Scorpio — Test, Trial, Struggle and Triumph

This is our last week of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury retrograde turns direct next Wednesday. However, Mercury’s retrograde shadow remains with us until Sunday, December 8th. We are to slowly move forward with plans, proceeding with caution. This is also our last week of Scorpio. Sun enters Sagittarius Friday, November 22nd. A new moon occurs on the 26th, the day before Neptune turns direct & two days before Thanksgiving (harmonious transits this year for families gathering together). Good and practical and harmonious all day and evening (Thanksgiving).

Scorpio deeply influences and transforms all lives on Earth. Scorpio’s keynotes (influences) – test, trial, struggle, strength & triumph – describe the Scorpio’s impact on humanity. The great fear during the depths of Scorpio is death. The great hope is that we remain intact and alive. Scorpio transforms all that it touches. The disciple, toiling within Scorpio’s nine tests, must rise phoenix-like out of the ashes of the past. While we are laboring within the Scorpio depths it’s easy to lose sight of Scorpio’s eventual triumph. Scorpio asks us to cultivate patience, poise, strength, aspiration and vision even while in the very midst of the battle. The teachers tell us, when in difficulty to act “as if”we were already released into the harmonious flowing stream of life itself. As Scorpio’s tests end, the New Group of World Servers hear these words…“Warriors are we and from the battle we have emerged triumphant.”Our gratitude is great. We are prepared for the one-pointed focus of Sagittarius. That journey lies ahead.

ARIES: A sense of regeneration is transforming your intimate relationships, also all shared finances and resources. You could experience intense feelings of love or passion, anger or resentment, loss or bereavement. It’s best to be aware of these so that you can choose how best to respond (not react). Investigate the merging of your resources with another. Be sure to build a ground work of trust first. And maintain it carefully.

TAURUS: The original foundations (purpose) of your relationship come forth, like a surprising fragrant winter bloom. Patterns that have become embedded in the relationship are slowly disintegrating, calling forth new levels of relating, listening, communication and then love. This includes intimates, family, friends and partnerships. A new level of vulnerability and sensitivity has emerged for you. This is good. We learn compassion that way.

GEMINI: What changes are occurring in your daily life, work interactions and health? What new areas are you interested in? What events and disciplines align with your needs? What habits do you wish to eliminate? What new habits do you want to cultivate? Is something draining your vital energy? Whatever it is must be eliminated. Oh, dear. That can be difficult. However, new vitality is seeking to come forth.

CANCER: You’ve been so serious for so long. A little lightness and ease are needed in your life. It’s good to assess what joy means, when you last experienced joy and how you could bring it forth now. Sometimes joy leaves us when a life change occurs. We feel we can no longer feel joy. Only endless sorrow. However, joy is a quality of the Soul. Write, paint, garden, dance, sing. These bring joy.

LEO: It’s most important to consider the things that nourish you. Family patterns nourish until they’re no longer useful for growth. Then we must create new life patterns that sustain and vitalize. It’s important to cultivate financial stability and careful assessment of resources. Create a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual foundation that is strong and solid for the times to come. You will be depended upon by many when times are difficult. You are a leader.

VIRGO: Light from the stars is streaming into your mental (thinking, learning) realm. You can feel more anxious than usual. Anxieties, fears or worries can be eliminated through the reciting of mantras and by the use of words that praise all beings and experiences in your life. Praise fills our cells with light; helps us connect heart to heart with others, and allows hidden realities to come forth. Something about home is wanting to expand. What is it?

LIBRA: Something new in your life is allowing you to feel ardent, enthusiastic, filled with love. Perhaps it’s the season. Something else in your life is bringing you out of the shadows. A new level of assessment about life shifts your values. One thing is still missing though. It’s forgiveness with another that keeps you seeking and never finding. What needs forgiving? Your self-worth soars when this forgiveness is offered. So much of your life’s vitality depends on it. There is a yearning for you.

SCORPIO: Your new year began/begins with your birthday. Our self-identity shifts each year to newer and greater expansiveness on our birthday. Each year things that hurt, disappointed, confused and distracted us are released. Each year a change appears that brings forth new trust, compassion and the deeper mysteries of life. We look to you for valuable and illuminating information from your discoveries into the darkest corners of life. Only you can enter there. You are the phoenix for everyone.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s good if you’re considering a time of retreat and contemplation. You will not have much time for this opportunity as the Sun will soon illuminate your sign (enter Sagittarius) and your life, talents and gifts will be in the spotlight. No more doors to hide behind. It’s important to be aware of dreams, both waking and sleeping dreams and visions. They provide ease from the past and a picture of the future. Next month – more change happens again.

CAPRICORN: It’s good to list, in a journal, quilt, or mural, over and over, your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future. Talking about them, pondering and brooding over them clarifies for you their value and brings them into the first level of manifestation and they anchor on Earth. Who shares these dreams with you? Who understands you? Who listens to you? Know you have the ability to transform everyone with your knowledge, ideas, art and words. Words are magic.

AQUARIUS: Align your actions, friends, work, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations with your deepest hopes and wishes. Then everything comes forth successfully. We find you very responsible with those who depend upon you. We also see you share all that you have. What you provide to others, returns to you ten-fold. You’re on a mission with humanity. Whether its cooking, travel, fun, writing, making music, publishing, or caring for the animal kingdom, what you do makes a great difference in everyone’s life.

PISCES: You continue to wonder about your world, your future, your work and the tasks you are to perform. Sometimes your faith is tested in order that you assess and get to the root of your beliefs. You find yourself in different realities, different worlds, often your destination unknown. This applies to outer and inner realities. Only your intuition is intact. It guides, directs and leads you far afield, then brings you home again. Rely on it.

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