A Story for Our Present Times

A Story for Our Present Times

Arjuna was a student of Krishna, his Teacher. One morning Arjuna woke to the sound of shouts and the clashing of swords. Looking outside his window he saw armies at war, two armies fighting. The two armies consisted of Arjuna’s family – brothers and cousins at war. (Note: the family of Arjuna represented the Lunar phase of humanity.)

Krishna appeared to Arjuna and said “Yes, your family (all of humanity polarized) is at war, and you will have to fight, Arjuna. You will have to choose a side.” Arjuna was appalled and told Krishna that he was a pacifist. But Krishna said to Arjuna – “That is not acceptable, Arjuna. You must choose a side. Your choice tells me whether you can discern which side is the side of Light and which side is the side of darkness. Then you must enter the battle and become a warrior.”

This Arjuna/Krishna state of affairs represents where we as humanity, the world disciple, the world Arjuna, are today. There is a great battle for the minds of humanity. As in the story, we too must choose a side, and then we must enter into battle, fighting for our freedoms and our liberty. Our future depends upon it. No one is immune to this war of the mind. And be aware, the dark side has clothed itself in a false light. So, we each need a keen sense of perception to discern the dark and the light. The story of Arjuna is told in the Mahabharata, one of the Sanskrit epics from the Indian subcontinent, 400 BCE.

Taking Action – The Teachers have told us we each must now take action. Our action together, if you choose to join us, is the folding of 1000 Cranes. We will officially begin this week, new moon week. We are each folding 1000 cranes for the re-establishment of harmony, beauty, Rule of Law and for the Restoration of the Mysteries in our world. Everyone is invited to participate. We will have music as we fold together. Read more this week on my FB page and on my website – www.nightlightnews.org/

ARIES: It would be good to study our solar system, the Earth, the kingdoms and humanity’s origins (esoterically). As you learn about the unfoldment of humanity’s three levels of awareness developed here on Earth – how it occurs, why, and our behaviors when we are awake (Soul directed), you will learn more about your own self-identity. True knowledge creates freedom of true expression. You will then identify as one who aspires to free humanity. Note: you need a group.

TAURUS: You have been attempting to create new environments that nurture humanity’s future. You know we must turn our attention to new ways of living in community, new ways of building, new ways of growing (catching, finding, preparing, etc.) food. Your intelligence and great love for humanity produce a fertile ground for understanding what humanity needs to maintain health and well-being. You guard resources carefully for the times ahead. You know what’s needed. Soon you will need others to assist you.

GEMINI: Observing your life you will see great dualities occurring. Dualities are good. They produce self-awareness. When you’re self-aware, you are able to blend opposing forces into a unified whole. You are Hermes, Mercury, messenger of the gods. Always speak from the heart. When you do so, others begin to emulate you and this helps in the creation of Goodwill and Right Human Relations. Then Venus appears, and love and beauty, too, in your world.

CANCER: At times you’re self-conscious, attempting to hide under your shell like a tortoise or a scarab, a holy creature signifying rebirth. There’s a turtle here that, on hot days, comes to the door. He waits patiently for the door to open and to be offered a banana. He enters the house, eats and then rests awhile in the cool dark shadows. Later, he walks back to the door and waits patiently again for the door to open. Rested and refreshed, he re-enters the world. You are to be like that turtle.

LEO: To many you are often a “field of fire”, a burning ground, filled with fiery intentions and a fiery will to be seen, heard, praised, recognized, known and understood. What most people don’t realize is that you hide your spirit behind these aspirations. You can be called narcissistic, a mirror gazer, one focused on the self alone. Some of us, however, know that you are learning how to identify yourself, learning to create, learning how to rule and lead, and that you stumble along, falling, most of the time. Here, let us help you.

VIRGO: So often, your actions are misunderstood. Virgos, no matter what they are doing, no matter what others think, always hold a secret, always pregnant with new realities, new ideas, new ways to order and organize the world. They are true servers. Virgos eventually realize everyone carries a different light (or darkness) and each person is aspiring to be the “water bearer”. Virgos are now caring for and tending to the new Aquarian light to be birthed at 2020 winter solstice.

LIBRA: You’re developing a sense of self on your own. Without this step, you would feel controlled by others. Now no one is controlling you. Libra looks to others for a sense of self. Relationships define Libras. As they juxtapose (compare, contrast) self to the “other”, a Libran sense of self comes forth. Human contact releases Love/Wisdom within the life of a Libra. We must let them be, allow them to sort out realities and achieve independence. Then they becomeexalted.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is known for depth of feeling, being alone and isolated (at times). To proceed on the evolutionary (back to spirit) path, Scorpios must develop the higher mind (Soul’s wisdom), which can distribute the Plan of God to the world. In other words, Scorpios must withstand the heat of the Sun while standing on the mountaintop, collect the light and anchor it upon Earth. You are to reveal through this light, all the mysteries you’ve encountered. In this life, your last lives and all the rest of your lives to come. Ponder upon this.

SAGITTARIUS: The life of a Sag reveals so many influences at work. In Sag, the higher and lower selves (personality and Soul) attempt fusion. When this seems to fail, questioning and confusion come forth. During Leo, the diffused light in Cancer (nourishment) becomes the focused light of the Soul. To fuse and balance your personality with the Soul (ending confusion), recite the Soul invocation daily (ceaselessly). “I am the Soul. I am Light Divine. I am Love. I am Will. I am Fixed Design.” Because you know you’re not your body, emotions, or lower mind. You are a Soul.

CAPRICORN: Whenever there is conflict (occurring now everywhere on Earth), a new learning is coming about; the previous harmony is being disrupted so a new harmony can emerge. Perhaps you experience inner conflict between personal aspirations and the needs of others. You find yourself always shifting and reorienting your needs so the “little ones” are nurtured. Actually, you’re a mentor for others to transform, to grow in awareness and to stand in a state of grace…where you stand, always. You are valuable.

AQUARIUS: You’re in an interlude in order to balance, consider and choose your next creative outlet. This isn’t a time for excessive interactions. It’s a time to modify your energies, focusing on your creative endeavors and the creative use of your will. Often you see and hold opposing forces in check while also attempting to hold a position of balance. You explain this to others standing on the “razor’s edge.” Carefully you lead the way down the mountain to safety.

PISCES: A love-filled state will seem to touch your mind and heart this month. The Sun expresses itself through your ability to work through any necessary difficulties, disharmony and/or strife, Eventually these produce within you a new state of harmony. Home is where we find you. Wherever you are, a sense of home begins to form around you. You offer truth and reality while radiating healing and wholeness. However, everyone will not understand this. Have courage. Remain poised.

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