The New Year — Signs in the Heavens

We begin the new year with Mars entering Aries (new realities, new endeavors), two eclipses (the old ways disappear), a new moon, and Uranus (disruption, surprises, new rhythms) turning direct headed towards Taurus (March) which means the economic reorientation will then move into full swing. The new year will definitely bring forth unusual changes, surprises, shifting weather patterns and the reset of the world economy.

In the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig which means an abundant year, even amidst change. The planetary influences this year, especially Uranus in Taurus (economic revolution, a changing economic landscape) will create great shifts in our awareness allowing for a greater perspective, adjustments and a wider world view. An exponential curve of new realities will unfold.

Many of us will choose a different perspective and direction. Decoding reality differently. We may surprise ourselves. Wednesday, (Jan 2) Sun joins Saturn. Illuminating the Rule of Law oversees our new near. Rule of Law, discipline, structure, bringing back the standards (gold – Sun) on which to base our money. Gold – confidence builder. Not in Fort Knox anymore. Somewhere else safe. As the economic situation changes. Looking towards a new prosperity, pivoting the US into a new state of prosperity.

Saturday (Jan. 5) is a Total Solar Eclipse, new moon in Capricorn. Saturn’s discipline and Pluto’s transformation joins the new moon which brings us the new realities of Checks and Balances (no more manipulated debt, humanity will say). Uranus in Aries (all things new), ends its retrograde Sunday (Jan. 6), and moves forward to re-enter Taurus in March. The system of brainwashing is over, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto tell us, creating a tension and the 1st Initiation for humanity. A whole new world lies ahead. Restoring the Law of Heaven on Earth. (Continuing our Journey with the Three Kings & signs Scorpio to Pisces, see my FB page or Daily Studies on my website – HYPERLINK “”

ARIES: Last year was a year of responsibilities, challenges, testing. And this year continues those lessons, but with interesting new dreams coming true. You rush into the new year with your usual impatience, intrigued with what’s to come. You realize your life is a Divine Plan that ultimately wants you to be happy and carefree. Education plays a big role in 2019. Your mind expands beyond all limits. Work is good and you initiate innovative changes. Spirit catches you. You don’t fall down.

TAURUS: A balancing occurs. Ceres comes along offering the nurturing, food, herbs, rest, quiet and care you need. An integration happens at home which has been a long time coming. Uranus settles into for good into your sign. Expect brilliant flashes of insight, radical changes in identity, novel ideas. Tend very carefully to health. Have your well-being be a priority and goal all year long. Rest more.

GEMINI: You have needed a sense of harmony, inner and outer balance and a feeling of care and contentment. The new year offers these in great quantities through personal and intimate relationships. A strong bond grows between you and another. Do not allow anxiety or uncertainty to hinder feelings of closeness. Life may become fast, unusual and changing. Remain poised, remember the sign of the disciple is adaptability. You can do this. You already have.

CANCER: Your true self has often been hidden by the shell you hide under which has offered great protection for your tender self. However, the new year will ask that you express yourself with more candor and creativity. You may encounter new and unusual people and their presence gives you the courage to be different. It will be a significant step for you, one you’ve longed for throughout the years. As things unexpected occur, you remain calm, cool and composed.

LEO: This coming year will be disruptive, bringing unexpected changes to all Leos. Life and all plans, routines and agendas shift. So many years you have been under circumstances that held you back. This year, there will be a release from any hindrances and you will find freedom in acting more spontaneously, often on a whim. Some may think you odd. But really, you’re exercising your royal freedom. One caution. Always act with kindness. Or you lose your golden luster.

VIRGO: Perhaps you have been considering making certain life changes. But it hasn’t felt quite like the right time. Well that time is now here. You will have the opportunity to express another side of yourself, one that is sparkling, lively, vivacious and full of life. Your home life will significantly improve as you express a loving heart. All that you choose to do will be effective, refreshing and valuable to self and others. You bring people together.

LIBRA: Health, wealth, honor, riches, good times with friends and family, ending of conflicts through understanding, dreams coming true through patience and hard work. This already sounds like your life, doesn’t it? These will continue with more emphasis. Care for yourself, then your resources, learning to value whatever the past offered you. Let love be the heart of all communications.

SCORPIO: The new year offers such unpredictableness for you, so many changes that all you can do, what you would do well to do, is stand in the midst of the whirlwind, poised and anchored, allowing stability and security to be your priority. These may feel elusive, but call them forth to soothe any disruptive energies. Be open minded, adaptable, allowing nothing to disrupt your sense of peace. This will be a test for you. But you’re used to tests, Scorpio. Call forth your self-control. It saves you.

SAGITTARIUS: We can at times feel lost in the darkness, in this Kali Yuga time. However, we have the ability to transform the darkness into light, weaving into our lives a sense of holiness and connectivity with the sky and earth, sun and rain, and with the people we encounter each day. Sagittarius is the sign of Silence. When we remain in silence, we hear a still small voice inside returning us to what is essential and to the moment when the light returns. We are each a solstice and an equinox.

CAPRICORN: Some new movement, possible changes, will occur at home. You will make very important changes in the new year. With Saturn and Pluto in your sign, life feel serious and transformative. Saturn brings good things, slowing things down for you to enjoy life more. Saturn also brings maturity and the ability to have pride in yourself. You savor life and all that life has given you. Share your dreams and aspirations and imagine yourself fabulous!

AQUARIUS: Serenity is the keynote to your coming new year. Happiness, confidence and times of joy bring tranquility to your life. The home situation remains moveable, changeable, shifting here and there. This keeps you flexible for the unusual times to come. Stability will come forth for you in time. Meanwhile, think of the new year as a fresh planetary breeze opening you up to new opportunities, new attractions and unusual experiences. Love, maybe, too.

PISCES: New learning and new levels of communication, somewhat like thunderbolts, enter your life. The new year may feel like you’re in a dream. Music, healing, art, poetry, dance, photography, films form a pattern of offerings. It’s important to state boundary needs or a situation can get out of control. Do not allow harmony to descend into chaos. A richness of friendships and opportunities enter your life for good. You are the White Magician.

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