Libra – Crisis of Choice – Creating Balance

We are in Libra now, sign of seeking balance & harmony, sign of relationships (“I & Thou”) and of equal receiving and giving. Libra offers humanity an Interlude, a time to choose, a direction is taken, and this choice determines our future. Libra is Ray 3 (Divine & Active Intelligence, Actions, the Economy). Libra enters our world in between the ages (2,500 years long), a time of great transition. Each age calls humanity to a cultivate a new developmental stage.

We are presently between the Ages of Pisces (Rays 2 & 6) and Aquarius (Rays 5 & 7). Note the loving even numbered Rays of Pisces and the intelligence odd numbered Rays of Aquarius. Two different worlds, two purposes, one following the other. In between the ages the world turns upside down, there is tumult and travail. There is a pull to maintain the past (which must fall away) and a pull towards the future. Note: the heavens (planets, stars, etc.) support the future movement.

In between the Ages Libra streams into our world, helping us with balance, helping us view our collective experience and its outcome with spiritual intelligence. We are in a most important crisis as this time, not unlike the crisis that preceded the Atlantean floods. Both the change of the Ages and Libra itself stimulate in humanity a Crisis of Balance. This means, we are given two polarities, and we must choose between the two. They are two opposing forces – representing old ways/beliefs and the new uncharted ways of knowledge, the new Era. One must be surrendered for the other (example – personality to the Soul).

It is the Libran task of choosing which leads humanity to the crisis, moving us from a state of chaos to a state of self-direction, equilibrium and balance. And finally, if we choose rightly, to harmony. So, the question these days is, what are we choosing? (For continuous daily esoteric & astrological studies, see my FB page – Risa D’Angeles)

ARIES: You will find yourself becoming more aware of relationships, how you behave in them, your give and take, what energies you place in relationships and how you experience them. Thus, intimate interactions become a focused level of learning via commitments, marriage, business partnership. Everything good and bad comes out in relationships so that we can learn about ourselves and find love along the way. Love underlies everything.

TAURUS: Everyday work, acts of service, small animals, tending and caring for the self, the area in which we earn money every day are in focus. Your ability to think, discern, discriminate become refined, enhanced, expanded and perfected. Tend carefully to daily workings, agendas, digestion, health, hygiene and nutrition. Remember that our work is to bring us joy.

GEMINI: There is a great need for you to feel love and care from another. Love allows you to bring forth your deepest self-expression and hidden creativity. We are all at one time or another like children. And like children we learn to be comfortable with having fun, learning how to be dramatic, gathering hobbies, having play and amusement. What would these be for you? Tell the one(s) you love about them. Invite them to lay with you.

CANCER: It is good to recognize where on the planet and with whom you feel a sense of belonging and have the capacity to receive nurturance. So often we live within a state of difficulty and alienation. Adults, like children, continue to need nourishment in the form of a sense of security, being cherished, encouraged and cared for. When these are supplied, Cancer doesn’t need to retreat into its shell so often. Where and with whom do you feel safe?

LEO: When we are given true information, then we have true understanding. You seek your true community. Maybe that is siblings, or neighbors, maybe you find friends on short journeys, through emails, letters, texts, or maybe even through rumors. You have deep rational thinking and want to educate people about harmony, balance and how to serve and care for the other kingdoms – animal, plant and the Earth itself. Take daily walks around the neighborhood. There’s something to discover there.

VIRGO: All of your values will come into focus. Inner resources and outer resources. Becoming aware of values and all that you value, allows for a greater sense of self awareness. As you feel so many emotions, there will be an attempt to bring a balance into and poise to all responses. We become what we value. Our values are what we are attracted to, what we are attached to, what we love. Know that whatever you focus upon, think and talk about, you also attract. We also become what we praise.

LIBRA: How you look, dress, act and speak will have profound effect on those around you. Your communications therefore should be chosen very carefully. You are definitely a thinker. Not everyone has the ability to think with logic or clarity. Always you must have beauty around you or your energy level lessens and falls away. You may need more rest each day, more sleep each night. Is that possible? Neptune calls you to dream more, too.

SCORPIO: Careful to maintain balance and poise. I say this because you also may be feeling impulsive, a bit aggressive and idealistic. You may act a bit like an adolescent for a while. Romance may be a bit vague. It’s important to have spontaneity whatever you do. But not to overdo it. The play of conquest is very tempting. Christianity refers to temptation as “jezebel.” So many things are tempting these days. You can be part of the game of love. But make no final decisions. Read Tagore.

SAGITTARIUS: Perhaps you have collected a great circle of friends and acquaintances. All from different areas of life. You like to have many choices and you like what’s unconventional. Your self-expressions are very artistic. Sometimes it’s hard to show feelings and emotions. Try not to be aloof in personal relationships when feeling hurt. Communicate instead with truthfulness. Be willing to sacrifice pride in order to be understood. Religion, prayers, like-minded groups, resources and friends are most important these days. Tend to them with care.

CAPRICORN: You want to use your mind, your days and your time in practical ways. Yet you want to also have visions and time to contemplate. Here are some of your exceptional virtues. You are cautious, persevering, careful, serious, reserved, pragmatic, organized, discriminating, resourceful, somewhat traditional, aware of limits and very responsible. Love is in there, too. When we bring our virtues out into the world, we step upon the Path of Holiness, called the Golden Path. Golden light everywhere.

AQUARIUS: Your mind roves here and there. It’s a very versatile mind that aspires, is often restless. You need to explore, travel, have intellectual stimulation. You attempt to understand very deep principles of life. The outdoors is a source of vitality for you. A new pathway is forming towards your future. Stay open to new possibilities. Your heart heals.

PISCES: More and more your intuitive faculties come forth. At times, the information flowing into your mind can be forceful. Your physical body can feel its intensity. Use this force as a resource to understand others. It can be penetrating and dynamic offering answers to mysteries, revealing the essence of events & the psychology of others. Use this gift with care. Only to you has it been given. There is no why. There is simply the gift.

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