Festivals of Light, New Moon, Mercury in Shadow

The upcoming week is active and can feel rather complicated. We are in the midst of Hanukkah, Jewish Festival of Lights (it began last Sunday evening, Dec. 2nd& ends Dec. 10th). Thursday, just after midnight, retrograde Mercury becomes stationary direct. Thursday night, also around midnight, a Sag new moon(15 degrees) festival occurs.

FridayMars (action) joins Neptune (a dissolving away) in Pisces.

Actions seem not to manifest. We may have felt rather exhausted (not knowing why) as Mars moving closer to Neptune. Friday’s new moonwith Mars/Neptune is a perfect day for rest. Otherwise we may become quite overwhelmed.

On to Mercury now…Mercury remains in its retrograde shadow until Christmas eve (24th). So, we move slowly forward, always careful of our communication, plans and agendas. Careful also with purchasing holiday gifts. Ponder carefully upon each gift choice so Right Choices are made. Our minds may still be within Mercury’s shadow.

This new moon of Sag is the last new moon of 2018. The next new moon occurs Jan 5th, 2019, with a solar eclipse. The keynote for Sag’s new moon is, “Let food be sought.”Words that signify that on the personality level of growth under Sagittarius, experiences are gained that are emotionally fulfilling. Any experiences will do. Hidden in the sign of Sag is also the fact that Sag’s are gourmands (connoisseurs of good food, love of food, often chefs).

Sagittarius offers us pure high reaching energies of the zodiac. We must however, embody them. The Center of the Galaxy calls all disciples. Chiron stationary direct.Chiron restores us to wholeness via a wound that we feel. Chiron reconnects us to what has been broken or what we are separated from. Chiron tells us healing can happen and beauty restored. (291)

ARIES: Although you’re considered rather wild, there are traditional, stable, responsible and detailed aspects of yourself and these assist in your outer world success. Few, except astrologers, know this about you. Those qualities will now be externalized. Simultaneously, assess your personal values and worth. It’s not how much money you have. It’s more about perseverance, reliability and being steadfast in adversity and challenges.

TAURUS: Research, patience and detail are how you assess anything new, moving step-by-step, thinking everything through with care. You’re visionary, continually developing an illumined mind, influenced by the Pleiades, Aldebaran and Alcyone (stars in the Pleiades), bringing forth the wisdom of the Buddha. When faced with monetary situations you’re quick and instinctive. These are your gifts. Ponder them with a partner after Mercury turns direct.

GEMINI: It’s most important that your presence in the world aligns with your sense of self and values. Gemini is a complex, dual sign. You have a fluid mind, and all information must be filtered through your emotional field. Therefore, that field (astral) must be clear, pure, with no opinions or judgments. This must be developed. You’re the sign of hidden treasures. Security for you isn’t money or wealth. It’s emotional ethics and who/what you love.

CANCER: It’s challenging for you to emerge from under your Cancer shell, have a sense of adventure, step beyond comfort and tend to things more edgy and cultural. What would that be for you? Build your sense of charisma (heart-self) with others. It furthers self-expression and creativity, things you seek deeply. Above everything else, you must also have fun. What constitutes fun for you? Ponder on this.

LEO: Most Leos are charming. Some are hidden. But all are magnetic – an important quality to understand because it attracts others to you. When you are aware of this you will either be kind and compassionate or you will create fear (in others) if your power doesn’t include love. In their hearts what are people seeking when encountering you? Light, intelligence, vitality, discipline, direction, guidance and the willingness to Love. Are you these?

VIRGO: Along with your abilities to order, organize and discipline you also seek to learn diplomacy. Virgos are also learning tact, refinement, how to relate with sophistication and to act with Right Relations – perhaps not consciously yet. It’s good to know these are the seeds planted within all Virgos. They lead later to the art of cooperation and conciliation through negotiation. You are learning how to be a Libra.

LIBRA: Your smile and your eyes invite others to talk about themselves, share their joys and sorrows, and be friends with you. Libra on the Soul level creates Right Relations, fairness, justice, openness and kindness. If you are not yet within this expanded Soul reality, visualize yourself stepping into it. The results will lessen any fears and vulnerabilities, all hindrances, unforgiveness & criticalness. And any boundaries you have created to protect yourself from loving more.

SCORPIO: You’re aware that whatever you do often challenges others. This is your task. As your life is ceaselessly transforming and regenerating you also ask (demand) this of others. Because your life has such intensity, you must schedule consistent times for rest and retreat – times to gather strength, and rediscover inner meaning and purpose. Only a few know, through constant little deaths and, phoenix-like flying out of the fire, that you are also a visionary.

SAGITTARIUS: Although you usually view life with optimism and a broad hopeful vision and because you’re an imaginative thinker who sees signs and reads oracles in every situation, you also have a sense of being duty bound, responsible, traditional and conservative. Most aren’t aware of this as it hides behind your constant enthusiasm. Working under rules and regulations, you actually have a very serious side. Begin to value this. It’s both your discipline and your wisdom.

CAPRICORN: You exhibit great control, discipline, structure and reserve, often playing the role of the eldest child, parent, wise one. Traditions are therefore most important. But there is another valuable part to you –being progressive and inventive. Through these you enter the future, making you quite different than most. Often people can’t quite figure out who you are due to your abilities to change quickly and to offer everyone love and freedom to be (you and me).

AQUARIUS: It is important to acknowledge that you, like the planet Uranus, are distinctly different than most. Do you know Uranus is tipped on its side, its atmosphere arranged in layers of clouds; its magnetic-tail twisted into a long corkscrew; the source of its magnetic field unknown. Uranus is blue/green, has a moon with many rings and satellites, is the seventh planet from the Sun and 3rd largest planet in the solar system? This unusual planet rules your entire life. Value your differentness. It’s unique and beloved.

PISCES: The two signs most misunderstood are Scorpio and Pisces. Often the fish is seen as wandering about, a bit too idealistic for most and too sensitive for everyone. In the outer world you can seem lost and dreamy if not confused. But there’s much more to you. You’re also very brave and courageous when someone is in danger. You’re independent and reward others for their innate gifts, which you see while others cannot. When you are spontaneous a light fills the air. Pisces saves the world.

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