Scorpio — Call to Battle

The sign influencing humanity after Libra (choice) is Scorpio (discipleship). Scorpio distributes the dandelion yellow light of Ray 4, from a star in the Big Dipper. Ray 4 is Harmony emerging from deep conflict, crisis and chaos. Humanity learns through conflict and crisis. Conflict is always between two things – a duality. Duality is a part of living on planet Earth. When we see opposites, we can choose to stand on one side or the other or lift up to a place that integrates and synthesizes the two. Duality is purposeful. Duality creates a tension. And tension is needed so that we can “sweep” forward (or back). On our planet the equation of change and choice is, “Crisis, Polarization, then Sweep”(upward or downward)! In this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, these issues arise again.

Scorpio calls humanity to battle, to be the world disciple, the warrior, courageous enough to fight for liberty, justice and humanity’s freedoms. Most of all freedom from the thralldom of materiality. The Forces of Materiality have captured many into states of extreme materiality. The Scorpio warrior steps forward, sword in hand & cuts the bonds of materialism. Humanity is Scorpio, all of us called to the “fierce spirit” of the Scorpio warrior.

Being a Scorpio is very hard work. It’s the most misunderstood of the signs (along with Pisces). Scorpios are aware of others on invisible levels, aware of attitudes and behaviors that most don’t understand. Scorpio often experiences betrayal. Scorpio conceals from everyone (except trusted intimates) their innermost secrets, lest more betrayal occur. If you’re considered trustworthy, Scorpio can be your friend. Trustworthiness is the highest Scorpio compliment. For those with Scorpio in their lives, tend to them with quiet understanding, kindness and care. They’re often weary from constant inner and outer battles, the nine spiritual tests of Mars and the concept of death and regeneration always surrounding them. Scorpio is the phoenix.

ARIES: It’s important to be scrupulous when handling other people’s money, possessions, when referring to their values and if responsible for investments. It’s most important if one holds another’s heart. Total confidence is involved here and you cannot betray and/or fall out of anyone’s trust. If investing research all angles. Before deciding it’s best to study and consult The Solari Report ( Investing in precious metals is most important now.

TAURUS: It’s time to be with those you love, perhaps your one and only, or perhaps your closest friend, partner, business associate, someone who tugs a bit at your heart, someone you would enjoy being with for a long time, someone you’re relaxed with, who knows your secrets and doesn’t care, or perhaps knows no secrets about you and likes you anyway. You all need to be together for a while. Don’t worry about tension or disharmony. Harmony’s your middle name.

GEMINI: There’s a tremendous amount of work to be completed and it seems like forever and then new work appears and sometimes there are misunderstandings at home about work, especially now with Scorpio influences and it could be with a partner so be careful with communication and don’t leave anyone behind or think everyone or anyone understands you. Talk, communicate, listen, then talk some more ‘til understanding appears.

CANCER: You need to go out and about, you need friends to be with, you need to have fun. Think about choosing pleasure over worry. You need to consider what creative sorts of events would relax you and make you laugh out loud. You need less restriction, less discipline, less anxiety and fretfulness. The world is the same whether we worry or not. Now what would be fun for you? Who would you share fun with?

LEO: The home seems to be the focus once again during these Scorpio days. It’s a time for clearing out, cleaning, eliminating, storing, redecorating or at least moving a few furniture pieces around to make your home feel different, more comfortable, attractive or clear. Do you need to remove dark drapes, rugs or objects? What does your home need? Also, are you bringing work home and do you have time for friends? There’s still a secret there, somewhere. What is it?

VIRGO: Are you agitated, edgy, a bit impatient and restless? Always you need to serve. What in your town, village, community, neighborhood can you connect with, assist, serve and be available for? You are the right person, especially this month, to work in a secret garden. It’s time to meet new people you’ve never seen before and to bring forth all secret aspects of self you’ve kept under wraps for protection and safeguarding. Try and let that fall away.

LIBRA: Tend carefully to money, resources, bills, insurance, savings, investments. Shift your portfolio to a place of safety. It’s good for you (and Aries) to read everything every day in the The Solari Report ( Read about their investment opportunities. I write this because Scorpio, the planet of resources, is in your house of money. Is there a need to change how and where your money is spent? Do you need a budget? Do you feel free yet from the past?

SCORPIO: All the planets have tumbled into your sign and sometimes that’s a relief and sometimes it’s too much scrutiny and too many feelings to cope with. Usually you follow strict routines to soothe the reality that life is one moment death, the next life and regeneration. You’re the phoenix always emerging from the flames. Revelations occur, releasing you from restrictions, presenting new possibilities. A different sense of self emerges. Still mysterious, still deep, but…different.

SAGITTARIUS: You turn inward a bit more. There’s less striding about, chest out, seeking the social activities that provide you with insight. As you turn inward, spiritual realizations appear that could not have come forward before. Jupiter, your very own planet of expansiveness and sometimes of just too much of everything, is guiding you toward understanding others more. The result of this is compassion, the religion of the Dalai Lama. Underneath all your bravado, you have deep wells of compassion.

CAPRICORN: Perhaps surprisingly friends, and those who want to be your friend, will show up or call or invite you over or think about you as a leader who shows compassion and kindness and as someone they would want to follow, have a conversation with and guidance from. It’s also possible that you realize you need freedom or you need a group to belong to so all your gifts can emerge. Should you begin that group yourself? Are you waiting for a phone call?

AQUARIUS: Self-recognition concerning your talents, gifts and abilities come forth easily now. You realize your originality and uniqueness and they are applauded in the world along with your consistency, an unusual talent for Aquarius, ruled by the revolutionary planet, Uranus. Your roots are stable, traditions are important and actually you create new traditions as you go. You are preparing for the future in the ways you live your daily life. This is unusual too.

PISCES: It is good to createa healing journey. You don’t need to travel anywhere. It can be done whereveryou are, this healing journey- in real time, dreamtime or future time. Focusing on health for the next six months is important. Something new is initiated. Something’s given. Something from the past ends. Be observant of these. Create a deeper intimacy with those around you. Have the intentions for Goodwill in all interactions. You are assisted by specific and special angels. Eat well. Have fun. Be happy. Life is good.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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