Spring Equinox, Aries Festival, Flowers Scattered About

Multiple festivals occur simultaneously this coming week. Spring Equinox, International Astrology Day and the Aries solar festival (at the full moon) are Wednesday, March 20th. Persian New Year, Holi (Indian spring festival) & Purim (Jewish Festival) are Thursday, March 21th.

Spring equinox (Sun at the equator, zero degrees Aries) begins the new spiritual and solar year. In Aries, “all things new” begin. New life emerges in our Northern Hemisphere. Aries is the “fire of the mind,” bringing forth new ideas that become new ideals within humanity. Aries is “electric fire,” the fire in lightning storms usually experienced in Spring.

During Spring equinox the Solar Angel streams into the Earth a fresh impulse (the Plan for the coming year). And at the Full moon during Aries, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth (the Mother). These forces offer humanity a new “livingness” by restoring our moral, ethical and psychological health. Their “presence” supports the new Aquarian culture & civilization and the new Spiritual Materialism (Sharing Society) to emerge. They offer a new hope and vision for the new world to unfold.

Archangel Raphael (the Christian name for Mercury or Hermes), the Healing Angel, begins to preside over the Earth at the equinox, bringing healing and protection. He carries the Caduceus, staff of Mercury. It is written that each evening, Raphael gathers up all of humanity’s requests for healing, carrying them to heaven where he presents them before the throne of God. Here they are transformed into fragrant blossoms, which are then borne down to Earth by Raphael’s (Mercury’s) serving Angels. The flowers, scattered about where there is pain and sorrow, bring solace, care, beauty & comfort to those in need.

ARIES: You feel “in alignment” this month as fiery ideas, revelations and many new ideals are impressed upon your mind. Pay attention to them. They are important and will stabilize your actions and self-identity in the coming challenging times. View and interact in groups with discernment and discrimination. Stand tall and with courage and remember that fear only means you need more information. Research.

TAURUS: You are ceaselessly serving others every day of your life. You work behind the scenes, which allows you to ponder, think, research, read and study undisturbed. Sometimes you’re far away from home tending to life and death situations or medical emergencies. You must turn toward yourself now and begin to heal, using different healing modalities – enough protein, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and a special purifying healing diet.

GEMINI: How has the Mercury retrograde affected you? No matter what your present situation is, know that you’re being prepared for future work. For now, you’re to dispel the illusions that you are not strong or capable. Dispel the illusion that keeps you hiding away. During the retrograde reflect upon the nurturing quality offered from loved ones and friends. Be grateful every moment of the day and night. Listen to Gregorian chants.

CANCER: Opportunities are being offered within groups and people you affiliate with. Perhaps a recognition or call to leadership or a future wish and hope will be fulfilled. New people from far away enter your inner circle through community interaction. In these interactions, maintain discrimination, ethics and ideals. You’re called to help someone in the garden. You know more than most. Share what you do know with kindness.

LEO: Work continues to be a place where revelations and changes occur and these expand your influence. You develop new ways of relating to everyone professionally creating a potent leadership ability. Your power is greater than you recognize and more than most comprehend. Careful with the authority you have become. Intentionally balance discipline, structure and will with kindness. Let love rule.

VIRGO: Things religious, spiritual, adventuresome along with places far away play upon your mind. You create intentions to be better organized; you prefer plans and agendas if they have travel and philosophy included. It’s important to know how to handle other people’s resources. You seek to learn what is of value about and within each person first. Then you learn how to honor them.

LIBRA: Your heart is filled with love for another (new, present or past relationship). Love changes and balances your past. You think about money in terms of legacies, inheritances, stocks, investments, taxes or savings. Bring all thoughts, fears, interests and information into the light for discussion. Tend to debts and become very thrifty. And consider what would sustain you (food, people, items, etc.) if the world changes in the blink of an eye.

SCORPIO: As you remain with your present work situation, consider creating new methods of well-being through communication and trainings, creating a caring work environment for everyone. For yourself tend to your physical health, eliminating all sugars, dairy and gluten (during Lent). Make sure to care for your financial health as well. In the meantime, remember to have fun, play a lot and seek the artistic and the beautiful. Then creativity expands exponentially.

SAGITTARIUS: In your daily life, be willing to listen carefully to others; be curious about, agree with and participate in their thoughts and ideas. This creates a loving emotional connection and balance in your life. Should you do this you will be seen as one who is wise, intelligent and caring – a new persona. Begin to intentionally cooperate, share and offer praise. These create Right Relations within, Right Relations without.

CAPRICORN: The energy of Aries influences your home and family, how you nurture and are given nurturance. Your constant care and nourishment given to family and tradition leads to a depth of unexpected love, for you are, to family, the “love that underlies all things”. Sometimes our families are far away. If this is the situation radiate Goodwill from your heart to those both near and far. Then people, walking into your radiant light, feel you are their family.

AQUARIUS: Watch with care all resources, finances, money. Be very aware of what your values are. Maintain communication with family and siblings. Are you moving about a lot, does your present environment need improvement in order for you to feel safe and secure? Communicate to everyone what your needs are. A new opportunity reveals itself in terms of recognition of your talents and your work in the world.

PISCES: Neptune, Mercury retrograde and Vesta are in Pisces. At times you feel captive and betrayed. Choices must be made. A home found. Neptune is dropping the veils between kingdoms. Mercury retrograde helps you remember things from the past. You ask forgiveness. Vesta has you making small sacrifices and tending the hearth. You miss so many things which are dissolving away. Find your place in the garden. Remain there. Especially at dawn and dusk. The devas join you then.

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