Kali Yuga, When Darkness is Allowed to be Seen

It seems the Kali Yuga was out in full force last week as blackouts progressed in towns throughout northern California. Kali Yuga is a time in which the darkness, usually unseen, is allowed to be seen. The Kali Yuga is a cycle of time. It is the last of four stages (ages or yugas – Sanskrit) the world (earth) goes through. The last, final stage is the Kali Yuga stage; a time when humanity is farthest away from its origins (spiritual world), when humanity has forgotten the spiritual world and the Forces of Darkness (ignorance, evil, suppression, untruths, etc.) seemto prevail.

The other cycles of time (yugas) are Satya, Treta & Dvapara Yugas. “Kali” means strife, discord, quarreling, darkness, contention, and is associated with the demon (not goddess) Kali. The Kali Yuga cycle began when Krishna died (end of the Dvarpa cycle – midnight February 18, 3102 BCE). During the Kali Yuga years human civilization is said to lose its sense of Spirituality (we see this in our world today, as some call it a post Christian world). Humanity falls into spiritual bankruptcy, hedonism, cruelty, greed, materialism, ignorance, unrestricted egotism, criticism, all leading to a breakdown in families, religions and social structures. We are seeing these extremes in our cultures today.

In the Hindu scriptures the Four Yugas are stages of humanity’s separation from its spiritual origins. The Yugas represent a precipitation downward from spirit into matter (Earth). These Four Yugas are symbolized as the bull of morality, ethics & dharma (spiritual purpose). In Satya Yuga (Golden Age – humanity still close to its spiritual origins), the bull has four legs. But in succeeding yugas, morality is reduced by one quarter. By the Age of Kali (present times), the bull has only one leg. In between the Yugas there is great disorder. This is called the Kurukshetra War – transition in from one age/yuga to the next. (continued next week)

ARIES: An interlude (pause) is occurring in your relationships with others. It may feel different and disconcerting. A balancing of priorities and values is taking place, so that you can ponder upon many things and then make a choice as to where you stand in these epic times. You might feel separate from others along with the inability to move forward. These are assessment tools. Two paths appear. You’re asked to choose. Be very attentive.

TAURUS: The work of consciousness (awareness) building continues. For relief, ease, comfort and healing you dedicate yourself to the natural work – the garden. There is great strife in our world and country today, which Taurus does not like. However, its purpose is to accelerate awareness. You are entering deeper into a path of healing, an art you already bring forth. There’s much work to accomplish to “restore the Plan on Earth.” You’re doing (and preparing) your part. Remain cheerful.

GEMINI: You would do well to take up a study of the Purpose of our solar system, reading Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. This is a large and in-depth study only entered into and comprehended through the lens of the Ageless Wisdom. Your mind seeks truth as your heart seeks expanded consciousness. Here is your prayer each day, “I offer my little will to the Great Will.”Then the group of study to which you belong appears.

CANCER: More and more you’re called to “nurture form.” Perhaps this takes place in the garden, where you intuitively work so well already. Perhaps it’s preparing and providing food which nurtures others. Perhaps it’s simply to rest a while in nature and observe (and communicate with) birds in the air (like St. Francis of Assisi). As you combine love with intelligence you create a fertile field for everyone’s gifts to come forth. You are generous and kind.

LEO: Notice the opposing forces in your life these days. First, your thinking process, from lower mind to higher abstract mind thinking. During these days of choice comes a place of no return; we must choose the future path. Something I want to tell you. No one is an island. Sometimes you wish you were. However, Libra says you must make compromises and learn to negotiate – difficult for Leo. However, the most successful kings and queens have mastered these. You can too.

VIRGO: I can tell you’re weighing and choosing options. You’re wondering should you simply drop the ways you’ve been thinking and feeling and start over on another project, one more expansive and inclusive. Look back from where you’ve come. What are your strengths, what have you accomplished? Venus asks, “Are you practicing acts of kindness with all the kingdoms?”Make sure your kindness, charity and gentleness are authentic.

LIBRA: The Libra light shines on you with full potency. And happy Libra birthday. We have just passed the halfway point of the astrological year (Aries/Libra). Libra signifies the scales, the balance, the harvest of all good things. You realize harmony and diplomacy are wise ways of being. Your instinctual nature also knows community and sharing helps us survive the upcoming winter of our discontent. A door of/to forgiveness has opened. Will you pass through?

SCORPIO: You always seek the mysterious. You are the “mystery” of the zodiac. Hardly anyone understands Scorpio. You like it that way. One of the mysteries of Libra is that there are two doors, and one must be chosen. Both doors offer gifts. One leads to a solitary life, filled with tests and trials to see if you’re discipleship material. The other leads to more experiences in form and matter. Saturn and Libra tell us, “When we align with the Will to Good, Right Choice comes.” You know which to choose.

SAGITTARIUS: The life of Sag is filled with multiple influences. The higher (Soul) and lower selves (personality) are always oscillating, seeking rest and relaxation. A certain tension of choice exists. Presently the movement is accelerated, the need to choose becomes a tension, and duality is apparent everywhere. What helps (in balancing) is having a “mission” in life, having a horse to ride, and doing lots of walking in wildernesses. Contemplation results.

CAPRICORN: Somewhere, everywhere there seems to be some sort of conflict. Let’s give it purpose. Through conflict we are able to observe (and express!) inner battles. During this month an interlude (balance and quietude) occurs, so you can consider new choices. Desires turn into aspirations (a Soul quality). Something’s released. Also, when someone acts out, it means they don’t understand how to act differently. Be their transformation and their grace. For health, take NAC and chlorella daily.

AQUARIUS: Here are a few things to do this autumn. Define decisions to be made. Complete projects. Completion. Bless everything daily. Learn to negotiate with finesse. Strengthen all interactions and partnerships through recognition of others’ gifts. Realize what you give, returns ten-fold. Give more. Share what you know to be just. Defend others’ rights. Those with culture, intelligence and education will be attracted to you. You are a leader.

PISCES: At times, working with money can be difficult. Let’s start over here. It’s good and right to be fair with money. Ask for what is yours. Be truthful about the money owed. Truth holds us. Choices will be apparent this month. Decisions can be difficult in Libra. However, this is a most important time and the choices you make determines the rest of your life: where you will live, whom you will work with, the quality of your health, your mantras, prayers and tithes. Choice becomes an Initiation.

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