Gemini — Bright Shiny One

Gemini, the 3rdsign in the zodiac, is an air (mental) sign. Their minds are their strength. Ruled by Mercury who creates duality and then Venus, synthesizing that duality. Gemini is endlessly curious, aware of the latest everything, like a breeze flowing through a meadow, chasing butterflies, a forked tongue, sometimes, who knows what will grab their fancy next time? Geminis are quick witted, expressive, and two personalities in one. Fun loving and restless, we never know where they are.

Gemini personifies duality (their spiritual task). One minute they’re here, the next moment, we can’t find them. Everything’d done is at the speed of light – making friends with strangers, hopping here and there, gathering information with a possibility of superficiality and/or inauthenticity at times. A quick mind, followed by boredom, Gemini must always be involved in the study of something, anything, including music, art, dance, theatre and writing. Finally, one day, when Gemini slows down, they study astrology, find their true selves, and become “white magicians.”

Gemini is about the hands and arms (dexterity). Gemini loves sports, games, films, books and everything social. Gemini hears what others can’t hear. Geminis are ruled by Mercury; thus, they are communicative and clever, spontaneous, quick witted, and sometimes they gossip. They are always out and about in the world. Their task is to bring down to earth, in simple terms, what’s occurring in the popular culture so the masses of humanity can understand.

Gemini touches both heaven and earth. Probing both. Never landing in one place for long. We love their intelligence. If we’re lucky, we’ll catch a glimpse of the “love that underlies their intelligence.” Just for a moment, though. Geminis are like the devas (bright & shining ones).

ARIES: A revolution, revelation, idea, dream or vision, held long in your heart and mind, perhaps for years, comes more and more into form and matter, manifesting through using your creative imagination, creating visualizations. The next seven years, which seems like a long time but is really only a blink in God’s eyes, brings forth what you’ve longed for, hoped would occur, and through your persistence you will love into existence. Then, it must be shared.

TAURUS: You never lose sight of your vision or of the tasks you are to perform. No matter what occurs – surprising events, losses, people, ideas and hopes falling away – you know “love underlies all happenings of the times.”That love emerges from heavenly beings and stars and angels guiding our lives. Focus now only on what’s in front of you. Know choices, plans and events made during this time will slowly move forward.

GEMINI: Many thoughts, ideas, events and communications from the past return. This last month there was a need to externalize thoughts and be understood. This will continue as Mercury remains behind the scenes (in Taurus). Later, misinterpretations will turn around, lost friends may call. Much remains obscure so you can spiritualize all actions. Write each day’s events in your Esoteric Journal.

CANCER: You think about, ponder upon and consider goals for the coming months. You have expectations and ideals. Up to this point the goals and ideals of the past have served you. However, in the last several years, life has changed so radically that newer points of view are forming. This is also due to influences of health, and by friends, colleagues and family. You have been “reconstructed.”

LEO: Your creative life, art, photography and writing especially, are most important now. These constitute your real vocation, as they are closest to your heart. They define the gifts through which you can best assist others. It is through beauty. Pursuing your talents improves them more and more. What studies have you put off in recent years? Subscribe to an art magazine.

VIRGO: You think deeply so you can have clear perspective. Mortality (the idea and meaning of death, the reality of life after death) is something you will think about in the coming months. This is a healthy response to the changes occurring on our planet as the Pisces Age ends. There’s an underground river of communication between you and others. It’s not verbal or externalized. Fill that river with love.

LIBRA: This is a special time of connecting with other cultures and communicating with them. Share your heart with others and they, in turn, share with you. You might begin a monthly Conversation & Dinner Group, a Salon, or a Book & Dinner Club. Gathering and discussing for greater perspectives. You like and need partnerships. They accomplish more than one person alone. Discuss everything with loved ones. You need love and care. This comes from open loving communication.

SCORPIO: We think we have free will. We do, to an extent. We can choose what we do each day, somewhat. We can choose how we behave, sometimes. We can think about where we live, sometimes. But there’s a greater plan over-lighting us. It’s best to be more fluid and discover what that greater reality is that hovers over, influences, surrounds and penetrates our little wills and lives. It is the Soul. Make its acquaintance.

SAGITTARIUS: Great opportunities move toward you in their own time and place. You become more and more aware of this. Listen to all communications, from yourself and others, assessing carefully intent, purpose behind everything, everyone and all events. Messages can heal, wound, uplift, destroy, create, deny or be a refuge. Refuge (sangha) is greatly needed by you and everyone at this time. You are to offer it.

CAPRICORN: In your daily (successful, ambitious, up the ladder of) life, you find yourself needed in two places at once. Your mind is here, your body over there somewhere. This is the Gemini experience in the daily life of a Capricorn. You will attempt to bring a harmony and synthesis to this duality. Amidst constant changing vicissitudes and instability, you find poise, balance and harmony. And a field of bright orange flowers. This is the Soul. Call upon it each moment.

AQUARIUS: It’s best to be among the young, playful, innocent and childlike, romantic and creative. Then you will become these, too, discovering new outlets of art and creativity. You will see things in a newer, more golden light and your imagination will flow outward making your life filled with days of happiness and joy. Often you are toiling among life’s questions. At this time, just be the artist and futurist you’re meant to be.

PISCES: Know that everyone and everything in your environments love, care for and support you. Offer gratitude to them for being in your life at this very moment and all the future moments to come. Something’s ending. A new life will be built from the old, phoenix-like – a new community creating the foundation for newer and greater achievements. Bid the old realities adieu. They served their purposes well. You now have new promises to keep.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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