Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces

2020 is a retrograde year. In the coming months we will have Mercury, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto retrograde. The most retrograde times begin mid-May and progress through to the end of the year. The first retrograde began this past Sunday, with Mercury retrograde – the first of Mercury’s three 2020 retrogrades (February/March, June/July, Oct/Nov.). Mercury began its retrograde at 12 degrees Pisces (the Savior), moving back to 28 degrees Aquarius (the Server). The retrograde shadow remains until March 30th.

We remember to review and read the fine print if key purchases must be considered. If important schedules, meetings or plans occur, realize everyone internalizing the information and it must be explained three times or more for understanding.

In retrogrades, we are remembering, reexamining, reevaluating, revising and reviewing. (Note: the letter “R” is a #18 = 9 = endings). Retrograde times are inner reality times, outer realities are veiled and hidden. We are too internal to listen, learn or integrate anything new.

Mercury retrograde days and weeks are quiet, integrating times when we synthesize the past, ordering & organizing what we learned since the last Mercury retrograde (Nov. 2019). Renewing, revisiting, completing & then eliminating what is no longer needed. We thus prepare ourselves for a new set of instructions, new information coming forth when Mercury is out of its shadow phase.

Mercury retrograde times are magical times. Upside down, inside out times, and far from dreary times. They are exciting, unusual, shamanic times. We have fun during Mercury retro times. We make that choice. *(Note from Risa– read daily updates & more on preparation on my FB pages (Risa D’Angeles) & under Daily Studies on my website –

ARIES: In past months as you internally initiated many projects (your spiritual task), something always hindered your progress. As this begins to ease, you realize perhaps exhaustion has set in. You wonder about your abilities, motivation and skills. They are intact. However, care for yourself as if visiting a The Golden Door– tending to body, emotions, mind and spirit, equally.

TAURUS: You often provide education that illumines the minds of others along with instruction for the nurturance and sustaining of humanity’s future. You’re being impressed from higher realms on how to create a safe, secure, protected and sheltered future. The information comes bit by bit, day by day, every day, unceasingly. You could easily become exhausted. Health, rest, solitude and retreat are most important to maintain this most important work. Nourish, support and feed yourself first.

GEMINI: Do you wonder often what your real tasks are in the world? Do you go from this to that, here and there, feeling impractical? Do you aspire to save the world? The first step is to realize that Gemini is like a butterfly in a field of golden poppies, sipping nectar here and there, the ambrosia containing information humanity needs. This is how you relate to and in the world. Dispersing truth is your primary task. There’s a door there in the garden. Can you find it?

CANCER: You work well with Taurus. Water and earth complement each other. You could also get angry with Taurus. You at times think they are stubborn. However, they provide information needed now and you add to their work a nurturing setting (garden, table, food, resources). Both of you work together so others can thrive. While Taurus provides the Light, you take that Buddhic light and “build the lighted house where others can dwell.” You provide refuge.

LEO: Are you concerned, disappointed or confused about finances and resources? Is there some sort of dilemma and reason for worry? Perhaps it’s just a matter of time for the hidden wealth and resources to be uncovered. The sign of saving the world (Pisces) is affecting your assets. When that occurs it’s time to offer one’s gifts, to donate, to tithe (giving to those in need). When we give to others, it is returned to us ten-fold. So we can give again.

VIRGO: Are you busy with new ideas and goals? Do they somehow seem conflicting? Are you feeling separations and differences? It’s possible you’re very serious right now. Mercury retrograde in Pisces could make you feel like you’re in a shadow and communication isn’t understood. Leading Virgo’s nemesis, self-criticism. Don’t allow this. Lots of work in relationships may be needed. Ask yourself what are your partnership skills? And how do you love?

LIBRA: So many areas of responsibility you must focus on – your day to day work and health, your fields of service, colleagues and co-workers, perhaps even a pet here and there. Along with all things practical and mundane, with these tumultuous tasks all jumbled together, comes overwork, unrest, anxiety and worry. You need a vision to get you through the coming days and nights. Envision order and organization, lots of assistance; create a collage and storyboard. And, remember to “be of love more careful than of everything.”

SCORPIO: The retrograde provides you with the needed rest and will build your strength and restore courage and confidence. Many have been feeling too hermetic to move beyond day to day concerns and comforts. This will shift as a new creativity emerges, but not before an ending of things takes place. Some Scorpios are experiencing their mind transforming, expanding, restructuring. The past appearing, then falling away. Bid it adieu, with love.

SAGITTARIUS: Communication can become obscured, with understanding buried under overwhelming responsibility and self-protection. Tend to co-workers with loving care and loving understanding (task of the next sub race). Realize nothing is or should or will be moving fast. So, go slowly into each day. Seek to discover, listen for and understand the values of others. They will reflect your values – especially the ones hidden from you. Careful with money. Tithe.

CAPRICORN: The important consideration with Mercury retrograde is communication. It could be confusing, mysterious, and hidden by drops of clouds, by raindrops, ferns, fish and even flotsam and jetsam floating to the surface. After the retrograde, all obstacles will be removed. Ganesh, the elephant god, if prayed to, removes obstacles. The garden is where you feel the most comfort and where your interest is. You discover all of yourself there in the garden. Build a natural garden gate.

AQUARIUS: You’ve become more and more practical and disciplined while pondering the many possible futures. You’ll continue to make practical decisions in all areas of your life, especially money and finances and intimate friends and relationships. You’ll seek closeness with others and make choices based on love and care. When you extend this, harmony is created for the entire world. Remember, family and friends are more important than politics.

PISCES: You gained independence these past years, expressing gifts and unique talents for the world. You now re-examine and re-assess where your gifts are needed in the future. A change of heart is beginning to occur. There’s somewhere you need to be that’s comforting and supportive. This impacts decisions and allows you to go forward where previously you feared to tread. Tend carefully to your heath in the next months. As more talents come forth.

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