Leo – Shining Like the Sun

Leo – Shining Like the Sun

Happy Birthday, Leo. Leo is the sign that shines like the Sun. It’s the sign of creativity, of children, games, having fun, taking risks. Most of all, Leo is sign of recognizing our self-identity through what we create. The heart, center of our life force, is overseen by Leo. The opposite of Leo is Aquarius, the circulatory system. Leo is the center (the heart) where all energy flows and life-force (blood) emanates. Leo is courageous, the lord of the jungle. Leo, the fifth sign and Labor, is fixed fire. Like a flame, Leo burns bright for a while, then burns low, anebb and flow of life energy.

Notice Leo’s hair. It’s like a lion’s mane, rising up from a high noble forehead. Leo is always seen as royal. Lions appear on the arms (logo) of many royal houses. Richard the Lionhearted re-captured the Holy Land. In the Old Testament Leo is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. In the New Testament, the Christians were thrown to the lions (symbol of Rome’s overpowering rule). The fish (Pisces) later subdued and caged the lions.

It’s written the Sun rose in Leo at the world’s creation. Egyptians worshiped the Leo Sun when, during August, Sirius, blue star of Initiation, appeared in the sky and the Nile rose. Egyptian temples were decorated with the lion or cat. In China, the Leo constellation is the Yellow Dragon with the royal star, Regulus.

The Buddha loved the lion who often rested on his right side. In “Labors of Hercules”, the Nemean Lion is divine, fierce and from the moon (humanity’s past to be left behind). Hercules’s Fifth Labor was (is) to destroy that past (the lion) but to keep the lion’s hide (spiritual protection, the Soul) as armor (used for the remaining seven labors). Hercules and the lion, now stars in the heavens, signify the personality and the Soul within humanity. One sings, the other submits. Everyone has Leo in their astrology charts. Everyone is royal.

ARIES: Do you feel divided between four ways, standing in the middle wondering which path to pursue next? There are several past issues that need tending before how to proceed appears. They are being presented to you now in subtle ways. Observe, assess, ponder, pray and have the intention to carefully and kindly complete all that is incomplete and unfinished. Then the next page turns.

TAURUS: You must maintain the trajectory into the future even though life’s vicissitudes seem to hold you back. The new era must be created now and each sign has the responsibility for a facet of that diamond. As Taurus you have the illumination needed for others to understand the plans and purposes of the new culture and civilization. Land is needed, a model of community is to be built, understandings of how and why must be brought forth. There are many to be saved.

GEMINI: You experience confusion when not balanced within the center of two realities. You must observe both sides of every issue in order to create a triangle of synthesis. You are to stand at the apex. Knowledge is your path. You must know before you can teach. True knowledge creates right thinking which allows symbols to appear filled with revelations so Right Choice can occur. Ponder upon, draw and visualize the seven pointed, six pointed, five pointed stars and a triangle and a Cross. Draw these again and again.

CANCER: A fusion and synthesis are occurring between what you were taught and what you now seek and must know. If money is a concern, know that it will always be available to you. Careful not to be harsh or critical of others in thinking and/or speaking. Careful not to gossip or listen to gossip. Careful of using a tone of impatience. The homeopath Aconite neutralizes impatience (an excess of electrical energy). At times you feel like a rainstorm is happening within.

LEO: It’s possible that thoughts and feelings from previous relationships are being evoked and recollected. Are there memories concerning your upbringing which you realize are influencing your behavior in relationships. It’s good to ask what you learned in each relationship. And to also ask, “Did I give enough?”There’s still time. Everyone is learning from everyone else, all the time. Your self-identity shift and changes.

VIRGO: Tend to finances; ask for assistance if puzzled, embrace the future by investing money in Real Goods – supplies to sustain you and others for the times to come. Plan for many to join you. Know that when you are self-critical, heartache and weakness are the results. It’s important to know the difference between good and evil, dispassion and deception. It’s best to use words of praise, which neutralizes mental and emotional illusions and criticisms. Know you are perfect.

LIBRA: Something transformative and new has been occurring at home. Perhaps it’s a new level of creativity. By autumn you’ll know more. Good things are coming about in your professional life. Tend with care and kindness to all relationships. Your friends, work & family groups sustain, nourish and fortify you so you can continue to re-enter the world each day and serve those in need. You know how to care for those who have been left out. Your heart knows.

SCORPIO: It may feel that you need to structure your surroundings so that nothing is left to chance. Also, you want to nurture and build an ever-growing participation in a social sphere. You wonder what to do with your money as you are offered two choices. One grows, one dims. How do you decide which to choose? Which is more sustainable? Which gives you pleasure. What will help you share more? What brings forth more love?

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time for something new in terms of relationships. Is it also time to travel somewhere you’ve been before to assess it with new eyes. Do be aware of how much work you’ve done, how hard and where you are today. In the next eighteen months your usual ways of thinking and interpreting will be changing once again. Your creativity will change, too. Some of this is already occurring. Has the past year been topsy-turvy with life tumbling all about? Peace comes on little cat’s feet.

CAPRICORN: You asked for a playful column. I see why. Pluto in your first house of self-identity. Everything about your life is deep and profound and you need someone to bring forth some humor which then frees you from the Plutonian depths. Let’s not talk about money. You have enough. You will always have enough. You have the ability to transform all environments into rooms of beauty. Where is the prayer that turns your home into a shrine?

AQUARIUS: There’s a new reality in your life as the old realities, like tumbleweed, simply drift away. Your childhood offered you a certain reality and lens concerning money. It comes and goes. And here we are today, the monetary world collapsing and in a state of reset. You are not fearful. From the ashes emerge great opportunities. Ponder upon priorities considering the world situation. Be sure to be on the right side of history. When you are, you are free to bring the future into the present.

PISCES: Things feel very complex. In your state of solitude past memories are coming to the surface. Disappointments, sadnesses and unrealized hopes along with mistakes and how we may have hurt others. It’s important to be aware of these things and to use them as ways to ask forgiveness. The homeopath Ignatia Amara is excellent for helping relieve ourselves from sadnesses and hurts of the past. Deep, deeper to deepest layers are uncovered. In safety. And with care.

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