Cancer, Sign of the Teacher

The energies of the planets circling the Sun, from Moon to Pluto, have a deep and lasting effect on humanity. The present Pluto/Saturn/South Node configuration in Capricorn is reorienting humanity, from the past to the present and presenting humanity (individually, nationally and globally) with a bare- bones reality. There is a feeling of no comfort. Experiences are harsh, difficult and challenging. This will continue for the next year.

A good mantra to recite during these times of change is “May all hindrances be removed and may I integrate all that is new.” Pluto transforms us. Saturn restructures us. The South Node brings the past to the present. Changes are coming. Using the mantra suggested helps us to prepare for the changes with calmness, equanimity and poise.

Opposite the South Node is the North Node (presently in Cancer), where the new realities come forth. It is our new pathway. Cancer provides us with nurturance and a new birth. Chiron is in Aries. Humanity is newly identifying as Souls. Asking what is our real and true identity? Note in the media the words “identity politics.” The media always reflects inner realities. The US Sun is in Cancer, with a birthday soon (July 4th).

The sign of Cancer is reflective, fluid. Preparing us for self -knowledge in Leo. Cancer is the moon’s house. The month of Cancer is dedicated to Teachers of Wisdom. The Teacher, like the moon, reflects the rays of the Sun. Cancer distributes Rays 3 (Divine Intelligence) & 7 (anchoring the teachings upon the Earth).

The month of Cancer (sign) is thus dedicated to the Teacher (Soul, Guru, God the Father, Christ, the Teachings, etc.). Students are called to rededicate themselves to the teacher (whomever one learns from) or the Wisdom Teachings…because Jupiter (higher expanded learning) is exalted in Cancer. May every student re-orient to his/her teacher afresh this month. And may such reorientation (dedication) be complete by the end month of the exalted light-filled month of Cancer.

ARIES: A revelatory idea, dream or vision, held long in your heart and mind, perhaps years, is emerging more and more into form and matter, about to manifest. The next seven years, which seems a long time but is only a blink in the eye of God/Buddha, will forth what you’ve longed for, hoped would occur, envisioned. It emerges due to your persistence, belief, faith and love. Be sure all of it is shared.

TAURUS: You never lose sight of your vision or of tasks you are to perform. No matter what occurs – surprising events, losses, people, ideas and hopes falling away, you know that “love underlies all happenings of the times.”This love isn’t from a person but from greater realities guiding and directing our lives. You are to focus now only on what’s in front of you. Also, choices (and events) made during this time may reverse. Mercury retro is soon.

GEMINI: Your thoughts, ideas and communications return somewhat though not fully. This last month just about everything mental deserted your ability to understand and be understood. Mercury is retro soon remaining behind the scenes. Misinterpretations slowly may turn around and long-lost friends may call (again). Actions for the next month remain obscure in order that you plan and choose to externalize all actions. Notice you keep a lot to yourself.

CANCER: You think about, ponder upon and consider goals for the coming months. They are bound up with expectations you have about life and your ideals. Up to this point the goals and expectations of the past have served you. However, life has changed so radically that newer and freer points of view are forming. This is also due to influences of friends, colleagues, family, community and nature all around.

LEO: Bringing forth your creativity is most important now. What you create constitutes your real professional life. They are closest to your heart, they define the qualities and gifts that best assist others and Earth’s kingdoms, and if you continue, your creativity (and you) will improve more and more. What studies have you put off that you know must be initiated soon? Greater mastery is yours should you pursue them.

VIRGO: You are thinking deeply so you can have better perspective. Mortality (the idea of death, what death means, the reality of life after death) is something you will think about in the coming months. This is a healthy response to the changes occurring on our planet at this time. There is an underground river of communication occurring between you and others. It’s not verbal or externalized. Fill that river with love.

LIBRA: This is a special time of communication for you wherein you can begin to explain to intimates (family, friends, etc.) choices you have made and what has concerned you deeply. Do not go into anything new without consulting loved ones. It’s best to have another’s input providing perspective. This helps you clarify, choose, and accomplish more than you would alone. Discuss everything. You need love and care. This comes from open communication.

SCORPIO: Most of us think we have free will. We do, to an extent. We can choose what we do each day, somewhat. We can choose how we behave, sometimes. We can think about who we want to live with and where we live, sometimes. But really there’s a greater reality over lighting us. It’s best to be more fluid, to know we have very little free choice, and to discover what that greater reality is that hovers, surrounds and penetrates our little lives. Make its acquaintance.

SAGITTARIUS: Great opportunities seem to appear in your life in their own time and place. Be aware of this. However, don’t expect anything specific. That’s a paradox, but it’s true and real and practical. Listen to all communications, from yourself and others, assessing carefully. Messages could wound, uplift, destroy, deny or be a refuge (sangha). This latter is greatly needed by everyone at this time. Which will (can) you choose? Which do you need?

CAPRICORN: In your daily (successful, ambitious) life, you might find yourself in two places at once. Your mind is here and your body over there somewhere. This is the Gemini experience in the daily life of everyone. You will attempt to bring a synthesis to this duality. Amidst the constant changing events, amidst the vicissitudes and instability of our present times, you will find poise, balance and harmony. This is the Soul. Call upon it each moment.

AQUARIUS: It’s best to be among the young and playful, the innocent and childlike, the romantic and creative. Then you will become all of these, too, and discover new outlets of art and creativity and interests. You’ll see things in a newer, more golden light and your imagination will flow outward making your entire life a place of happiness and joy. Often you’re toiling among domestic and home needs. At this time, just be the artist and futurist you’re called to be.

PISCES: Know that everyone and everything in your environments supports you. Show that you trust them and give them gratitude for being in your life at this very moment and all the moments to come. Something’s coming to an end. A new life will be built from the ashes of the old – a new community that creates the foundation for newer and greater achievements. Bid the old farewell. It served its purposes well. Now you have new promises to keep.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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