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Astrology is a science of constant change, always new, fresh and illuminating, following specific rhythms, cadences, pulses and patterns. Last Sunday, as Uranus began to retrograde, Jupiter moved forward in its own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is happy in Sagittarius, feeling lucky, limitless, and joyful to be home again. Jupiter, retrograde since April, stationed (still in the sky) direct at 14.30 degrees Sag. On December 2nd, Jupiter will enter Capricorn. Another change for humanity.

Jupiter is a fast-moving planet, remaining in each sign for a year. As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter offers humanity “big” things – abundance and expansion. Jupiter is good to us. However, if we overdo (especially with food or drink – Sag is the hidden gourmet of the zodiac), we enter into the shadow side of Jupiter, lose our way in over-abundance, lost in having a good time.

On the higher levels of awareness, Jupiter makes us contemplative, our heart filled with compassion. We seek higher truths, are dedicated to goals and aspirations that help others.

Joy couples with philosophy, love wisdom. We become bearers of truth. We want to travel, join the world, see new places, cultures and people. Some of us will open a publishing or music company or gallery; write a book, take a long journey, learn archery, find a white horse and ride it somewhere, become teachers, professors, mentors. Some will begin schools, colleges, become professors, enter convents, journey to Jerusalem, Rome, Lourdes or Fatima. And some will begin the slow walking pilgrimage of the “Milky Way”, also called the El Camino.

Aries: Are you considering a journey far away, or perhaps something legal or educational, religious or psychological. You seek the truth of all that matters and need it quickly and comprehensively. Life feels larger, greater, bigger than ever before. There’s freedom and honesty to be found, curiosity and open mindedness to remember. Your inner compass is realigning, your faith is growing. The Spirit of Peace guiding you.

TAURUS: There are mysteries you’re researching, filled with hidden dreams and values. You want to share them with others, but are careful to not be made fun of, ignored or vilified. You must trust others before revealing yourself. There’s a sense that next year you may move, as changes unfolds financially. But you want to make sure you have all the facts before making a life changing decision. You know life is a drama, filled with actors. Everyone playing their part.

GEMINI: Gemini’s other half is Sagittarius. Gemini and Sag are the “brothers/sisters” of the zodiac. When Jupiter moves forward in Sagittarius, as it is doing now, you have the opportunity to expand your world with new spiritual influences. Information that you have been seeking comes forth, causing a re-evaluation of all belief systems. Honesty and will are required. There is love all around you. You re-think what love is.

CANCER: Daily life, routines, order, organization and health are the important spiritual avenues to be tended to. You are often giving to others. People see you as living a life of service. But I want to ask you if you are happy? Does giving offer you joy? You may be living a hidden life with secret fears and ambitions no one knows about. Cancer covers themselves up with a shell of protection. Jupiter asks you, what brings you joy?

LEO: Leo is always about self-discovery, one’s creativity and the ability to see the self in one’s artform. Now with Jupiter in Sag (another fire sign) a deeper sense of self-discovery comes forth. It’s a journey right to the heart of freedom. It’s important to create a Journal of Self & My Creativity – in it list all talents, gifts, abilities, along with desires yet to be fulfilled. Are there children in your life? Children teach Leos how to be playful. The greatest creative act is having faith in your life. Each day an adventure.

VIRGO: What is the situation at home these days? How is your garden, what attention does your home need? Does home offer you a state of security and foundation? How was your childhood and what good things did you learn then? Who were your parents and what did you learn from the? Are there patterns, sadnesses, burdens you want release from? Deep within is a new reality you have been gestating. Soon it will be birthed. And you will be free.

LIBRA: Jupiter and Uranus bring us new revelatory information so that we may begin to question all that we believe and assess those beliefs to see if they bring goodness and Goodwill to our lives. A deep truth about your childhood and upbringing, begins to unfold for you. And honesty and the true nature of things become known. In all communication offer kindness, compassion, and truth. Listen more. Deep listening is a mindful spiritual practice.

SCORPIO: Your new journey is one of deep re-discovery of what you truly value. Out and about in the world of others, we can lose our sense of value, even that we are of value and how much. During the next year, your true sense of worth, what makes for security and self-esteem will subtly emerge. You must look for it to see it. And I must ask how are you handling your money and resources and what is most precious to you in your life?

SAGITTARIUS: The past seven years have been years of growth in self-awareness and wisdom. Now a new phase begins for you. At first you may feel divided on a major choice recently made. However, your life is protected, there are no mistakes, and your next step is the synthesizing of all your gifts and abilities. This will occur through your work and by the new people you meet. Know that all that you need are at your feet.

CAPRICORN: Do you have a dream journal? It would be good to have one, to jot down dreams, visions, intuitions, hopes, wishes and more dreams in the coming months. Dreams are ways the subconscious synthesizes experiences in daily life. Dreams are sometimes visionary – offering answers to questions. At times family members who have died appear in our dreams to tell us they are doing well. Dreams tell us what we’re capable of and sometimes it says,” Let’s do this again…more wisely this time.” Dreams take us underwater where healing happens.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter brings you good things, friends, networks, community and wishes that come true. You are a friend to many, perhaps to an entire town. This brings happiness to your heart. Something you’ve needed, longed for has come to fruition. After many years of a certain important need, a great need was fulfilled. Now you can set your sights on new desires and aspirations. As the days unfold, old ways, and limitations fall away. A whole new life emerges.

PISCES: It’s important to be prepared because Jupiter is affecting your public life, career, profession and work in the world. New opportunities will be sensed, along with a feeling that you must do more, offer more, step forward more. There may be some fear. However, it’s for the best to reconnect with a previous aspiration. You are safe. Pisces is about faith that solutions will come. Cherish all the challenges, dream bigger, and always try your best.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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