Kali Yuga, When the Darkness is Allowed to be Seen

Here we are in a Mercury retrograde, under Pisces (two fish hiding behind ferns)…and at the beginning Lent (40 days & nights of purifying our elementals). Pisces is the sign of the World Savior, the sign that “saves the world.”Our world at this time is in the heart of the Kali Yuga which is a time of darkness. It is a darkness, out and about, and allowed to be seen by humanity. The Kali Yuga is a time when truth is obscured and humanity becomes confused. This darkness is allowed so humanity can begin to discern light from dark, truth from untruth, moral from the immoral, and goodness from evil. The darkness is thus purposeful for humanity’s upward evolution. Pisces is esoterically known as the “Light of the World.” The Pisces light “ends forever the darkness (ignorance, cruelty, hopelessness, evil, etc.)”.

Pisces is known for its Saviors, for sacrifice, and sense of dying to the world. Saviors appear periodically on Earth, dying to their state of Paradise, sacrificing themselves to help in the struggles of humanity. They are Bodhisattvas, promising to remain on earth until all have awakened. Their words, the keynote of Pisces, “I leave the Father’s House (heaven), I return to Earth, in order to serve (in Aquarius) & save humanity (in Pisces).” Christ (Archangel from Sirius, overshadowing Jesus of Galilee) was our last and present (Pisces/Aquarius) Savior and World Teacher. This is His season, the season of Lent. We stand with Him in the desert for forty days and nights. Lent is a time of preparing our elementals (the stuff our bodies are made of) for a new year, a new season (Spring Equinox), when the Sun enters Aries. And this year, it is also the Aries solar festival, when the Forces of Restoration stream into the Earth. Lent prepares us for the Resurrection festival, which we call Easter (April 21st).

ARIES: Much of you has, should or will go into state of solitude and retreat for a while. This is food for you. For your Soul ruler, Mercury, is now retrograde and it’s calling you to a place of intelligent contemplation so you can reflect upon the past year and make plans in the quietest part of yourself for the future (when Sun enters Aries, the new spiritual year). This is a gift of time and preparation. Attend church or synagogue or a yoga or meditation retreat.

TAURUS: You find yourself constantly amidst groups that need your ideas, practical direction, determined focus and your quiet, efficient and illuminating mind. Behind all your research, knowledge and teachings is the reality that it’s time to salvage the world and that much sacrifice must come forth from all of us to restore the Plan on Earth. When you lead, everyone follows.

GEMINI: What do you think and feel is your gift as a Gemini and in the repair and reconstruction of the world? What do you want to be recognized for in this lifetime? What gifts of self will you offer to the New Group of World Servers whose task is to impress humanity with new ideals that will create the new culture and civilization? These and other ideas new and revelatory will occur in the Mercury retrograde.

CANCER: An interesting situation is occurring. You now have the freedom to choose many paths. You can also choose to remain immovable and static. Your life becomes charged with possibilities and potentials. You will perceive complex information along with multiple levels of reality. You have entered the same brilliance Einstein saw and lived within. Ideas coming forth from the Mind of God to your mind.

LEO: You might find that religious themes begin to form an important part of your life. All of a sudden altruism becomes your keynote and people begin to perceive you as philosophical, idealistic and visionary. You will have inspired insights that assist both the self and others. You imagine other lands, distant worlds. It’s good to build a boat, eat fish, swim in warm waters, talk with the devas.

VIRGO: At times you find yourself functioning in other worlds. Compassion, empathy, kind-heartedness and intuition unfold daily. Do not be concerned with not having adequate resources and try not to feel deprivation. There is no deprivation. There is only goodness, everywhere. God is always good. Some obligations and responsibilities call. Serve like a Bodhisattva.

LIBRA: Perhaps you find yourself striving to harmonize past and present with significant others—friends, therapists, business colleagues, family and lover(s). Harmonizing all aspects of your life allows you to become more whole. It’s painful, the razor’s edge, honing our rough edges (karma). This is the design embedded within all relationships. What is your story? Who do you love? What do you fear? What soothes you?

SCORPIO: As written previously this is a time set aside to care for your health. Know that you are the best there is always. Do you have a dream? A vision? Do not become disillusioned. This affects your health, which, with focus and care, you must rebuild time and again. Do not overwork or allow excessive worry. You never fail. There is no failure. Only experience, understanding and learning.

SAGITTARIUS: There are times you may struggle with disappointment concerning perhaps relationships and professional endeavors. However, in the midst of this you will find a deep strain of inner joy, creativity and then, recognition in the world. At times you’ll feel great powers still to be expressed and long to do something significant. You realize you’re talented and very lucky. And that sacrifice plays a large part. You need a bit of peace and seclusion.

CAPRICORN: You find you’re more curious than usual about the words you and others speak. You look beneath the surface of language to understand the complete picture. If one listens to communications through the question “What needs are being expressed here?”, the hidden psychological messages become clear. Keep writing, creating and doing mental/imaginative work. Confide in those who listen.

AQUARIUS: You can be very generous. However, you can also be dreamy and/or imaginative about your money. You have a sense of timing and intuition concerning when things should be done, with whom, when and where. These abilities will be more easily seen in the coming months. You can tap into unusual resources. There is always the supply you need. Share it generously.

PISCES: You’re not an everyday sort of person. You don’t have the energy of Aries, steadfastness of Taurus, business acumen of Capricorn or the relating skills of Libra. You’re in touch with other levels with different values based on spiritual motivations. Know that in the darkest of times, you still have the ability to have gratitude. Deep within is a state of hidden joy. You need music and art and to plant many and various edible fruit, nut and berry trees.

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