World Prayer in Times of Crisis

A new world crisis began last week. When crisis occurs, the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) stand together in the Seed Group called “The Observers”, observing with poise, gathering information, in order to assess the truth of the situation. This ongoing response is following by recitation of the Great Invocation (3 parts) – Mantram of Direction for Humanity. The Great Invocations, when recited, radiates out Light, Love, Wisdom & the Will-to-Good to humanity. We visualize each word & see the prayer’s intentions entering the hearts & minds of humanity, everywhere. Especially the countries & peoples involved in this present crisis.

The Great Invocation is a “potent solar instrument” & world prayer. Symbols emerge from each stanza. Their potency affects individuals, groups, nations & the Earth itself. The Great Invocation is humanity’s prayer (following the “Our Father”), creating a cosmic and planetary alignment. It summons the Will-to-Good, Love, Light, Purpose, Wisdom & Intelligence. We call upon all leaders of the world to research, make Right Analysis, make Right Choices in order to have Right Action. When we “stand within the WILL-TO-GOOD, then Right Actions always occurs”.

Below is the Mantram to recite daily for world peace (an active, ongoing living reality). Let us do this together.

The Great Invocation (part 1)

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May men* of Goodwill everywhere meet in a Spirit of Cooperation.

May Forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.

Let Power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So let it be, and help (each of) us to (know & to) do our part.

(Esoteric Astrology, p. 571). *Sanskrit for “thinking ones.”

ARIES: Your new self-identity comes forth right on schedule. There’s a bit of reflection in you, left over from a wound or two, from a place within that knows reflection is good. Simultaneously, your enthusiasm outshines everything. There is a shift in your professional life that’s perhaps giving you pause. The sun’s shifts into your house of values. They will change. Wear more shades of green.

TAURUS: It seems these days find you in pain and suffering in the body while also being overworked and needing to complete tasks as quickly as possible. You want to be ready for the new world arriving. This poses a paradox of time. Share your beliefs and understandings concerning how the world is doing. Be outside in the garden with your lettuce, radish, beans and cucumber seeds. Follow biodynamic planting days.

GEMINI: I will assume that you are truly seeking to be the new kid on the block in some type of group or community. However, your energy takes you only so far. You can take perhaps half a step forward and then your courage fails and you turn back to what you know, what’s of comfort. Perhaps the next couple of months you’ll be able to take more baby steps forward, find yourself in the group you long for, and feel a sense of truth and stability. We’re here, waiting for you.

CANCER: You may begin to feel a bit better, a bit more comfort as the Sun enters Taurus which can absorb your tears. It’s important that your routines are shaken a bit, some excitement enter your life, a liberating experience occur so that you can feel a fresh start in all endeavors. Focusing on gardening, in its simplest ways, is best for you. Your Cancer energies waters the roots of all plants. The devas love you. The plants love you.

LEO: A resurrection is occurring areas of adventure, or travel, study and seeing things in a new light. A certain grace comes through when you are calm especially when transformations occurs. At work you will need to see alternate perspectives, take a stand on your values, and allow disappointment to fuel thoughts of change in just about every area of life. You need a little thrill.

VIRGO: You will feel calm this week but only for a while. Then all of a sudden, a passion overtakes you. Plans are revised, things drift apart and a powerful surge of change is felt. Your best choice is to seek the utmost enjoyments, based on hidden desires. These will save you from frustration, feelings of loss, and a false consideration of what you lack (not real but you feel it). Don’t worry about finances.

LIBRA: Have you felt a sense of seclusion when it comes to your personal needs? Have you been busy with other people’s realities and needs, setting yours aside? This week relationships stabilize, there’s a liberation in terms of loving someone deeply leading to a sense of empowerment. Shadows that arrive are about old things thrown away, old patterns not dealt with, love withdrawn which means love lost. It’s a family matter, needing deep tending.

SCORPIO: In the next year and a half, new patterns, archetypes, ways of handling money will emerge. What are your thoughts concerning money these days? Perhaps you are imagining in creative ways different situations concerning your money. Travel is one important consideration. Your daily life is in complete change. If you dash into a state of seclusion and solitude everyone would understand. These assist you in handling work pressures. Freedom from captivity is happening.

SAGITTARIUS: Soon you will experience a shift into a calmer and more composed state, soothing your more impulsive thoughts and feelings. You welcome this. However, restraint still needs to be a point of intention. You could go off and spend all your money, gambling all resources with one swift emotional trajectory. Then you’ll grieve the consequences. You can be as dramatic as you’d like. Then, one day, you become the peace maker.

CAPRICORN: You’re both public and private, constrained and outgoing, professional and a homebody, sensible and passionate. At this time and truly need to get away, anywhere, experiencing new people, places, architecture, geography, culture, food. All things new releases from within you a new vital creativity, expanding the landscapes of your mind. You will be faster than usual. Be aware that no one can keep up with you.

AQUARIUS: Be slow and careful with all interactions – communication, driving, relationships. Careful with beliefs and judgments. Always have Goodwill. Careful with anything you feel opposed to. Eventually you will need to integrate what you oppose, so shadow it, shower it with harmony, be graceful. It’s possible you’re looking for new friends, a new neighborhood that’s eclectic, artistic, unusual, vibrant and creative. You may have to create it. Think community.

PISCES: You may feel that money is flowing from you like an unending stream and perhaps it is. Take this time to consider all aspects of your money and resources. Order and organize all finances. You have known this was important and now the time of actual implementation has arrived. Try not to destabilize previous financial endeavors. Suddenly, new values will appear. Embrace them slowly and cautiously. It’s also time to create your Inspiration boards. Go wild!

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