Remembering We Are a Courageous People

Remembering We Are a Courageous People

I am writing this a week before election day so I have no information on the election’s outcome. All I know is that if an election is held during two major retrogrades (Mercury, our thinking & Mars, our action) and if one of them, Mercury, turns stationary direct (standing still in the sky) on the actual day of the election…. well…. it’s correct to assume from many years of astrological study that a certain amount of uncertainty, conflict, chaos and confusion, a complete muddle actually, would result. That is all I can write about the election.

In our school, we teach students that astrology does not predict. Astrology instead, offers a lens through which we can observe world events, and understanding those events after they have occurred. As we assess this most important election since the founding of our county, the most important thought to ponder is – “All the world’s a stage, everyone playing their part,”including each of us. Let us play our part well.

So, looking toward the sky for a moment and away from the election. As Mercury is stationed (still) in the sky (26 degrees Libra), much of our interactions & communications may remain quite “still” too. Earth reflects the heavens always. What is above is always below.

When Mercury (communication, understanding, learning, connection, etc.) moves slowly forward again, our heads will clear, our minds will be able to decipher outer reality with more acuity, more understanding. Communication, contact and connections begin again. While Mercury was retrograde, we were rediscovering, sorting through and assessing the past, seeing what was no longer useful.

Soon we can begin new projects, initiate new plans, purchase those large essential and important items needed. We remain careful with communication, thinking, speaking, driving, etc. For a while we still check & recheck the fine print of any document. We ponder upon our words before we speak. We are compassionate with others’ communication. We are patient and kind. As Mercury slowly enters Scorpio, we remember we are a courageous people. Saying together during these times, “Warriors are we and from the battles we emerge triumphant.”

ARIES: Visiting both the past and future you’re encouraged to be even more spontaneous than usual. You want everything to be new again. There’s a desire to seek places unfamiliar and unusual, where curious things occur, unusual friends appear, communication happens and travel (short distance), too. From these you become more creative and this creativity remains with you for a while. Then the tests appear. And a new journey begins.

TAURUS: Sometimes you don’t keep perfect track of your money. Sometimes you don’t know where it is, where it’s coming from or when, and you think you should be more careful and for a moment you are (with money, finances, resources). And really you have more than you think but you’re holding onto things that could be used for other purposes. You discuss money and resources. But usually you’re silent. That’s lonely. Your relationship needs tending, too.

GEMINI: Usually you speak in paradox, often displaying duality in humorous metaphors and sometimes people don’t understand your message (its meaning) or your humor (dry). Many also don’t know you. During and a bit after Mercury retrograde times something different occurs. Your heart opens. You speak heart-felt words – sharing what you love and need, how you feel, whom you’re missing. It’s only for a moment. So, we’re listening carefully these days.

CANCER: This is either a time of spiritual insights and midnight dreams or days of confusion, bewilderment, puzzlement, mystification and uncertainty. Consider both as interesting, the latter more uncomfortable yet providing great insights. Help family to organize their lives so they better navigate their future. No matter the circumstances you’ve always been the “good enough” (excellent) parent. How is your garden growing these days?

LEO: It’s important to acknowledge your intelligence & intuition. It’s important to recognize your talents and gifts, your vast array of knowledge, gathered from experiences over years. It’s important to be admired for your care of the kingdoms (plants, animals, land, bees, humans, angels, etc.). When you give of yourself to others, more resources and gifts begin to appear. You live within the heart of the Sun. Call forth its wisdom to direct you each day of your life.

VIRGO: You are both internally and externally quite busy. You need more energy to meet the demands of each day. Self-reliance, self-confidence and personal achievements will appear in the coming weeks. Revelations appear too. Identify yourself with the qualities of Ceres, the harvest maiden, mother gardener, tending to nature’s rhythms. Plant greens (parsley, kale, chard & arugula) and chrysanthemums. Autumn’s here And Advent soon, too.

LIBRA: It’s a good time to consider the quality of your spiritual life. Assessing if you need to be more caring and nurturing at work. Many variables show up in your work world. Have the intention to remain poised. Visualize yourself confident and steady in the middle of all work realities. You may encounter a past situation. Be ethical at work; allow nothing to interfere with this. At home, it’s important for health reasons to rest more. In relationship, the violet flame.

SCORPIO: So often you wonder what your goals are, what you will be in the future, what friends would support you, and what goals you want accomplished in the future. Whenever there’s an opportunity to be with others, enter that group, radiate your special mysterious charm (and charming you can be!) and observe the outcome. Whatever you desire eventually it always appears. It’s an interesting Scorpio situation. For best results, discern between wants and needs before decisions are made.

SAGITTARIUS: You have been completing previous goals, plans, work and agendas. At times you’ve felt alone and restricted, seeing no open roads ahead. Other times, joy and elation opened new doors and endeavors. Now a new impulse of energy comes forth. You may be asked to accomplish special tasks, something important is offered or appears. Do not allow any power plays to be acted out. Don’t play the game. Be inspired by beauty instead. Settle down, make a home, bring forth a dream.

CAPRICORN: Consider new creative projects, a quilt perhaps. Plant several fruit trees and think of growing micro greens. There is a great emphasis on home and daily life, gathering family together, planning dinners and outings, helping loved ones to step into the future with patience and care. You’re good at educating and enlightening others. You are intelligent and patient. Soon you’ll want different experiences. Everything is in a state of transformation. Prepare your Thanksgiving garden.

AQUARIUS: Pleasure, happiness and fun are important, especially with friends and relationships. You know everyone, everyone knows you – everyone is an acquaintance. That’s the Aquarian task, to know all of humanity. There may be a concern about money. Know that all will be well if you are financially careful, purchasing only what is needed. A home that is safe and secure may be needed Tithing, too, is important. When we give, it’s returned to us tenfold. Aquarians give of themselves to the world.

PISCES: Multiple events occur; upheavals, windfalls, joy, disappointment, stability, instability, wounds hurting and healing. You may be upset when remembering past actions or communications with family. Relationships feel conflictual, partners having different needs. Both sides have equal needs. Like a rainstorm, conflict cleanses and clears the air. Harmony emerging after conflict. Choose to see and integrate both sides. It takes courage. For often “we only know in part.” (Corinthians)

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