Krishna (Teacher) & Arjuna (student), Soul & Personality & a War

The week begins with a Wednesday, new moon at 23 degrees Gemini, sign of the two brothers, one the personality (its light waning), the other, the Soul (I grow & Glow). In Gemini we see “instability doing its work.” The purpose of instability in relationships is to help us, exhausted with conflicts, seek harmony and balance which comes with Soul direction. The Soul eventually shows itself and says with compassion to the struggling personality, “Here, let me help you. I am the Soul, I am Light Divine. I am Love, I am Will. And Perfect in my Design. I Am your Soul.”When the Soul begins to direct the lower self, the personality is able to adjust to a more calm and harmonious livingness.

Gemini points out the relationship between personality (self) and Soul (Self). It is the story of Krishna (Teacher) and Arjuna (student). Krishna woke Arjuna early one morning and told him to look outside. There in the fields a war was proceeding. On both sides of the war Arjuna saw family members. Krishna told Arjuna to choose a side to fight on. Arjuna refused to choose. With great kindness Krishna informed his student the purpose of the choice and the battle – he was to discern which side represented the Soul and which side represented the personality. And to then choose where he stands.

Our present world situation especially the USA is experiencing both an Arjuna lesson and predicament. The polarized political players represent the two warring parties. Humanity is Arjuna, needing to discern and discriminate between the two – the stable Soul qualities from the personality fluctuations. One sings, the other doesn’t.Things (appearances) are not what they seem.

And so, onto this week: Flag Day (Thursday), Father’s Day (Sunday), Neptune retrogrades (Monday), in our last week of Spring.

ARIES: You want to learn more, to communicate with intelligence. You’re curious; seek sensation and variety, instinctively cheerful and carefree. You’re restless, want to be with humanity, yet feel a bit distanced. You want to interact, walk neighborhoods, talk to siblings, be active, gather information, ponder upon and share it. You have errands to do, people to contact, letters (emails) to write. Visualize all this first.

TAURUS: All you want is a bit of peace and quiet, a place of repose, comfort and tranquility. Your need is to unwind and begin to heal old wounds. You need to be out in the Sun, in the gardens, tending to the soil, the plants, the grasses, working with the devas. You also must tend seriously to things financial concerning resources. You’re slow when it comes to cleaning and disposing of material possessions. Yet this must be done soon.

GEMINI: You want to begin anew. You don’t know where or how. You feel a pioneering impulse; you’re ready, willing and filled with enthusiasm. However, there are so many avenues available, choosing can be difficult. Making the choice, each day, with dedication to stand under the Light of the Soul, under the Will-to-Good, helps in making Right Choice. This is a challenge for you. Steadfastness. Just begin. Visualize.

CANCER: Things are a bit dreamy. You feel sensitive and susceptible. Your imagination is in full force, filled with impressions and pictures. There seems to be no boundaries, everything blending together, creating very interesting situations. Details are unavailable at this time. Things are just too mystical with spiritual developments occurring everywhere. It’s time for a retreat into the garden of joy.

LEO: Sometimes you must break the rules. The need for freedom makes old rules awkward and difficult. So often you must express your independence and uniqueness. It’s good to find a group that recognizes, admires, applauds and supports your creative individuality. You need activity, more people around, more of the world in order to have a sense of uplifted well-being. You need things bright and beautiful. Plant blue morning glories.

VIRGO: You sense a need for more planning, order and structure. So the future can unfold according to your needs. You feel limited from time, by time. Sometimes you feel you haven’t done enough. You want to feel successful. This is most important. And so, you become more resourceful, are careful of time and energy and the right use of resources. You are serious and productive. You thrive in gardens.

LIBRA: It’s important to search out the truth concerning all decisions, activities and choices in your life up till now. This is because previous ways of life will soon become wearing. You seek a new vision in life with new goals, new ways of interacting. Everything is an adventure for you. You will find emotional needs changing. This comes subtly. It’s important to have Right Relations with everyone in the family. Forgiveness liberates you.

SCORPIO: You hide a very vital part of yourself until you feel a sense of trust. You hide elation and sorrow, desires and misgivings, emotions, likes and dislikes, passion and pain. Some understand you, many don’t. When the moon enters Scorpio each month, you are urged to go even more undercover, to retreat into solitude where you assess fears and inhibitions. Brooding is your second nature. Brooding is a good thing. It fosters revelation and helps bring visions into materialization.

SAGITTARIUS: Creating harmonious interactions with everyone, externally and internally (how we act, what we feel) is important. This means internally having the intention for Goodwill, which creates Right Relations. Experiencing this from the heart creates a deep love and intelligent activity in all environments and interactions. This type of activity creates diplomacy and the peace everyone seeks. Although you can see both sides, choose from Goodwill. Right direction follows.

CAPRICORN: Each day we experience different states of consciousness. A disciple is one who is aware of these different stages, within the self and in others. Disciples learn (and thus teach by example) to be aware of all actions and their outcomes. We learn about our role in society, a most important task for Capricorns. We learn to protect the kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human, angels). It is our destiny. You are already a leader. Now, day by day, more so.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians (part of the New Group of World Servers) are responsible for humanity’s evolution by bringing the future into the present, a major task of building the new culture and civilization. In between this weighty task you need a variety of experiences and light-hearted interactions to soothe restlessness and the deep need for human contact. Contact releases love. Make intentional contact.

PISCES: You need quiet places, peaceful environments, a sense of belonging providing solace and safety. With these conditions met you’re able to heal wounds, accomplish your unique spiritual and worldly tasks, discover feelings, hopes & aspirations that direct your life and motivate your specific ability to serve. Balance each day with gratitude and the awareness that your needs must come before assisting in the needs of others. Plant violet morning glories.

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