological timing.

TAURUS: Unlike Aries, you take your time making decisions. You often need lots of time to consider new proposals, thoughts, ideas, questions. So often your “no” turns to “yes.” If people only had the patience you display. Your thinking is never scattered. You like to have fun, be pleasant and harmonious (Venus rules Taurus). You are always realistic, like Capricorn. The world is very real for you and your approach is always practical. You are valuable to many.

GEMINI: It’s good to order and organize all areas around you, each room, the garage and all outside areas. When disorder become too great, often everything just goes into a box. Then they’re either forgotten or thrown out. Is this the way things are these days? Conversations with you are interesting, a sort of philosophical meandering, meaning you’re thinking of other things while conversing. You can be impatient, direct and indirect, loving and kind. What is the direct route between where you are and the esoteric classes you need to be in?

CANCER: It’s important to write down and record all thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and impressions. You’re intuitive and telepathic. Impressions contain information concerning future endeavors. They help you to be more productive. You ask others to honor what you say. Are your thoughts and words honorable? Doubting many things, you seek truth, often asking “what is reality?” Here’s a mantra that helps. “Let reality govern my every though and truth be the master of my life.”

LEO: A new resource or person enters your life. Perhaps you are being somewhat non-communicative, feeling the need to retreat into solitude. Your mind seems to be locked into a strict pattern of thought. It’s important to attempt to break those thought forms. They have become crystallized beliefs. The Dweller on the Threshold (habits) has arrived. His other side is the Angel of the Presence (freedom) offering you are new reality, story, freedom from the past and, actually a new life altogether. Whom will you engage with?

VIRGO: You feel more instinctive, able to direct, manage and strategize better. You learn how to eliminate self-criticism and move toward greater cooperation. You feel a depth of realities and want to share them. But there’s no one of your capacity available. Stand in nature and begin to communicate with nature and the devas. Read the Findhorn Garden book again. Realize we are to cooperate and communicate with the devas before we can build the new world. This is your realm. Is your spring garden planned yet?

LIBRA: There’s a tremendous amount of work expected of you and you accept the responsibility. Each day everything is accomplished and this is good. However, I must ask about your health? Are you able to be consistent with right diet, exercise, vitamins and minerals? If feeling ill in any way or not in balance, begin a study of anti-inflammatory foods, foods that do not contain lectins, too. Understanding how certain foods affect the body helps us make better choices and maintain excellent health, especially for those who serve others. Tending to self makes one kind, good and fair.

SCORPIO: Know that you are useful, especially your great ability to research into the depths of realities. This is invaluable. You are capable of holding exacting information, both general and in detail. Humbled by your capacities, you are also protective of them. You can be impatient, sometimes quite cranky when overwhelmed, which can be often. Although you often hide away, you also love recognition, praise and acknowledgement. You are a paradox. We see you.

SAGITTARIUS: When speaking with others, consider a certain style. What would that mean? With intelligence, no hidden agendas, no sarcasm, no self-criticism (hidden), no seeking acceptance. Only sharing the truth of the matter. Speaking with style tells others you have presence of mind, confidence, intellectual abilities and the capacity to care deeply It also displays your creativity, extraordinary drama and talent for writing (when you’re in touch) clearly from the heart.

CAPRICORN: You communicate with feeling. Sometimes you’re withdrawn. Your nature is sensitive, thoughtful, personal. You’re free-spirited, too. When people look at you they don’t quite know what they’re seeing. They don’t understand your meditative reflectiveness, your direct communication of emotions. Or your humor. Because of your spiritual depth, people at times think you’re hiding something. We know you’re not. Always you attempt to bring forth balance and harmony. The angels understand you. Are you dancing?

AQUARIUS: Your mind is quick. So many ideas at one time. Aquarius is a very intelligent, eclectic sign, filled with facts, figures, knowledge that stimulates and makes contact with others. You know everyone, picking up bits and pieces of information with lightning speed. You are restless, nervous, must keep moving. You are logical and often don’t entertain other people’s explanations or emotions. Be logical and conservative with your finances, money and resources this year. Do not ignore them. Consider the value of patience.

PISCES: Rely on your senses. Make decisions that are down to earth, not mystical. In the coming days, weeks, monthsyou will provide others with concrete answers and basic concepts that will assist them in real world practical realities. You will teach them to do for themselves, guide them toward an accelerated developmental stage. You will be no nonsense. This will greatly benefit your sense of identity and self-confidence. Pisces falls to Earth to save the world.


~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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