Everything Changes, Nothing Perishes

Burning Man (art community) 2019 begins this week (August 25 – September 2) in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Participants co-create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to art and intentional community. Burning Man is a man-made (man is Sanskrit for “thinking ones”) city (of art) where everything occurring is created entirely by its citizens. Every year, Burning Man has a theme. 2019’s theme is Metamorphoses (pronounced – meta-more’-fuh-seas), a word that means a major change in form/structure/nature (not death, but change; example – caterpillar, pupa, butterfly). Synonyms – transform, mutate, transmute, transfigure, alter, modify, restyle, reconstruct, reorder, reorganize.

“Metamorphoses”is also a book of verse of mythological tales & legends written by “Ovid (1stcentury Roman poet) concerning “human folly and godly whims and luckless heroes changing into birds, beasts, trees, mountains and stars.” Life being unpredictable, the journey transformative. And so, reflecting these legends, everything at Burning Man is unpredictable. Each day a journey, celebratory, a tapestry of internal and external transformations.

A quote from Burning Man on this year’s merriment – “Alchemists have sought to master the art of metamorphosis through esoteric (occult) means, transmuting base metal to gold (code – personality to the Soul), breathing life into the inanimate (the personality is not a principle), hoping to achieve transcendence over the matter, challenging gods & kings. Burning Man’s 2019 theme, Metamorphoses, explores new forms of alchemy, reliant not on the elusive Philosopher’s Stone but on the limitless powers of the heart.” Quotes on change & transformation. “Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.”― 1st Law of Thermodynamics. “Omnia mutantur, nihil interit” (Everything changes, nothing perishes) ― Ovid.

ARIES: Notice you begin to seek perfection, first at work and then with partnerships and relationships, till finally you find you’re tense and critical about everything and everyone. Be aware of this and try not to fall into this dead-end way of being. Mars (action) is in Virgo and one could enter into criticism or tend toward service. Virgo can at first be critical. But spiritual Virgo is about service to self and to one another. What in your life are you in service to? What are you tending to each day?

TAURUS: You may find your attention directed toward the animal and/or plant kingdoms. Intimate relationships are either doing well or are somewhere far away. Each day you concern yourself with the kingdoms that need your loving care. If it’s gardening, consider your fall and winter garden, a garden of white and gold and figure out what roses to choose when bareroots are available. For the animal kingdom, tend to their health, teeth, fur, fins, or wings. Their devotion serves us as they learn from us how to be human.

GEMINI: Some of us, feeling we have little safety or constancy and experiencing emotional vulnerability, seek security and hope at home. We need home to fulfill deep and needful longings. Is this you, Gem? It’s good therefore to have the home environment cleaned, refurnished with added features of safety and security. Being attentive to all that surrounds us creates a golden light to shine down upon us. Venus smiles at these words.

CANCER: Concerned about finances, you attempt to quickly clear any debts, paying bills as soon as they arrive. Then, worrying less, you concentrate on communications and social interactions which make you less lonely. It’s time to contact siblings, old school mates, friends, family and neighbors. You are always seeking and learning more. You see the times are deeply changing us.

LEO: Finances and resources will take a turn upward. So, find resources that develop & cultivate your creativity and self-esteem. Should lots of money find you, maintain its value by investing in silver and gold. You will want to manage your resources in these unusual times in unexpected ways as the tried and true financial path is quickly crumbling. Remember to tithe to organizations that assist those in need including our beloved animal kingdom.

VIRGO: You may be looking in the mirror wondering how you’re seen by others and consider a change in appearance. You want to be attractive. If brave, you’ll seek to be stylish, hip and just a little auteur. Altering how we look alters how we feel about ourselves. Tend to forgotten tasks put off for rainy days of which there may not be in these dog (god) days of summer. It’s a happy time for you.

LIBRA: There are several messages attempting to get through to you and they affect your future. These messages are possibly coming through dreams. Have at your bedside pen and paper should you wake in the night with remembered dreams or impressions of dreams. A refinement is occurring within, creating greater level of Goodwill which creates Right Relations. Art of all types helps you remember your own creativity. Do you remember yourself as an artist long ago?

SCORPIO: It’s important to maintain diplomacy amidst new and added responsibilities. You’re to be with others, in groups with like-minded people who, like you, have very high objectives. Stand equal with everyone, including superiors. You have an authority that others recognize. Tend to self with disciplined kindness. Be kind and do not control others, as you would not have them control you.

SAGITTARIUS: Perhaps recently you have felt you’re not meeting financial, emotional, psychological or intellectual needs and responsibilities. You have sought freedom and new ways of professional fulfillment. You also want fame and fortune. All our desires and aspirations are embryonic stages of what eventually will actually come forth. Life events are slower at times, fast at other times. You will be developing new gifts in the coming months.

CAPRICORN: Your mind often asks solemn questions about the meaning of life and your life in particular. Continue with your manifestation drawings and writings, sharing them with family and friends. Your daily journal work creates a magnetic field around you. What you hope for and what you need one day unites due to your constant attention. Think on these words – community, gardens, devas, greenhouse, family, travel, beauty and art.

AQUARIUS: Notice if you feel certain levels of crisis. These are small psychological signposts that your emotional life is changing. It’s important to always follow what is right. You can include practicality and disciplines with kindness. Be sure to discuss the many alternatives before making an important decision. Be in charge, be the leader, stand tall. A new reality is emerging. You may be tested as to what path to take.

PISCES: Your need order, beauty and harmony in all surroundings. Order and organization assist us especially when difficult decisions must be made. Orderliness helps all events to proceed easily and smoothly. You are very sensitive to deep psychological situations. Focus first upon your needs. When met you can then assist others. If you always give yourself away, soon you’ll disappear. Don’t. Pisces are needed to save the world.

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