An Invitation to Festival Week of the NGWS

Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers (Dec. 21 – 28). Every seven years at winter solstice – there is a downpouring of a particular Light from a great constellation originating beyond our solar system. This light enters our planet via Saturn (planet of opportunity), through Capricorn (sign of Initiation) and streams into our world. This energy stimulates a great spiritual awakening – calling the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), disciples and all of humanity to embark upon new spiritual endeavors. It empowers those dedicated to peace and harmony, love and truth everyone seeks. Those who are learning to participate in Group Work are especially “impressed” with this Light. The “impress” is the stimulation of Goodwill everywhere. “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All,”are the words held within this Light.

This inflow of energy at solstice enhances the work of the New Group of World Servers, women and men who work for freedom and justice. During Festival week we link worldwide in prayer, meditation, reflection and radiation. It is a week of “Group Impact” (disciples work in Groups). Initiated in 1935, this is the Festival’s 17thyear. This year is particularly important, as it is the Festival prior to 2025, when new revelations, teachings and the precipitation and reappearance of the Coming One is expected. During festival week the NGWS create plans for the upcoming next seven years. For more information – And two videos – &

Initiating the festival, on Dec. 21st, is a Global Moment of Silence, preceded by a ringing of bells (1 pm Pacific, 3pm central, 4pm Atlantic). We invite everyone to join us. Have your bells ready! Simultaneously, Hanukkahbegins Sunday night(22nd) and Christmas(solar eclipse and new moon) is the following Wednesday(25th). So many festivals! In the meantime, like the three Magi Astrologer Kings, what gifts shall we give?

ARIES: Things hot and red, a bike that goes zoom zoom, everything fiery including candles, fire crackers, incense, things that flicker in the dark. Crayon Crayolas that glow in the dark, silly putty and a new glow in the dark paintbrush, one that seethes & sparkles with glitter. Hats (to contain their fire). Bike lights or a miner’s light for their Ajna Center (3rd eye), illuminating the Way. Things white, red, rouge, ruby and for some secret reason, violet. Mirrors. Anything thrilling.

TAURUS: A gardener to plant all their veggie and herb starts; a yogurt machine with various starters from around the world. Green house, actually several (two, three, four). They know food in the near future will be the only commodity. Gardening tools, wild desert sage (plant) and honey. A nature walk identifying wild mushrooms. Tool, well-tooled and built for safety. A barometer & weather thermometer. Any how-to books. A cow (Irish Dexter) for milk. Bees. Gardening gloves.

GEMINI: Things to read and write with, ancient (Basho’s poetry, calligraphy brush) and new (a Mac, iPhone, iPod, Kindle). Things that whirl about, glitter in the sun, resemble butterflies, which resembles their mind, which can’t endure one moment of being still. All types of gadgets that engage their hands, fascinating at first, useless later. A new washing machine and a clutch of bare root roses: fragrant heirlooms and climbers. Teach them to crochet.

CANCER: Cancer people are water babies, no matter how old they are. Decorative Kleenex containers and a mountain of Kleenex is a priority. They cry a lot. They’re sensitive. Things from the ocean like pearl puddles (jewelry), creams and soaps made from Dead Sea minerals. Containers, baskets, vessels, pots & pans, secret boxes, music boxes. A showerhead creating a rain forest. Tell them they’re your treasure from the sea. Family album. Recipes. A dish of fresh cooked crab.

LEO: Wait! Leos want to be the one and only treasure of the zodiac! Leos, sensitive too, are also fire (like Aries) but a different kind of fire. They seem to be from the Sun. Without the Sun Leos are SAAD (the lights they need). Make sure they have adequate light (shining upon them). No gloomy shades, curtains or dark colors for them! Give them things that shine like the Sun, are aglow and glitter. Opera, ballet, theatre tickets, recycled gold, silver and platinum. Rose gold (yellow gold & copper) is especially beautiful reflecting Leo’s heart.

VIRGO: Virgo loves, on everyday levels, to clean, clear, order and organize. Virgo is my Chiron! Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products. Zum cleaning products. Virgo, always gestating a new state of consciousness, hidden away from everyone except for a few. They need book shelves, notebooks, pencil cases & sharpeners, stamps, reading lights, a silver pencil, spa membership, anything about self-improvement, a book called “Just Listen”by Mark Goulston. And the sound of silence.

LIBRA: Art, art and more art. The kind that, at the very first glance, is beautiful, balanced and harmonious. Flower seeds and bulbs, fruit trees (apricot, lemon), kitchen herb garden, scented candles, mirrors (to see they are the fairest or most handsome), magazine subscriptions (a gift each month), Belgian chocolates, bottle of Fu-Ki Japanese Plum wine, more glass baubles for their already overcrowded Hanukkah bush/Christmas tree. A party. A gossip magazine.

SCORPIO: Things deep red, violet, black, fragrant with exotic scents (sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot, myrrh, frankincense & clove). A natural oils diffuser. From doTerra, the oil called “On Guard. It’s almost the same as Young Living Oils blend calledThieves– they cleanse, purify, heal and the spray form is good for traveling; liquid soap, Zand lozenges. Leather gloves, books on warriors, revolutionaries and radicals. Anything serpentine (from Egypt) or eagle-like. A green scarab ring. Tarot cards.

SAGITTARIUS: A home town, walking shoes, staff (several), things that make them laugh (jolly old St. Nick is a Sag), bow & arrow, an archery set with targets & bundles of straw, a new vehicle that goes fast on little gas, a trip to Bali, a (new) camera, visiting a famous photographer, photographs from famous photographers, artisanal foods, a cruise, mineralized waters, a cashmere beret. Wanderlust.

CAPRICORN: New shoes, hiking (mountaineering) boots, mountain climbing equipment, clocks, timepieces, watches (old), a surf board, a desk, gardening tools (the best), science sets (for both adults & children), magazines (monthly gift; Architectural Digest, Smithsonian, The Week). A week or more of rest that goes nowhere, especially not up. A beginning silverware set (knife, fork, spoon) in silver, that can be added to each year. Silver purifies foods. A compliment.

AQUARIUS: Both a microscope and a telescope, to see the small and big pictures. An asteroid named after them, a heavenly star map covering one entire wall in their home, anything with lights – light beams, luminosity, radiance, glitter. A Vespa & a Prius, a Coyote Trickster feather, a Kachina, pieces of sky that fell to earth. Some Aquarians need a new home & some need to travel. A donation toward either. Astrology chart. Music, Fuji water, a helping hand.

PISCES: Cashmere socks (cashmere anything), bedroom slippers, shawls, sweaters, scarves for warmth. Aromatherapy kit, fountains of running water, bells, candles (beeswax only), crystals, showerhead (like rain), goldfish, apricot canaries, a jewelry case, new kitchen makeover. An organized home set in a citrus field. Interns. Garden statues of the sleeping Buddha, Mary, Christ & St. Francis of Assisi. A cross of gold to wear (like Laura Ingraham’s). Community land. A retreat. A cottage at Findhorn.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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