“Beginnings are Fragile Things” — New Year 2020

Here we are again at the dawn of a new year and a new decade. In our upcoming new year, we will again circle the zodiac, sign by sign. The zodiac is both our help and our protection. Its starry field illuminates our Path. Heaven touches Earth and from below, Earth reaches up to the heavens. We, humanity, the World Disciple, stand in between, gathering the light of each, radiating the light to humanity, for their understanding. We feel the warmth of the Sun each day. Each year we begin anew. The rod of justice rules. The Ark reaches the shore. The past reaches the future in each of us. Direction is given. And we remember, “Love underlies all happenings of the times.”From January 1st – 6th, we continue walking with the Three Magi Kings to Epiphany (Jan. 6th). Each new year we begin a new study together, and this year, we have a gift for humanity, offering ourselves in service. With this dedication and intention, we recite the Bodhisattva prayer together.

“May I be a guard for those who need protection.A guide for those on the path. A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood. May I be a lamp in the darkness. A resting place for the weary. A healing medicine for all who are sick. A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles. And for the boundless multitudes of living beings, may I bring sustenance and awakening. Enduring like the earth and sky. Until all beings are freed from sorrow. And all are awakened.” These are our intentions & prayers for the new year. They bring balance to our lives. Because we know….“Beginnings are fragile things. A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”― Frank Herbert, Dune 1.

ARIES: The time has come to shine in the world, to be recognized and applauded. Ponder upon your abilities and talents. They are to be offered, like gifts of the Magi, to humanity. You are to work in groups where people of Goodwill work. These groups understand the importance of justice, goodness and human rights. Outline your abilities, then create a structure and form on how you can serve with these gifts. This is the future.

TAURUS: New goals may appear that will assist in giving your life order and the needed organization. Either a pilgrimage or deep study of a philosophical truth that defines your past, present and future. You may also discover and pursue new music. If tone deaf and can’t sing, you may discover new foods. Whatever you do, truth and justice are your keynotes. You are a living representative of the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

GEMINI: Circumstances have changed you and you realize you’re becoming more determined and courageous. Simultaneously you also feel more emotional and realize that sharing (thoughts words, deed) is important. So many challenges must be overcome. How to express yourself so you’re understood and yet realizing how difficult it is to speak with clarity. For the next year, you’ve become a Scorpio.

CANCER: It’s good to be solitary but now you seek more companionship, friendships and want to be emotionally closer to others. What is most important is to understand what love is. It’s not an emotion, and it’s hard to cultivate. Love is a force, a Light. It’s pure reason. It’s intelligence and magnetic. It emerges, like Peace, from intentions of Goodwill, which create Right Relations. This is an esoteric formula. When you remember, you can use it.

LEO: Cancer’s horoscope applies to you, also, for you are the heart & purveyor of love. It’s important this year to look at your daily work schedules and health (which could use a bit more tending). You wish to be free yet you face many responsibilities. You have all these goals but not much energy to accomplish them. What is the message? That your health must be the foremost goal you undertake. You can do this. And you will. Many creatures depend upon you.

VIRGO: Even if you’re challenged, you don’t often change your plans. At first you decide to communicate as clearly as possible. If this doesn’t work you continue on alone and then realize the shift you seek is indeed possible. New thoughts begin to occur. Make time each day to stand in the Sun to absorb its warmth, love, and intelligence. Kindness is at the heart of the (all) matter(s).

LIBRA: A deep spiritual awareness is seeking to develop slowly yet surely in your life. The presence of the Divine Mother and your real biological mother need to become one and the same. Family matters, past, present, future, are most important this month. Tend to them with care, forgiveness and loving understanding. You know how to do this with friends. Now it must be equally applied to family. Especially to one in particular.

SCORPIO: Try not to let large philosophical issues become personal issues that create separations. Gather and then disperse information like a Gemini. Local travel is good for you now. Don’t stay home behind the curtains, doors and windows closed. You need to enjoy the outdoors more. Nature is the body of God. It’s calling you to attention, to health and healing, to come out and play awhile.

SAGITTARIUS: Finances, big and small, past and present remain your focus. Most of the planets have taken up residence in your house of money, resources and values. You need to rest a bit more. Exhaustion can take over quite easily. Things will be better in the money department. A good first step is to tithe regularly to those in need. What’s given is received back ten-fold. Have your values changed recently?

CAPRICORN: You have the ability to inspire others to love more by the way you love them. When others spend time with you a calm inner sense of purpose and intelligence radiates from you. This is Jupiter (love/wisdom) presently residing in Capricorn. When friends leave you they are kinder, gentler and better humans. Recognizing this about your state of grace activates it consciously.

AQUARIUS: You are going through a new sense of self identity. A practical one. There will be reassessments and re-doings of things undone… or not done well enough. It’s possible a parent or mentor will appear. Or a religious discipline will be remembered or resumed. These reactivate feelings from the past to be sorted out. Your tolerance grows with understanding and compassion. The new year is a time of reflection and of deep spirituality.

PISCES: Work has been from dawn till dusk, an endless array of tasks, responsibilities, chores, duties, errands and creative work. It’s good. It’s exhausting. It’s calling humanity, calling the new world order and culture back to the present. You, too, need nature to walk in every day, for long lengths of time. Have you been working on future goals, knowing what you want and need? You will learn how to direct thought power to achieve those goals. But they must be named first. Be one-pointed.

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