June Full Moon, Gemini Festival of Humanity & World Invocation Day

Sunday is Father’s Day. We recognize, praise and celebrate all fathers, including mothers fulfilling the role of fathers. Fathers are the masculine presence and principle in our world, radiating strength, discipline, structure and the rule of law that all kingdoms need. We are grateful for all fathers in all the kingdoms.

Monday is the June Full Moon, the Gemini solar Festival of Humanity. It is the Festival celebrating Humanity and is also called World Invocation Day. During this festival and all during Gemini, the Forces of Reconstruction stream into the Earth, restoring humanity values, virtues, morals and ethics. The Gemini festival is celebrated for three days – each day a different keynote. Day 1 is Love (not sentimental, emotional or personal) that understands, acts with strength and decision and works for all of humanity. Day 2 is Resurrection, so that we may have “life more abundant”. Day 3 is Contact. The statement “contact releases love” signifies the 3rdday.

Keynotesignifies a “sound” (as in mantrams) permeating the festival. The Sound of the Great Invocation (Mantram of Humanity) is recited each of the three days by the Christ (World Teacher), the Hierarchy and humanity. It invokes light, love and the will to good (one on each day) for humanity.

The Hierarchy (inner spiritual world government working directly with the Forces of Light) invites all of us to participate in this festival using our creative imagination while reciting the Great Invocation. Gradually, in all centers and lands, this ceremony will be externalized. We are all asked to “do our part,” not as onlookers or visitors but as disciples and pilgrims. One more thing – we are to guard against overstimulation during this festival, be wise with our energy on behalf of humanity. Here is a video explaining the June Gemini Festival of Humanity & World Invocation Day. https://www.lucistrust.org/productions/videos/view/the_festival_of_humanity

ARIES: Have your desires and aspirations for further creative work increased? Are you searching for how to better enjoy yourself? Is your self-expression becoming more creative, passionate and entertaining? Is this how you’re to be in the world now? Careful. Others may compete with your brilliance and brightness. Just let them win. You know you will always be the first in all that you do. Keep initiating, keep creating and keep playing.

TAURUS: Your constant work focus reflects deep morals, ethics and values. You attempt to resolve financial problems and make a secure future for everyone. You remind everyone “it’s the food and water we must safeguard.”. And that is right. You know we must tend to the lives of many generations to come, beginning now. Of all the signs you are the most composed, stable, constant and prepared. Rest more. Be aware that you’re communicating dual realities. Some hear. Some aren’t ready yet.

GEMINI: The Gemini Sun is illuminating you from within. A golden light emanates from your eyes and heart. Carries itself out into the world in the words you speak. The potential for radiating love/wisdom rests in your heart. During this time allow it to emerge. Many are puzzled when around you. How are you different, they wonder? Your personality light is dimming as your Soul light shines forth. You are the twins. Study, draw and gaze at Castor & Pollux.

CANCER: Working with your finances and resources becomes exciting when you decide to use all that you have to create a future that is sustainable and ecological for you and family. It then becomes a template for others. Many will look to you for information when more future changes begin. Ideas fill your mind as you work with others, maintaining right resources and most of all saving seeds. Everyone has specific gifts. Nurture yours.

LEO: You must be busy with this and that, here and there and even some over there somewhere. It’s good to project yourself everywhere, participate in various activities so others can recognize and appreciate you. This helps develop a newer self-identity and it’s also good if you facilitate meetings, group discussions, and community matters. You always have leadership qualities but now they are truly seen and your ideas applied. Through it all you remain humble.

VIRGO: While life is moving slowly forward alongside your past and future, your mind is constantly figuring out what goals, plans and achievements you want to accomplish in the coming months. You are busy working behind the scenes doing research perhaps or tending the ill and weary or reading books on religion or perhaps you are seeking respite and seclusion in a water garden. Plant love in a mist (the seeds are edible), borage again (for tea) and spearmint for teas.

LIBRA: The Sun is beginning to highlight your house of travel and so often you are out of town, somewhere far away. I hope wherever you are there is art and culture, warm waters to bathe in, beauty to see and towns in the shape of roses. Hopefully you have access to a spa because you need care and tending and time away from work because you push yourself beyond limits. Prepare yourself to have what you want and need. This requires a focus on self-definition.

SCORPIO: You will be called to assume more responsibilities with your work and in the world. This will include a new type of recognition of your gifts and abilities. There is a kindness to what will occur between the world and you. It’s a culmination of your ambitions and achievements. As more work is required of you in the public, step forward with confidence and grace. These above all will be recognized by others. Grace and equanimity and Right Speech are the gifts you offer.

SAGITTARIUS: Work has been very busy with you being very disciplined. It called for all your creative abilities and endeavors. Now you begin to tend to resources, money and how you’ve used them in the past. This will be very revealing. Are you thinking of faraway places, people, things, events? Is there a longing for something from the past that held you in loving care? What new adventures, combining past, present and future lie ahead? You’ll assess and then decide the best journey ahead. Remember you’re not a visitor. You are a pilgrim.

CAPRICORN: You are aware of the passage of time and thus have the intention to be closer and kinder to family and friends and everyone you meet along the Way. Many benefits emerge from this. Always with contact, more and more love is released. This is nourishing for you and you need nourishment now, not just from foods but from the love around you. When we give love, it is always returned. Not perhaps as we expect. But as we need. The garden loves you. Do you have a fig tree?

AQUARIUS: The Sun is illuminating your house of fun, pleasure, love affairs, children and creativity. If an artist, you should be in your studio creating inspired works. You are creative in all that you do. Bringing ideas from the future, placing them in present time. It’s important to balance both creativity and pleasures. Be discerning, too. Do not allow anyone to take advantage of you. Many seek your attention, needing you to love them, especially children and the animal kingdom. It’s a very good time for you. You will use this time well.

PISCES: You’re finding yourself back in time, doing things and interacting with people from the past. You are fulfilling certain tasks, dharmic in nature. While performing daily work, maintain a calm interior, practice mantrams (Ohm Mani Padme Hum). Know you must continue till “the work that is yours to do”is complete. It has taken years to come to this place. Your personality at times resists. But your Soul brought you to where you are now. It’s a good place to be.

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