Making 1000 Cranes – Restoring Harmony to our World

Making 1000 Cranes – Restoring Harmony to our World

A story and an invitation to join me in making 1000 cranes as an artistic and spiritual endeavor to restore peace, harmony, livingness and beauty to our world during this Kali Yuga (darkness) time, under the light of Leo, the Light of the Soul. We are in the time of Leo, sign of creativity and entering the Age of Aquarius, sign of offering our gifts to humanity and the world. Leo is also the Light of the Soul within each of us seeking to bring our creations of beauty and love into the world.

The Soul wants to express itself in a bright beautiful colorful display of imagination. Leo calls forth our creative selves. But so often we don’t know what that would be. I have a friend named Janet (Leo Rising, Aquarius Sun). A message came up on my screen several days ago that Janet had added a new photo to her FB page. Going to her page I saw that it was a photo of cranes. Janet was making origami cranes, three cranes a day. Mmmmm, I thought. Nice. I knew that cranes were a symbol of healing, of restoration and of peace.

My adopted daughter, Joy (Aries Sun) was Japanese. She had long ago made an origami crane for my mother. It hung on a thread with a pearl at the end. The thread holding the crane broke last year. I wondered if I could ever fix that broken string & hang the crane again.

I went about my tasks that day, tending to this & that. But the cranes Janet was making stayed with me. Then I realized I wanted to make those cranes too. And then I thought about my columns in the newspapers & my FB pages & my website & the thousands who read my work… and I thought what if we all began to make cranes, too? A thousand of them. All of us each day, making cranes for peace and harmony.

Many of us know the legend of the making of the 1000 cranes – here is the story – (more next week)

ARIES: Relationships, daily work, self-identity and creativity all call for your attention, forming multiple possible realities around you. Relationships need your personal focus, daily work needs your intelligent mind, creativity needs your imagination so great works can come forth. These form a triangle around your self-identity, which is daily expanding and being made new. Who are you becoming, we wonder?

TAURUS: Often people think of you as practical. However, sometimes you’re not. Attempting to safeguard forever many material, you sometimes forget maintaining things isn’t the prime focus in life. It’s a valuable asset, but, if those things actually obstruct human relationships, health, the order, care and well-being needed in daily life, then they are not valuable at all. A major task for Taurus is to learn what, in your present daily life, is truly of value and needs safe-keeping.

GEMINI: Do you project stability of thought, care, love, focus and affection toward others in your daily life? Do you fluctuate between longing for commitment and wanting to be free? It’s possible one of these is actually an illusion. One is possible, the other isn’t (at this time). In the future, these possibilities will reverse. In the meantime, for real relationships to thrive, you must be committed first. And any subtle manipulations of others must be immediately eliminated.

CANCER: Our adult life is influenced and formed by our early family life. These influences are either nurturing or they are something we must work hard at changing (the influences). Reviewing our past helps us understand our emotional and behavioral responses to life. Eliminate any idea (and the word, too) that you (or other) families were/are “dysfunctional.” This is an unintelligent and uninformed judgment. All families are/were learning how to live, communicate, love and be together. Before harmony is created, we always (and only) learn through conflict and crisis.

LEO: Communication and daily life has seemed to slow down for you in the past years. Saturn is restructuring them, along with your patterns of thought and creative expressions. The gift of astrology is that we can understand how and why we change and the timing of these changes. If you will observe your thoughts, notice all the mental shifts that have taken place the past years. You have become more serious, deeper emotionally, having developed a greater ability to lead wisely.

VIRGO: For the next several years, your mind will focus on needs and responsibilities, finances and values. Values are most important and during these Kali Yuga times, each of us must seriously reconsider what our values are. What empowers you? How do you value yourself & those around you? What do you value in friendships, about being socially responsible, tithing and helping others in need? What creative endeavor about yourself is most valuable to you?

LIBRA: So often Libras have difficulty making decisions due to the constant awareness of the many available possibilities. Librans are very interesting people when we take the time to understand them. They seem very social. But truly they are always in a state of wondering if choices made are correct. Libra can be at times fearful of new upcoming choices. The next several years will be different. Your decisive abilities grow strong, you’ve become more self-assured and focused. Remember, don’t be cruel.

SCORPIO: An interesting situation concerning how you think is beginning to be apparent. Your mind is coming to knowledge differently. You’re being called to practicality while also being pushed into new states of religious or spiritual awareness. Something or someone close to you is no longer available. This creates a deep creative response that brings forth unexpected gifts – gifts never seen before. They come from your heart. It’s beating faster now because it is less veiled. More vulnerable.

SAGITTARIUS: You have so many goals, dreams and aspirations, so many ideas of adventures and ways of being in the world. In the past many years, you put into action practical steps to insure those dreams manifested. This was not easy. Sometimes you saw the goal but were unable to explain that goal clearly to others. Off you went to the heights of an adventure, leaving everyone else far behind. You’re called down to earth now. We want to walk and work with you and create the possible future together.

CAPRICORN: You live a life full of instructions, responsibilities and attempts to be “best in show.” You are at times burdened with being perceived as always perfect and successful. Anything less though, in self and others, is a challenge for you. Through difficulties, you actually flourish, always making right decisions. As the years unfold, you’ll find yourself becoming younger and younger, allowing the Capricorn Saturn seriousness to gradually fall away. More beauty and prosperity then come forth.

AQUARIUS: Your library will soon begin to expand, even if you don’t have any books, even if the idea of a library is foreign to you. You will begin to read biographies, adventure stories, attempt to understand the universe, other cultures and people in different lands along with great philosophies. These will bring light to your mind, clarity to your thinking and a deeper appreciation of how you fit into the picture of life. Keep folding those cranes.

PISCES: The most important task for you is to understand that your own personal needs, likes, dislikes, hopes, wishes and dreams are very important to the care and sustenance of your life and that all decisions should begin here. Otherwise, lost in a sea of other people’s ideas, resources, needs and interpretations, you often disappear. Summon forth from within courage, strength, self-assertion and self-belief. Call to and pray for them. They will appear and sustain you till the end of your days

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