Wesak — Buddha Full Moon Festival

Sunday eveningis the Wesak Buddha Full Moon Festival. Since Winter Solstice, Disciples around the world have been preparing for the full moon of Taurus. A time when the Forces of Illumination stream into the Earth. Humanity everywhere senses something unusual and new is occurring. Humanity’s aspiration for illumination increases and thus responds to the impact of the coming Wesak (Sacred Water) festival.

Each year during Taurus (at full moon time), the Buddha makes his yearly approach (visit) to the Earth plane. He brings with him a great blessing and Will from the Father, from Shamballa, where the Will of God is known.

On Wesak day, in a valley hidden deep within the Himalayas, a magnetic field has been prepared which attracts the Buddha. There, Disciples (the NGWS), Hierarchy (inner world government), Christ (Pisces & Aquarian World Teacher) all World Avatars and Teachers are in prayer and meditation. On a rock ledge is a crystal bowl, filled with the mountain waters. Moments before the Buddha appears, the Christ and Masters perform a sacred geometric dance along with the sound of Oms. This creates a sacred vortex through which the Buddha is able to descend and appear.

Each year the Buddha visits, the Earth is lifted up into increased frequencies; energies of great potency are released into the etheric body of the human family. The Buddha remains within the field of the Earth for eight (8) minutes. The work done by Disciples is that of great love. The purpose of receiving the Buddha’s blessing is to bring illumination (Taurus) to the minds of humanity.

Disciples thus become “light bearers” and “light conductors”, expanding hope within humanity, the hope humanity needs to overcome the present darkness. This work we do together supersedes time and space. We hear the words in our hearts…”We are ready Buddha, Come!”We drink from the chalice together. Humanity, Hierarchy/Christ & Shamballa align. World consciousness everywhere is heightened, enhanced and lifted up.

ARIES: Finances and resources, personal and with others, are highlighted. Careful attention is needed along with concentration, efficiency, economy and strength. Accomplish these day after day in a slow consistent rhythm. You may uncover more resources. So many things are hidden. Remember others who have much less. Share and tithe, a constant reminder. Tithing creates great abundance.

TAURUS: You want to move consistently into the future with new ideas and plans but there are so few who understand, few with your illumined vision, and even less with your force of will and stamina. Always you strive for poise during transition times while sending prayerful requests for able, intelligent and financial assistance to manifest. Your prayers prepare the field. Remain in the garden.

GEMINI: Deep feelings, emerging from early life at home are playing out in your present relationships. Because of this you must be careful of thoughts and communication. Careful that you don’t become part of the difficulty or project onto others your wound. Don’t hide your vulnerability. Showing yours eases barriers hampering heart-felt communication and contact. You want love. Love comes from intentional contact.

CANCER: You may experience stress and over-responsibility in daily life as constant change occurs everywhere in your life. These daily changes reflect the pulse of the humanity playing through your body. You need deep rest, stabilization and remaining within the safety of home. Make changes in small ways. When viewing the big picture stand with compassion and dispassion. Children bring both blessings and hard work.

LEO: It seems you need retreat and solitude in order to cultivate your creative freedom. You may feel separated from others should your communication be harsh. You’re very intuitive. Observe thoughts carefully. Is daily life feeling like a transformation is about to occur? Are financial needs being served? A sudden revelation occurs which expands you into other worlds. Take us with you.

VIRGO: Small changes occur in creating big changes. Money may feel restricted, communication may be hidden, there’s a desire to run away from home. It feels like the seeds of the future, life-changing seeds, are breaking through. You’re restless for emotional independence. Moving forward is hard. Allow inner spiritual intentions to hold you. Transformation arrives for a long visit.

LIBRA: You’re called to a past situation and then to a present-future one. The past holds and keeps you for a while in order to be liberated. The present/ creates optimism. However, there is a duality. One thought contains judgment, the other love. One keeps you spiritually lonely. The other embraces you. Can you identify the two sides and where you’re positioned? Forgiveness is alchemical. The past needs this philosopher’s stone.

SCORPIO: Changes are occurring behind the scenes, internal changes affecting your future. These changes come with a revelatory impact. Since you will live within this field constantly, be aware of a need to serve others. Be aware of growing compassion and becoming a mentor and model for others. As Scorpio is the warrior of the zodiac, you’re prepared for the coming times where the death of the old finally occurs. Strength will be called for.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re restless, yet duty-bound, responsible yet rebellious, seeking security yet craving freedom, pleased yet dissatisfied and stimulated with conflicts. You’re a paradox once again. Allow the contradictions to work themselves out. They create new insight, revelations. They are the Harmony Through Conflict process Sagittarius works through to bring new awareness forth. Then you step into the future.

CAPRICORN: Do you feel pulled between self and responsibility to family. Are you able to communicate clearly what your needs are? Do you need new communication skills for others to understand you better? You are definitely on the “cross” of change. It’s imperative you learn how to communicate to others. Have you learned. Compassionate Communication techniques (non-violent communication) yet? Your family would love them.

AQUARIUS: Some Aquarians may be traveling the world soon seeking community. Some are experiencing honor and popularity, expanded social and work reputations, tending to financial responsibilities, developing new business or life plans. Some are experiencing a flowering of spirituality. Some are realizing they are good. Some are doing more than they thought capable. And succeeding. Keep going,

PISCES: You need flexibility in great amounts as interruptions and unexpected events occur in all parts of your life, geographically and in terms of your self-identity. You cannot prepare for what will happen. You can only soothe the waters with knowledge that what occurs is redesigning your life in ways you could never have designed for yourself. You’re capable, sensitive, sensible and smart. And being looked after always.

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