Amidst the Whirling Forces – A Year Like No Other

2020 is a #4 year. 2 + 2 = 4 which equals Ray 4, which is a year of Harmony emerging through conflict and chaos. 2020 will be an intense, cascading of ancient karma year. A year where old patterns appear in order to be cast away. Humanity will be challenged as a new cycle of effort and struggle appears. Reactionary forces will accelerate and our response to these forces will determine the future. It will be a year like no other.

The Unicorn comes down from the mountaintop in 2020 bringing humanity the Light Supernal, assisting humanity in acts of Goodwill which will re-set ancient patterns and create new structures for the new era.

Here is how we will feel in 2020. “Amidst the whirling forces, I stand confused. I know them not, for, during all my past, they swept me up and down the land wherein I moved, blinded and unaware. From place to place and point to point, they drove me up and down the land and nowhere was there rest. I know them now and here I stand and will not move until I know the Law which governs all this movement up and down the land. I may revolve and turning face the many different ways; I face some wide horizons and yet today I stand. I will determine for myself the way to go. Then onward I will move. I will not travel up and down the land nor turn in space. But onward I will move.”Old Commentary, Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey.

And guiding us in what to do is this quote from Buckminster Fuller – “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To Change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

Aries: This is your year of success and leadership in the world – new opportunities, recognitions and responsibilities. Things wonderful! You may initiate new work, a vocation or avocation, create events that wow the competition, achieving much in creativity, writing and relationships. All will demand commitment, order, efficiency, discipline, right management and above all Goodwill. There may be travel, writing and publishing, religion and a new state of spirituality. Everyone will want to be you conquering the world!

TAURUS: As Aries continues to climb the ladder, you will continue to build and form future foundations. And what you build eventually becomes visible to the world. You will work hard and see significant outcomes. Unexpected gifts may be given. Craft a personal thank you. Important life projects come into view and important decisions will need to be made. Careful with relationships. Slow repressed anger does not work. Your life will continue to change. This began last year. Change is exciting. Have courage.

GEMINI: You will be called upon to have patience, cooperation and diplomacy this year as you encounter rather temperamental people, places and things. Especially in relationships. Venus, your Soul ruler, retrogrades this year. All values will be assessed and change. Family relationships re-evaluated, you realize all experiences with the family taught you how to be independent and self-reliant. Relationship interactions become better, kinder, more meaningful and wiser. It’s time to go out and about in the public again.

CANCER: This year it’s good to pay attention to the moon’s movements. Your moods reflect its ups and downs, dark to crescent to full to dark again. When we study and observe astrology we learn more about ourselves. Earth reflects the heavens. Studying the heavens helps us understand that nothing in our world is personal. Interactions may change between intimates and close friends. Try new ways of communication. Begin gently, and observe the responses.

LEO: It’s important in the new year to focus on daily rhythms. Following nature’s rhythms is a way of simplifying one’s life, bringing clarity and comprehension. Rhythm means scheduling around activities needed rather than time. Then a patterned flow emerges that supports all livingness. Whenever the rhythm falls off, re-set the new rhythms the next day. Allow each day to begin with the Sun rising (Sun Salutation) and end with sunset. That’s when the devas are out and about, seeing that the day was good.

VIRGO: “We welcome the new year, of things that have never been.”(Rilke). For Virgos, a new level of creativity and inner connectivity will emerge. Activities that increase creativity – listen to a little music, read a little poetry, look at a bit of art each day. Then worldly cares won’t hide the beauty of nature and the beauty of the Soul. “The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird nestles in the egg and in the vision of the Soul, an angel stirs.”(Napoleon Hill). Draw these.

LIBRA: The new year of 2020 is finally here. And it’s the Year of the Art of Living, of harmony, beauty, balance and poise. These are your virtues. A new reality lies ahead. The past is over. What will be, will be. Keep the essence of who you are close to your heart. Enjoy all that is living around you. What is your vision for the new year? What are your hopes, wishes and dreams? Seek more times of rest. As you rest goodness and wisdom come forth (Steiner).

SCORPIO: It’s not what we teach that others learn from. It’s what we are, how we act, and what we have become that others learn from. So, in this new year, we begin where we are. We do the best we can. And we use all the gifts, talents & resources we have. We only have each moment in time. Let’s begin right now. Scale back if necessary. And that is always necessary. Then we begin to build back up from there. A new template for the new era emerges.

SAGITTARIUS: This is the year of self-care. The beginning of your journey of a thousand miles. You are to be the integrity others seek, a lantern providing light and truth for the world. You are to shine brightly with your values and virtues. And know that an empty lantern can provide no light. What fuels you? What allows yourself to shine brightly? You are to “build a lighted house & therein dwell.” For self and then for all others.

CAPRICORN: It’s best not to aim for perfection. It’s best to aim for connection. That keeps you and others balanced, in tune, synchronized. Imagination, too, is most important. It goes hand in hand with knowledge. What do you imagine your new year to be? What would you hope to create and manifest in your new year? All the planets in Capricorn are creating and building a new self (you) around your old self. Creating “all things new”. You are the tarot card called the Star.

AQUARIUS: Uranus, the planet that is sideways, which describes you, is in steady Taurus and this allows for you to be both conservative yet even more experimental. All things change for the better this year – a year of health and happiness, energy and prosperity. You will assess your past as your inner world strengthens. Spirituality, compassion and warmth lead you to a greater aspiration to serve the world and those in need. Interesting friendships form. You experience joy. Take care of yourself.

PISCES: Community and village building, forming and creating will be on your mind throughout the new year. This past year you sensed something great is coming. Saturn/Pluto brings an end to the past. This year, the new era begins, with all the Aquarian hopes, wishes and dreams streaming forth. It will be like no other year humanity has experienced. Cherished visions about the future will be set in motion. Be sure to have very competent efficient people helping you. You see the goal and you will reach that goal, as the next goal appears.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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