Thanksgiving – a Mercury Retro/Full Moon/Void-of-Course Day!

Sun enters Sagittarius Thursday, which is also Thanksgiving and at the end of the day, a full moon (1-degree Sagittarius around midnight). Not only are we in a Mercury retrograde but Thanksgiving Day the moon is void of course – which means we must make an extra effort to have gratitude and to be thankful.

When a festival day is v/c with Mercury retrograde, the day can feel like a misadventure. We forget things, be a bit exhausted, people may not be focused, everything feels internal. With travel, people, thinking, cooking everything can be upside down, inside out. It’s a ‘Heyoka’ sort of day. We could think of it as a magical realism sort of day.

We are to rest during v/c days. During retrogrades we re-trace our steps, doing things over & over, needing to check and double check everything. Time is different, the rules seem changed, mishaps occur, one feels to be a roller coaster of miscommunication and mishaps. Couple these with fiery Sagittarius full moon emotions and Thanksgiving may feel more like a calamitous journey rather than a festive day with friends and family.

When we know what is occurring in the heavens, influencing us on Earth, we learn how to work with the energies, not against them, not reacting or repressing, but “working with.” A Mercury retrograde-full moon-void of course day are potent influences but especially on a day that is usually over-wrought with emotional family interactions, heated discussions and debates. Make a rule – no politics discussed. Fill the day with calming, chats, bells.

This Thanksgiving create something madly different. Align with the frequencies of Mercury (Ray 4 – harmony emerging from conflict & chaos; planetary note of Mercury is E; Hebrew letter Beth; Tarot the Magus & Strength; Yellow like the Sun) and Sagittarius (G#; Hebrew letter Gimel, Tarot High Priestess & Temperance; Rose/Blue). These energies last well into the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am grateful for each & every one of you. Love to everyone,Risa

ARIES: It’s most important to find the “pause that refreshes” because there’s such an onrush of activity, ideas and ideals, wanting to travel and discovering new realities that details, important to your well-being, may be missed. It’s also time to review values, sense of justice, ideas of what’s occurring in the world, and how you are aiding humanity’s endeavors in building the new society. What are your visions?

TAURUS: You continue to tend to the well-being of others. Sometimes you remember to care for yourself. You remember that you are a resource and if you as a resource are not tended to well enough, you no longer can be a resource for others. Ideas for the new reality continue to appear. Their manifestation into form has been elusive. Now you see the new world coming forth as the new physics. This is the new Aquarian art, too.

GEMINI: It’s most important to reflect upon what your relationships are based upon. Include all relationships, but begin with your most intimate. It might be that you consider what’s taken for granted, what’s not understood, what allows you to be most truthful and what is occurring about health, happiness and rethinking resources? A new path comes forth and a new message within the relationship. You must listen quietly and perceptively.

CANCER: Your idea of a schedule runs quickly out the back door and you suddenly find yourself with no routines, plans or the ability to take control of daily events. Anything you’ve thought of doing simply melts into states of chaos seeking the next level of harmony but the harmony’s not manifesting for a while. The best thing to do is to prepare nurturing foods. Offer this food to others. They will receive it as goodness from the heavens. You are that.

LEO: The past year has been rather serious, structured to keep you in a state of ongoing training and discipline. There needs to be a time of respite for you to partake in – a state of ease, amusement, recreation, children, pleasure, creativity, games, fun, enjoyment and being with others who think as you do. A previous relationship is in your thoughts, too. Perhaps they show up at your door. Will you let them into your life again?

VIRGO: Family and parents, the foundations of your life, childhood beliefs learned while young and carried into the present time will be on your mind for the purpose of appraising, cleansing, clearing, and eliminating what’s no longer useful. Be aware that moodiness, brooding, and perhaps intense feelings will arise. Assess these with intelligence and careful observation. They will pass.

LIBRA: It’s good to be in touch with siblings, to communicate, take trips, have conversations with them, sharing news, family gossip, hopes, wishes, dreams and ideas. Be aware that even when doing so, thoughts and ideas and feelings may be difficult to share or information may be misconstrued. Communicate anyway with the intention to make contact, which releases Love. Your family misses and loves you.

SCORPIO: The entire world’s in a state of reorientation, a state you know well for you experience this endlessly. Our world is in a Scorpio state of transformation, testing, and dying so a new Aquarian world can come forth. Your importance in this great shift is in your research abilities, seeking information to build new culture and civilization. What are your present tasks? What are you using your resources for?

SAGITTARIUS: There’s an opportunity now to redefine yourself, your identity, plans and purpose. You’re able to change your mind about who you (think you) are and how you see yourself. Be aware that your presence is very impactful to others around you. Issues you thought were complete, reappear for review, reassessment and rearrangement. A new rhythm is appearing. Find some music and enter it. Remain there for a while.

CAPRICORN: You may feel like you are behind a curtain in a theatre, waiting in the wings for new realities to appear. It’s like planting a garden – lovely arugula, kales, onions, wintergreens, thyme, oregano, parsley –waiting each day for the first green shoots. Everything on inner levels is being restructured. You feel this but it hasn’t manifested in your outer world. Quietly these new roots of a new reality anchor, become strong, and later to reshape your life.

AQUARIUS: In the following weeks you will discover your true friends, what groups truly support your endeavors and whom you can turn to for nurturance, needs and kind rapport. So much of humanity remains mis-informed. You have the ability to provide humanity with questions that allow them access to real information. Then you become part of the education of humanity. You will assess your life’s journey. When traveling, follow scrupulously the rules of the road. For safety.

PISCES: Some Pisces will ponder upon writing a book, some may consider publishing or will be contacted by publishers. Considering these ideas without making final decisions. Acknowledgements and recognitions may come forth unexpectedly. Careful of miscommunication to and with the public. Tend to previous tasks and be careful of your public image. You will continue to work with focused consistency. Healing begins.

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