A Change of Seasons — Spring into Summer

We change seasons this week. Spring flows into summer Friday at 8:54 am (west coast time) as the Sun slips into Cancer and summer begins in the northern hemisphere. Summer Solstice is the longest day of light of the year. Summer’s first day is the most important day of the year in Egypt. As the star Sirius is seen in the sky, the Nile begins to rise. The waters of the Nile are Isis’s tears, as she searches for her husband, Osiris (Belt of Orion, pointing to Sirius).

Summer is a time of rebirth & resurrection – divine fertility restored to the Earth. At summer solstice we come ‘into the full Light of the Day” before the dark half of the year begins. When summer begins the waxing light-half of the year ends and the dark-half of the year begins (the Sun begins to decrease in light after three days). Esotericists (the NGWS) begin preparing for winter solstice and the birth of the Holy Child (new light). This year’s Winter Solstice is the Festival of the New Group of World Servers, a festival that only occurs every seven years.

At summer solstice, the Sun is at its most northern point, resting at the Tropic of Cancer before beginning its journey southward, resting at the Tropic of Capricorn at Christmas. Midsummer is almost here (the 24th), nativity of St. John the Baptist, a midsummer feast day festival (a Masonic Rite). Uriel, the golden teaching angel assumes guidance, direction and direction of the Earth for the summer.

As summer begins, Neptune s retrogrades (till November’s end). “The fish goddess introduces the waters of life into the ocean of substance, bringing light to the world. Thus does Neptune work.”

ARIES: What is revolution to you? This question will be around for the next seven years hoping you will, with focused mind (Mercury) and deep aspiration (Mars), initiate (lead) several levels of the new era attempting to come forth. It can only emerge from humanity itself and since you’re always the first, the foremost, the leader, it’s your work assignment, mission, charge, undertaking and spiritual task to do. Uranus is your helper.

TAURUS: You are the world. That’s a reality to many around you. It’s through you that others change how they see the world, no longer separate from the earth, but part of it. This, you say, is how we will save the world. You will teach that the past is no longer with us. That the future is something we create together. You will build bridges from then to now; to up and over there. Uranus in Taurus is your helper now. And Venus, the morning star.

GEMINI: Mercury’s in the evening sky now, showering your nights with reflection, analysis and new information. What are you thinking and dreaming? Mercury’s the reason you’ve been concerned with your health and well-being and what resources are available to care for yourself and others. There’s a tremendous push to solve a health issue. Allow new spiritual direction to come forth expanding your ability to move forward. You know what is needed. Pray for strength and willingness.

CANCER: It’s your birthday month. Happy Birthday. I hope you have cupcakes with lots of frosting, baskets that hold treasures to be kept forever, passing them down through generations. Your life these days, and just for a time, seems to be a dream. Stay in the dream a while, allowing it to soothe, care for, nurture and protect you. In the meantime, there’s discipline needed at home. What is it? Make a dream catcher.

LEO: How can you serve humanity and simultaneously honor the kingdoms that, daily, serve and uphold you? You are kind and loving. Your heart is open to everyone. But there’s one kingdom in particular that calls to you. Is it the mineral, the plant, the animal or the human kingdom? Find a place of retreat where you can concentrate, focus on and communicate directly with this kingdom. Your future work, and the life of that kingdom, depend upon this.

VIRGO: Things to do. Find Mercury and Jupiter in the evening sky. Find Venus in the morning sky. Plan a voyage. Seek an academy of higher learning in arts and sciences. Study compassionate communication. Hang silver bells in trees, crystals in windows. Make a Peace pole. You are on a quest for higher wisdom, higher understanding. Nothing but a great adventure will soothe your restless heart. Set it a-sail for places unknown.

LIBRA: New responsibilities may come up at work, new stages of leadership. Be aware that others are watching you in order to learn. Be kind, mentor, nurture, mentor and teach them. Let them know they are important. You’re in the position to mother, nourish and be the Light of their world, the Light of all those around you. Take this responsibility seriously. It’s a spiritual task only you can do at this time.

SCORPIO: A depth of feeling, more than usual, arises within you when pondering upon relationships, sex, intimacy and resources. It’s most important to decipher the truth about these things, articulating as best you can. Be sure to include your hopes, wishes and dreams. Then you create in those listening, an idea which becomes an ideal within them. Something they were seeking and only you knew about.

SAGITTARIUS: You have many skills. However, at times, your mind wanders with questions such as, “when is my next adventure, my next job, my next meal, my next love affair, appreciation day?”These questions (among others) keep you from realizing the many gifts you actually have developed (over lifetimes), have access to and display. And so, it’s time again for a bit of gratitude, a time out, so to speak, so you can feel more grateful in your life. What are you grateful for? Say it aloud.

CAPRICORN: What’s occurring that makes you think you’re not being heard or listened to? Do you feel your stated needs aren’t recognized and this is wounding? Do you feel something at home is about to change? When it seems no one’s listening, we must pay attention to ourselves, write a book (journal) and supply ourselves with what we need. Neptune’s refining you, Chiron’s healing you, and Uranus is radically altering you. Nothing will stop this.

AQUARIUS: You feel the need to solidify your ideas, thoughts, impressions and philosophy. You want concrete solutions to longstanding questions. You want to be spontaneously creative, yet within defined boundaries and structures. You seek freedom of movement, while always having a place to come home to. Recent journeys are defining future needs. The answers aren’t all in yet, but your heart’s desires are becoming well known. Your life proceeds from there.

PISCES: It is interesting about Pisces. Often, they’re seen as behind the scenes, lacking strength, practicality and action. However, they have a different way about them. Pisces has courage based upon their gift of compassion. Their compassion creates insight. And insight is skillful. Pisces have finely honed sudden insight. And hold within themselves the power to change from inside, out. This change is occurring to you, Pisces. A bit more patience is needed now.

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