We Hear the Hissing of Cobras – Kali Yuga (continued)

Sun entered Scorpio Wednesday, sign of things hidden, dark, mysterious and underwater. And so, we continue the study of the cycle of the Kali Yuga, a winter of darkness in our world today. Its manifestation, unconcealed, deliberate and brazen, can clearly be seen in the havoc, chaos, destruction and decay of values, and continual loss of the “rule of law.” Rulers no longer promote morals, ethics and/or a spiritual way of life.

One sees great migrations: sexuality is debased, commodified, people become enemies of their own land, betraying each other, telling lies, and life seems unfair, with the few holding power, money and resources over the many. Avarice, wrath, open animosity are common. There is murder, public lust, addictions, disrespect, control of the people by evil forces. As virtues cease to flourish, humanity becomes exhausted, unstable and vulnerable. An ocean of darkness, an ocean of space descends. Even valor can’t seem to stop the darkness. We hear in the shadows, the rustling and hissing of cobras.

In Kali Yuga, life has granted permission for darkness to fall. Many ask, “How can all this happen and what hope is there?”Libra tell us,” Letchoice be made” between the darkness (Kali Yuga) and the Light of the new world. Align with the Will to Good and Right Choice will be made.” The meditative keynote of Libra during this dark time is, “I choose to stand with the Forces of Light. And in the midst of this darkness I will be one light shining brightly. I light my lamp.”

Choiceis the determining factor (lesson) of Libra (& during Kali Yuga). When we invoke the Will-to-Good, we are aligned with Right Choice. We are Arjuna, under Krishna’s tutelage, choosing which side to battle on. Do we choose the personality ways (Kali) or the Ways of the Soul (Light)? Either choice is correct. When the latter is chosen, the Dweller on the Threshold becomes the Angel of the Presence. Our lamps, filled with starlight, shine brightly in the darkness. A light of hope for humanity.

ARIES: For many weeks all things mysterious, secret, deeply psychological catch your attention. You develop strategies and a specific philosophy that influences your choices, profession, finances, health, relationships and way of life. It’s important to research and investigate everything with integrity. No short cuts. For Halloween your best costume would be Dr. Freud or Jung. Dressed in symbols.

TAURUS: You see both sides of a discussion, listening carefully so right decisions can be made. You need lots of time to think before making definite decisions. Sometimes, you take the other side and this can frustrate the one attempting to be listened to and understood. Try to stand on the side of the speaker. You’re able to bring new ideas to all conversations. For Halloween, be the two Mercury brothers, Castor & Pollux.

GEMINI: Your life becomes a list of detailed agendas and how to make plans come true. This is different for you. Usually you have quick thoughts that fly away in the wind. Now those ideas seek order and organization, making you feel useful and practical. Careful with health. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods and herbs (turmeric). For Halloween be your favorite author, book, flower, herb or root.

CANCER: I don’t think you know this about yourself but your friends do. You’re creative, humorous, engaging, funny and trustworthy. You’re intelligent, clever, and keep promises. You’re curious, can tend to gossip (a form of communication), very strong in your beliefs and proud of your children (cats, dogs, fish, goat, etc.). You’re a good teacher, too with a green thumb. For Halloween, be a kale or parsley deva.

LEO: In the coming weeks great imagination takes hold and big dreams too. Maintain a journal of these ideas, ideals, visions and dreams, unusual and important for your future. How is your home? Does it emanate an aura of intelligent living with psychology, history and religious books all around? What is traditional in your home? For Halloween channel an ancient relative. We are our relatives.

VIRGO: You are very curious and interested in things in print, in exchanging ideas, reading news articles, and perhaps talking with others either in a salon type setting or over fences and berry bushes. Everything in your life is varied and variable. So, you find yourself with a shorter attention span – useful at times. But after a while you get nervous. For Halloween the butterfly suits you best.

LIBRA: How was your birthday? Did angels appear? Did you receive secret unexpected messages? You often realize things before they are apparent to others. Tell everyone not to ask what your plans are. You cannot be pushed into any situations, ideas or agendas. All must be done within your own timing, one step at a time. For Halloween be Venus, humanity’s next stop in the cosmic ladder evolutionary arc.

SCORPIO: Father Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn. They are joined together creating a feeling both restrictive yet freeing, a discipline and an opportunity. Everyone needs discipline and structure and everyone needs freedom and liberty for growth. You feel restless, changeable, smart and versatile. You may talk more than most and add a bit of mischief, too. For Halloween be Pluto, bringing about mysterious transformations for everyone just by your presence.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re re-developing trust in yourself and your communication. Many place their trust in you due to your virtues of discretion and confidentiality. Stop analyzing motives, dreams or hunches, making you think incoherently. Instead focus on the fact that life’s a paradox, everything’s a symbol, and most ideas challenge us into a state of unknowing. You will communicate more clearly soon. For Halloween dress as a question mark.

CAPRICORN: You’re endlessly curious about others and how they interact, why they group together, all things community, new ideas and new books. You need to be with forward-thinking, equanimity-minded people. Where are they? you ask, as you go about seeking companionship and friendship. Call them to you from your heart and Soul. They will come on little cat’s feet. For Halloween the underworld your playground, Pluto’s your man. Be Persephone.

AQUARIUS: Language is your gift, and you use it in various ways. It’s a talent to communicate with the multitudes on different levels. You have talent writing, speaking, negotiating and interacting with authority. Often you have two or more jobs in different areas of life always on the move. You need freedom, challenges and stimulation. You bring a fresh breeze to all situations. For Halloween, be anything from the future. Starlight or cold fusion are good.

PISCES: You’re skilled at seeing into people, the depth of all situations, the causal reality behind appearances. Always curious, you’re always learning. You want to exchange ideas, celebrate different philosophies, share, teach and present different cultures to the world. Your time is almost here of those dreams coming true. For Halloween, be one of the Magi Astrologer Kings bearing gifts.

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