Gratitude — Magic & solace to a suffering world

Gratitude — Magic & solace to a suffering world

Thanksgiving is different this year. I send gratitude to my readers, my family, friends & loved ones and to all of Earth’s kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human, angels and spiritual beings).

We are in the time and season of Gratitude. Here is our study on Gratitude presented each year so we can all learn, remember and practice it together. Love, Risa

Gratitude is considered a “kingly” or “royal” activity. Disciples are called to have constant and ceaseless gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude creates an aura of magic that affects all the livingness around us. Gratitude is a potent releasing agent and is the hallmark of an enlightened Soul. Gratitude is scientific in nature. Gratitude salvages souls, brings forth deep joy, lifts others up, creates a steadfast orientation toward the Light of Life itself. Gratitude is an amulet and a talisman, creating real value that fashions true forgiveness. Gratitude liberates and sets us free. Let us therefore embark (beginning this week) on a new and continuous journey of Gratitude and together we can then “bring solace to a needy and suffering world.”

We also call in Archangel Raphael, the great healing Archangel, to bring a healing to the people of the Earth. Raphael is Regulus, the star in the heart of Leo that loves humanity.

Thanksgiving this year is under the influence of two fires, Sagittarius Sun and Aries moon. It’s good to check any impulsivity, tend to the timing of things, be fluid with arrangements, and allow imaginative spontaneity to come forth. Mid-afternoon & evening the moon is void. It’s best to have an early Thanksgiving dinner this year. Later in the evening, the moon enters Taurus, and everyone finally settles into a state of comfort.

Advent begins Sunday. Dark to light. We light our first Advent candle Sunday night. It is the candle of Hope. Mondayis a full moon, lunar eclipse. Something no longer needed falls away in our country and in our lives. We are grateful.

ARIES: There’s so much to be thankful for in your life. This week your mind shifts about here, there and everywhere, filled with goals and plans, ideas and aspirations. As you tend to daily tasks your thoughts wander, finding yourself in places far away and exotic to replace the daily-ness of your life. But then you feel the pull of deep transformational responsibilities. Fret not. Something will eventually come and take you away. It’s intelligent, loving and shapes your future.

TAURUS: You continue to work day and night considering what the future will bring. Some Tauruses are focused upon the well-being of their community, not wanting to have a future lacking basic needs and comfort. You are sensitive to all needs, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. However, money may be an issue. Know the cosmic law. When we serve others unconditionally, needed resources continue to appear from unexpected sources. Carry on gratefully.

GEMINI: Are you and a partner discussing needs and resources held in common? Is there love and gratitude for each other or are there disagreements? Know that flurries of conflict are purposeful and the tension created then creates attention to new understandings. Rainfalls in relationships freshen conversations, clearing and focusing the mind. Keep discussing. Communication is what makes a relationship succeed. Communication is the relationship.

CANCER: Your moods change, as Cancer’s feelings follow ocean tides and phases of the moon. Soon you’ll be seeing what’s undone and swing into action tending to this and that, here and there. However much you want to complete things, you may become overtired. Should pain or inflammation flare up, remember Turmeric (in capsules) and cayenne (sprinkled over food) and vitamin c are natural anti-inflammatories. Remember to follow the light of the sun with morning and evening prayers.

LEO: The Sun, Juno (empowerment) and Mercury are moving through your domestic sphere before moving into your astrological house of creativity (Leo house). For now, the focus is on how to make that house a home, through rebuilding, reconstructing, redesigning, redecorating. Are money and resources lacking and thus a source of fear or is money, which allowed you to gather greater stabilization, stabilizing you? Are you giving thanks ceaselessly? Communication to women friends and family seem important.

VIRGO: A depth of creativity is appearing from deep transformational shifts and these will be with you for a very long time. While family and friends gather together your memory comes alive. You remember times long ago when life was simpler. When communicating, notice that some understand you and others don’t. Focus on words of gratitude, and seek to bring love and harmony (through intentions for Goodwill) to all interactions. Wounds from times past begin to heal.

LIBRA: Whenever you communicate in the next several weeks, many will be listening in order to learn philosophical and spiritual truths. You carry this opportunity and responsibility now as a teacher. With your words you will be able to deconstruct the past and bring new information into the present. It is information needed that creates pathways of harmony for those seeking direction. Do this with an open heart. Those hearing your voice will be grateful.

SCORPIO: The Sun and Mercury bring you a new sense of identity this month. You may be impressed with messages concerning tasks and responsibilities. You think perhaps you are experiencing another dimension and actually you are. Sometimes we don’t understand messages from the teachers. Calm communication is most important. A wound may occur in relationships. Be kind and patient with others who might be acting out aggressions. They must feel safe with you. Believing you understand them. And you do!

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a very good time for the archer. Actually, because of Jupiter (Sag is its partner) it’s always a very good time. If you are not yet on the path of discipleship, life may feel rocky at times. Sagittarians know that behind all conflicts, chaos, challenges, reorganizations, comings and goings there is always joy. Joy is an aspect of the Soul. Happiness is an aspect of the personality. The two are different. One is permanent, the other impermanent and illusive. Whichever we experience, we realize it becomes a choice.

CAPRICORN: The weeks have been rather busy, even though everyone is in retreat. The days are filled with ways to do things differently and creatively, maintaining health, attempting to connect with friends from a distance. This week is slower, calmer, more a state of repose than confusion. Choose what creates comfort and ease. Pluto, sign of transformation, for years now has brought profound identity changes and a sense of personal power. You gradually realize this. Life continues to unfold in the most unusual of ways.

AQUARIUS: The past is playing itself out once again. There’s a feeling of ennui, a lack of energy, a need for rest and relaxation and a permanent sense of home. You need to kindle once again your, hopes, wishes, dreams and needs. Write down on actual paper with pen, pencil, ink and crayons your major life needs. Do this daily. Begin with needs. Needs are primary. Wants are secondary. Writing down our needs becomes the first level of manifestation. At the end of each page of needs, write out “Thank you, I am grateful my needs are met.”Being grateful is the key to manifestation.

PISCES: You are called to more and more community work (in your town, village, city, then the world), being asked to use your professional skills. This leads to a recognition of your gifts and abilities. You will have to swim out from behind the ferns and water lilies, and allow yourself to be seen by those seeking your services. Your agility, abilities and confidence grow with each step into the world. Use your patience, will to good, love and intelligence to help bring about a coherence in the world. You are well prepared. The world is grateful.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director… The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute —-a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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