February Festivals and Chinese New Year

St. Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, Groundhog Day, Imbolc, Aquarius new moon – these are the beginning of February’s festivals, all of them having to do with light – uplifting humanity from the darkness of winter to the new light of Spring. These are midwinter festivals and rituals. Rituals build the Rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. Rituals balance us. Monday is the new moon festival, 16 degrees Aquarius. At new moon times, we support and uphold all the unified endeavors (10 Seed Groups serving humanity) of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS).

Tuesday, is Chinese Lunar New Year of the Yin Earth Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 [note there is no 1960s]), a scrupulous sort of character and the 12th(final) of the zodiac animals. Pig is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Pig enjoys himself, while also being very practical and realistic. They work hard and seek security, are energetic and very enthusiastic and often in positions of power. Earth Pig is friends with everyone. They are happy, fortunate, not very romantic, gentle, focused, trusting and optimistic. Though very knowledgeable, they don’t talk much. Their homes are orderly and organized. Pig loves healthy and harmonious living. Children bring them great joy. So do those born in tiger, rabbit and goat years. Chinese Earth elements years are like a pause in the seasons.

This Earth Yin Year of the Pig is an ending year, completing a 12-year a cycle. It’s good this year to be yielding, soft and receptive. To have fun and be playful, replenishing one’s energy. It is also a time to complete things, finish projects. Look around, gather what is not needed and give it away. Next year a new cycle begins.

ARIES: Are you dreaming more, feeling more intuitive, sensitive, perhaps hurting and remembering more? Are you Inspired and insightful? Prayer, meditation, study, retreats are good for you at this time, allowing more gentleness to emerge, providing you with compassionate care. These help you integrate when placed within an Aquarian group, when asked to be the leader and invited to visit the future. The world is reflected within you.

TAURUS: You have one important task – to focus on health, tend to your bones, take more calcium and magnesium, not let yourself get cold. You must use your pragmatism to care for yourself with greater concern. As your life becomes more demanding you will also have to discern and choose what’s best – to be out and about, leading everyone into the future, or remaining at home nurturing your physical body back to perfect health. Use homeopathic tinctures.

GEMINI: Something beneficent, benevolent and bountiful happens between you and the world, you and your inner life and those around you. If you allow it, your Soul inspires, encourages and guides you from within. With careful study, years of preparation, and viewing the past in terms of your great and wonderful gifts, pathways open, choices and commitments are made, and abundance settles into your heart. Important times for you.

CANCER: A new and different level of life has been given to you and it’s quite fascinating. It makes you feel generous and for the first time in a long time, you feel gratitude to be alive. There’s a new exploration into a time or a reality that was unknown to you. Now it’s presenting itself and you in turn want to participate fully. This changes your inner life. You are happy. You share revelations & understandings with others.

LEO: Observe yourself becoming more kind, perceptive and wise, more intuitive and enlightened in terms of others, especially those you work with and care for. Someone or something or some words will assist you in a shift into greater and deeper awareness of spiritual realities. This comes through intimacy, money, resources, art and/or dreams. Love is good. Bring it into the light. The animal kingdom calls.

VIRGO: You will relate better and better with others, especially those close to you if you allow your creativity to come forth. You will then bloom and flourish, increase, thrive and prosper. Then you will find yourself a greater support to others, giving true and clear guidance where needed. Challenge nothing and no one. Offer compassionate understanding instead. It nourishes your heart.

LIBRA: Think about what you want to be doing daily…what job, career, occupation, work, artistry and vocation your life truly needs to pursue. If you don’t know, ask yourself and then the information subtly appears. Share with everyone your hopes, dreams and wishes. In the coming year your health greatly improves, you become stronger and more resilient. For vitality, have a salad with each meal. And for companionship, have a bird, a cat or a fish for a pet.

SCORPIO: Don’t go down the road of regular investments thinking you’re lucky and the economy will improve soon. Don’t take risks with your money and resources. Instead begin serious preparation for a new economy to unfold looking much different than what we’re used to. Don’t speculate. Instead study books on greenhouses and bio shelters, gold and silver, and use your resources to create new era environments that sustain you. Scorpio knows these things. Follow them.

SAGITTARIUS: So many different ideas flow through your mind. Perhaps you’re thinking of moving again. Perhaps it’s to return home. It’s always good to live near a body of water. There is a benevolence occurring in your home and family life. Interest in genealogy, family tree, relatives and loved ones, the place of early nurturance. These nourish you till the next phase of personal development appears. Things are happening quickly. Take heart. You’re at the center.

CAPRICORN: Notice in the next months your thinking becomes deep, serious and practical. Questions occur about previous lives regarding the behaviors of others. You shift from vague criticism and unknowingness, to intentions for Goodwill which brings grace and goodness to all interactions. You realize you are always doing your best. And others are too. You help others who’ve lost their way. Begin writing what you do each day. What you have accomplished. You have many important things to say.

AQUARIUS: This coming year you will seek to have abundant money and resources for the important things in your life. That means being more attentive to the well-being of your finances. Use resources to help others. Pay off all debts, including credit cards. There is something you really want and need. Write it down daily. Talk to the angels and devas around you. Tell them of your needs. Ask them to help you. That’s their job to do. Have faith that what you need will appear in right timing.

PISCES: They say that good fortune, sunshine, blessings, grace and beauty will follow you this year. And that self-confidence and a new sense of self-identity will flourish. These are all good things. In the meantime, maintain and fulfill all responsibilities and obligations, tithe generously and consistently, and be careful with diet. Eat lightly, drink celery juice, raw beets with lemon, and make tea with lemon grass and nettles. This is Pisces preparing for Springtime.

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