Let Maya Flourish and Deception Rule

Let Maya Flourish and Deception Rule

We are seeing the two dimensions of Scorpio and the Nine Tests playing themselves out in our country (the U.S.). The two dimensions are two different perceptions about the president (& the office), the country and one another. The two dimensions are two different energetic frequencies, two states of awareness. They each have diverse tasks, see the world quite differently, are in complete opposition and engaged in a great battle at this time – a battle for the life or death of our country.

It’s important that we understand the two levels and identify where we stand. The two levels or dimensions are, 1) personality awareness & 2) Soul awareness. Below are their descriptive keynotes.

The personality-building keynote -“Let Maya flourish & deception rule.”The personal level lives without the light of truth. Maya is illusion and deception on the emotional desire level. Maya is clouded waters distorting & obscuring the truth. Nothing, neither truth nor love, can penetrate these muddy emotional waters.

The other level is the Soul, existing above the personality, shining with radiance, light and truth. Within the battle one side stands in darkness (unbeknownst to them) and the other is consciously standing in the light. These are the Disciples.

Disciples march out onto the battlefield in service to the Lords of Freedom and Liberty, flaming sword in one hand and in the other, a lamp held high in the darkness. Their keynote is “Warriors are we & from the battle we emerge triumphant.”. Disciples have an inner radiance, abundant healing and magnetic (magical) powers. Aligned with truth, personality and Soul unified, disciple battle for freedom for all of humanity.

This week’s Astrology – Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn (Thursday) –the transformation we are experiencing expands and accelerates. Mars turns direct (Friday), we move forward with the Plan), and a Scorpio new moon (Saturday) festival on World Goodwill day. Disciples align with the stars and stand with the Forces of Light knowing that always in the end “the Forces of Light DO control the Forces of Darkness.”

And so, the battle continues.

ARIES: How to more fully secure finances and resources held in common and also stabilize relationships? These questions you ponder the next several months. Inteesting answers appear. Maintain necessary boundaries and confidentiality yet be very truthful with those you trust. Pay bills, organize and safeguard important papers, tend to long forgotten needs (and deeds), and allow no alienation or separations to occur. Share and safeguard all that you value.

TAURUS: Important tasks, set aside for months, now need tending and completing. These include cleaning, clearing, home repair, order and organization, gathering supplies, preserving, maintaining day to day living needs, commitments and something possibly concerning marriage. Deep emotions come with great tests, appearing in partnerships and interactions. Relationships need deep need listening. Sit down together. Share heart to heart.

GEMINI: During Scorpio each year, the nine tests appear. They reveal themselves in daily life events, such as tending to self, health, animals and really, all interactions. You will be asked to help and assist others, fulfill more tasks, set high standards, volunteer, floss more carefully, act as if you are beloved, be respectful, and communicate as if the maintenance of the world depends upon it. You can do all of these with poise and humor, Venus by your side.

CANCER: You might feel restricted, lost, alone and far away from others, especially family and close friends. You may be stretched in four directions, while experiencing financial fears and dreams intruding upon reality. “What’s real?”you always ask. This question is all about the tests. You remember to step back and observe, to nurture yourself, and to dream more about what you really and truly desire.

LEO: You may be concerned about money—lack or loss of it or not receiving your share in a family legacy or will. You may be concerned with having resources to purchase something for the home. Sometimes you hide away at home enfolded in shadows. If there is persistent grief, take Ignatia Amara (homeopath). Death could be on your mind. Death is the great adventure, a liberation. You’re extra sensitive.

VIRGO: A quiet frame of mind may be what you’re experiencing. There are many planets in Capricorn and several in Scorpio influencing thinking and communication. Careful that you don’t allow a critical nature or separative judgments to take hold. Have the intention to pass the Nine Tests with loving care. Then assist others in their tests. Hold a light up for them in their darkness. Lighting their way. The Light of the Soul.

LIBRA: Review all monetary situations—loans, bills, and tithes in order to carefully assess finances in the next three months. This is a good exercise. You’ll find life is generous. In turn, you are to be generous, too. Give (tithe) to those in need. Do this scientifically, a bit each month. Should financial differences occur, listen carefully, explain yourself and stand your ground by sharing. Then share more.

SCORPIO: The tests for Scorpio center on self-identity. You will observe your many selves through the lens of who you used to be, who you thought and presently think you are, and who you really are, now and in the future. This is complex but it’s not confusing. It’s clarifying, especially since the tests are focused in your daily life. Watch your communication. Always practice Ahimsa(doing no harm).

SAGITTARIUS: How you observe and tend to the Nine Tests will determine what your next opportunities will be. So, tend carefully to the tests. They will appear even in dreams, at odd times day or night, when you’re about to fall asleep and in between thoughts, ideas and words on a page. Information is available through this experience. Keep your eyes wide open.

CAPRICORN: Dear Capricorn, always moving upward and onward. The tests, none of which deter you, will occur at home, with family, shifting your foundation. The tests, subtle and behind the scenes, will transform and reorient how you nurture yourself. The Nine Tests will ask what nourishes you and the family most? What new foundations do you want to build? What and whom do you love?

AQUARIUS: Your home and work life are in states of change. If you are a writer, photographer, or artist notice the nine tests appearing in your life. Attempt to portray them through the medium of your art. Wherever you are, make it feel like home. Host a party. Use your creativity to write about, describe, and film everything about home. This allows you to look homeward again (angel).

PISCES: The world is listening to you as a teacher. Make sure all that you say and write contains the beloved. Everything is the beloved. Write and speak as if you hold the world in your hands and any movement your words shift humanity into states of Knowledge, intelligence, love and Goodwill. What am I saying? That every action made, like the effects of a butterfly, changes humanity and all the kingdoms. Therefore, we are to act (write, speak, listen) as if….and always with kindness.

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