Our Present Revolution Is Televised

Our Present Revolution Is Televised

The month of Scorpio sped by quickly. Here we are in Scorpio’s last days. OnSaturday, November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius, sign of the archer, justice, journeys and the sign of silence. Finally, a bit of silence after election day. Scorpio certainly brought us certain tests we couldn’t have imagined before. Those tests will continue through the investigation of the voting process. In the meantime, we continue to see censorship, corruption, untruths and extreme levels of intolerance in our county, leading to a lessening of freedom, a basic human right.

It is important to understand and teach our children that America was founded upon the principle of freedom. Early settlers of America fled intolerance from the “old country” and came to America to establish freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, equality, religion, etc. – all under the Rule of Law. These were the principles and underpinnings of the first American Revolution.

Pluto (transformation) was last in Capricorn at the American Revolution (1765 – 1783) when America was founded. Now as Pluto again moves through Capricorn, we are experiencing a 2ndAmerican Revolution as the issues of freedom, liberty and the Rule of Law are once again in question. Sirius, the blue-white star that helped found and continues to guide America, is the Star of Freedom. The present eruption of intolerance we have seen in America is due to a lack of education concerning history, morals, values and citizenship. Sagittarius calls us to the classroom and also to silence so we can study, ponder upon and contemplate these things.

Sagittarius also shows us that when we don’t have tolerance and don’t understand or respect freedom of speech and liberty, that we blindfold justicefor everyone. Our Declaration of Human Rights states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” And “all minds (men, Sanskrit for thinking ones) are also created equal.”

ARIES: Be prepared for a feeling of being tested, a continual sense of being watched, graded, guided and then given further responsibility, especially in terms of tending to others’ finances and resources. Intimacy may be an issue, either you seek or reject it. You need to study the Ancient Mysteries (the foundations being astrology). All of your questions are answered there.

TAURUS: You seek more than the usual depth in relationship. Or you become silent and secretive, seeking your own counsel, seeking intimacy of spirit, following your own needs without considering the other. It’s best though to communicate with loved ones, informing them of your inner thoughts, hopes, wishes so you can work together more efficiently. You think there’s no money. There are resources hidden away all around you.

GEMINI: Your feelings are working overtime. It’s good to work hard these days, looking in corners, closets, under, over and above, in garages, storage units, your car(s), discovering what needs eliminated. Transformation and regeneration are the keynote of your days. There’s special work to do with groups, gardens, color, communication, new intentions, and a re-commitment (from you) to a study you set aside long ago.

CANCER: You want to be close to family members, are curious about their choices, abilities, resources and lives. There may be a family member in a state of transition. You think about someone female, perhaps a daughter, mother, sister. You are available at a moment’s notice when family needs help. In the meantime, bake sugar cookies, pies, breads, dumplings, stews and casseroles. You must endeavor to be creative every single day.

LEO: You need to head over to Cancer’s home for food and nurturance. Then you need respite from the extreme amounts of work (either external or internal) you’re encountering. Sometimes you don’t know why you’re doing this work. It seems you need more art, whether it’s yours or another’s. Relationships are either nebulous or too strict for words. Something usually hidden comes to light. Nourish yourself.

VIRGO: With Mercury, your personal messenger, traveling through Scorpio, you are very aware of how communication affects both yourself and those around you. Mercury says be most careful for words can create or destroy. A depth of perception occurs. As your words become very serious, almost mysterious, you call forth all parts of yourself to cooperate, ponder upon, ruminate, assess and then become intimate with the real truth.

LIBRA: The Sun calls you to focus upon your values – past, present and future. Notice how they have changed. Assess your financial picture – how you make and use money, how your money supports all your needs and emotionally supports your way of life. For the next month appreciate all that you have, all people and all things small and large. Love grows with gratitude. Gratitude turns all we have into enough. Be thankful.

SCORPIO: The veils are dropping between realities so humanity can see more expanded realities. In the meantime, you are to be anthropologists, noting people’s behaviors. Observing quietly and with curiosity allows us to better understand the two polarities; what’s staged (unreal) and what’s real. Notice the old world of ideas falling away as the new reality begins to emerge. Scorpios discern these differences usually before others. Scorpio know the underbelly of the world.

SAGITTARIUS: You must go on a retreat from your usual daily life, plans, agendas and responsibilities. Eat well, take it easy, do personal research, work on private projects, ponder upon needs and values that emerge from quiet and solitude. Also, a distance is to be created allowing you more perspective about how you’re living, what pleases you, and what you need. Give yourself a serious talking to.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter is calling you to consider a new and expanded sense of self-worth and identity. We do this through assessing goals, visions, hopes, wishes and dreams. You want to be perceived in the world as one who is valued and respected. Often when greatness enters a group, there can be resistance. Why? People cannot absorb the Sun’s light streaming through great people. You are that greatness.

AQUARIUS: Your vitality at this time is keeping you out and about in the world. Notice you’re completing tasks and displaying special abilities. For the next month ponder upon how and what you want in the future. This is a time of assessing these things. It’s a time to consider new plans based upon your feelings and needs. Perhaps you’re considering some sort of move. Home feels unstable? New values and resources come forth. Eliminate what you no longer use. Pray.

PISCES: Making contact so love and understanding are released is important to you. However, others don’t often think like you. Compassion rules the life of Pisces. Everyone is not a Pisces. You can often stand alone. Focus upon study, reading, art, music, ideas becoming ideals within you. Create on paper (color, ink, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) your next endeavor. Include gardens, schools, warm pools and the idea of the Commons.

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