Rosh Hashana – Calling Humanity to Reconciliation

Sunday night, the first night of Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year (the year 5779), ended Tuesday evening. It celebrates creation and we contemplate upon (our) humanity’s role in G-d’s world. Rosh Hashana begins Days of Forgiveness and of Awe. The shofar (ram’s horn) was sounded, calling humanity to reconciliation. Rosh Hashanah is the first of the 10 Days of Repentance culminating in Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement, Tuesday, Sept 18, sundown to Thursday, Sept. 19). During Rosh Hashanah we gathered and ate apples dipped in honey asking for a “sweet year” ahead. In these days we bless one another with the words “L’shanah tovah.”(Hebrew: שנה טובה‎)

(May you have a good and sweet year.)

Creation is the theme of Rosh Hashanah. Celebrating Adam & Eve (the two polarities in Libra) and Creation (in Genesis). “And the Word was made flesh.”And the “Word” (sound, vowels) became the intelligent substance of form and matter. It became the Mother (Virgo).

Matter maintains itself through the light and direction of the Soul (which Virgo “hides” in the “cave of the heart”). Language, the vowels are the original “sounds” of creation. They are the language of the Devas. Montessori, in teaching children the alphabet – separated the vowels from the consonants. The alphabet – A – Z – is in sandpaper letters for the children to “trace” with their fingertips. The vowels (A E I O U Y) are on a background of blue. The consonants are on a background of red.

Humanity is asked to speak with kindness and with care during these days of awe, forgiveness and repentance. In order to “not lose the language of the heart.”And then we lift up matter to the “Kingdoms of Beauty.”Restoring humanity’s happiness and truth and well-being. Rosh Hashanah is a purifying festival of allowing and compassionate forgiving.

ARIES: Interactions, thinking, working with colleagues, planning and agendas begin to proceed forward and communication becomes less difficult. Everything does, actually. There are many daily responsibilities to consider, focus upon, order and organize. To be done over time. Financial consideration in terms of relationships will intensify. Bring order and organization to relationships, too. Surrounded with love.

TAURUS: Words describing the coming month – creativity, research, food, purity, structure, restructure, money, finances, desire, aspiration, old friends, relationship(s). All play out, one by one as you simultaneously attempt to understand the spiritual science of how all things are made. You understand to bring forth the new world, humanity must work with the Devas (Light Beings). You contact them. They respond with joy.

GEMINI: Corita (artist) did a serigraph with the words “Slo Down.”When looking at Gemini’s chart, I see that there is a natural slowing down process occurring due to Saturn in Capricorn affecting your work in the world. Saturn is creating a new structure of patience and of beauty. In turn, as you contemplate Right Relations with all the kingdoms, especially the Devas, you bring forth a new inner creativity and it brings forth a new life direction.

CANCER: It’s important to begin speaking with truth and clarity about your own personal needs as you simultaneously tend to the needs of everyone else; family, friends, animal and plant kingdom. Cancer nourishes the whole world. You need nourishment, too, and it’s important to ponder and brood upon what that is. Tending children is one type of nourishment. There are other types that you specifically need. What are they?

LEO: Are you attempting to pull back on financial expenditures, while thinking more, trying to plan, seeking facts and figures, and gradually realizing your home needs tending, clearing, cleaning, ordering and perhaps even re-doing somewhere? For now, organizing finances is the important focus. Should you need money, now is a good time to ask. Careful at home with electricity, things fiery, red and hot.

VIRGO: It’s time to look in the mirror and realize a new self-image is needed. New wardrobe, colors, clothes, new hair, shoes and a new perception of self. Think “style”. Style makes one more exciting, fashionable and on the edge. You’re capable of this, with Sun in your sign. It’s easy for you to become habitual, looking, acting and believing the same old things. Stand up, shake off the old, set new goals, become who you want to be, and happy birthday!

LIBRA: Finally, Mercury is moving forward. It was a long time in your house of retreat, solitude, prayer, religion and contemplation. Now, in Libra, Mercury offers a new self-identity. It also encourages reading which harbors you, calms anxieties and nerves, allows you to imagine more and removes you from the usual responsibilities. You’re recognized for your capabilities and excellent gifts. Try and save more (money), tithe to those in need, and offer forgiveness. It comes when you yourself, “love more.”

SCORPIO: The months have brought forth great changes, which will continue. Scorpio, sign of life and death, transformation and regeneration, the phoenix rising out of the ashes, lives a life of daily constant change. You ask others to join you. They are afraid (of you, of death, transformation, regeneration experiences). You often feel alone. This is a planned situation for Scorpios – an evolutionary one. You’re to become the Disciple. The New Group of World Servers calls.

SAGITTARIUS: Each sign’s light flows through a specific planet in order to reach the Earth. For Sagittarius, that planet is Jupiter, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Sagittarius is the great philosopher and Teacher. The sign of Sag comes with a great task. To gather the love and wisdom within yourself and radiate it out into the world of a thirsty humanity. Love heals, soothes, protects and transforms. It’s your turn to do this now. It’s your awakened task.

CAPRICORN: You seek a time of no complications, few responsibilities, where you can contemplate goals, aspirations, future objectives and family needs. Tend to all personal and professional obligations early each day. Allow domestic situations to be viewed with calm observation. There are answers. Capricorns are in a transformational state. Pluto in your sign makes your life powerful, potent, effective, forceful and compelling. A bit intoxicating, too. Careful!

AQUARIUS: For years life has been refining you and affecting your domestic situation. This change continues with finances and resources. Ponder upon what your gifts are. Spend time each day doing your very best for much will be expected of you in the coming months and years. What you accomplish now will be reflected and expanded later. You have an opportunity to be seen in the world. Think of yourself as about to be reborn. All that you do becomes the seeds of future personal well-being and prosperity.

PISCES: You feel perhaps that you made mistakes in recent and past choices. You have a sense that you don’t quite know what you’re doing. This creates a vulnerability. You try to be practical and somehow that’s elusive. You want one thing and the opposite appears. Each day has been difficult and you need a safe harbor, a “cocoon.” Tend carefully to your money, finances, resources. And to your spirit. There is perhaps grief. Remember B vitamins and Ignatia Amara. Wait. Cry. Pray. Forgive.

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