Mercury Direct & Aries New Moon

Wednesday Venus trines Mars – our relationships become most important to tend to. Simultaneously, Sun inconjuncts Jupiter – we have more love and compassion for others. Friday Venus sextiles Neptune as the Moon is in Pisces. We seek authentic and intelligent friendships, able to spot illusion and glamours quite easily. Fridayis v/c (moon void of course) all day – so we remain solitary and keenly observant. Aries Moon begins late Friday evening.

Saturday morning, just after midnight, Jupiter sextiles Pluto. We have deep and expansive dreams. In the morning Mars sextiles Neptune – the dreams come true.

Sunday, Mercury is still in the sky, preparing to move forward at 4.47 (5) degrees Aries. Mercury doesn’t reach its retrograde shadow until May 4th. So, we proceed slowly forwards. The new moonoccurs Sunday at 6:57pm (west coast time), at 26 degrees Aries. The Sun & Moon are together in Aries, calling forth all fiery forms from the heavens. Calling forth the Divine Mind of God to impress humanity’s minds. “I come forth & from the plane of Mind, I rule,”says Mercury.

The Lords of Fire (Agni Lords) are present during the month of Aries, especially at the new and full moon times. These great beings hold the archetype (pattern) for the future race of humanity with the task of producing a harmonious and peaceful world to come.

The Lords of Fire participated in our initial creation, but for most of humanity, their work lies still in the future. The fires (Fohat) of their nature produce a purifying and illumined consciousness. This illumination ignites the presently sleeping original Divine Spark, or inner fire, of each individual, creating a burning ground that clears the illusions, mental distortions, and emotional fugues that are the barriers to clear perception to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things (world of wisdom and intuition). These fires produce the discriminating personality, the illumined consciousness, and a fiery force field of radiation needed in our ascent, or resurrection, of consciousness back toward the Source.

ARIES: What are your financial realities and perspectives, how are they faring, are they safe, are they budgeted and do you tithe? These are some of the monetary questions coming into focus. Also, of importance is the review, revision and recognition of your true values. What and whom do you value? Do you consider yourself as valuable? How? These days and nights shed light upon your true Aries self.

TAURUS: There could be confusion in communication with close friends, partners, friends, associates and intimates. There could also be questions concerning your possessions and their maintenance. Something important for day to day living may have stopped working. It’s possible someone close may not understand you. There won’t be any compromise. Our life changes through the decisions we make, and often through what we can’t quite see yet.

GEMINI: Revelations may appear as your mind has an inner focus, quite compassionate at times, yet it could turn quickly to a Virgo criticalness. Be aware of this. Study the religious and/or spiritual. Alice Bailey’s book “Service” (a compilation) is good at this time. Have the intention for fairness, for non-judgment, clarity and “Let reality guide my every thought and Truth be Master of my Life.”

CANCER: During this time, we’ve all been returning to the past, to friends and/or family close to us, to those we need, love and cherish. Our family is our first and foremost experience of community and group work, where we grow, encounter and learn life’s lessons. Should sad or lamenting thoughts appear, think on them with forgiveness and begin writing them down in long hand. Eventually, healing takes place.

LEO: Communication confusions could have occurred at work, with colleagues, superiors, others working around you. Awareness of this allows you to make concessions when speaking in the future. The focus for three weeks was on critical judgments concerning your work and other people’s work, everything professional and most importantly your life path. Shift the critical judgements to praise.

VIRGO: What are you thinking about in terms of education, travel, legal affairs and all communications with co-workers. Have there been delays in many areas of your life, recently? Things will ease soon. Be very clear when discussing joint finances and decisions with professionals. Know that you may be hidden for a while, your actions therefore must be explained to others so they are understood. Use few precise words.

LIBRA: Be careful with resources, values, money and finances. Be acutely aware of where your money is being used, how much and when it’s coming in, and carefully jot down what you do with it (your money). Consider investments at this time in gold and silver, especially gold. Carefully assess your money as it finances your future. Tithe often…giving to those in need, in the clear light of day.

SCORPIO: One-on-one communication needs deep awareness, care and kindness. Previous partnership issues, concerning constancy, safety, money and security, arise once again, for re-evaluation. Messages may continue to be mixed. Be aware of this. Disputes call for negotiation. Perhaps this is too difficult for you. Make no decision till after Mercury’s shadow. Simply observe. Then follow the beauty, the bliss, the heart and your intuition.

SAGITTARIUS; You’re more sensitive than usual. Is that possible? Yes. Health wise, for the next several weeks it’s best to create daily routines that strengthen your well-being. Maintain a non-judgmental response to everyone lest falling into old criticisms and sarcasms occurs. Criticism separates us. Then an existential loneliness emerges. Find silence, beauty, a sanctuary, an ashram, a sangha. Rest in one from new moon to full to new again.

CAPRICORN: Observe children, family and loved ones during these Mercury shadow days. Children and elders are especially sensitive to transits. In your observations, what do you see in terms of their ability to communicate, maneuver in their world of friends, school and studies? Help them (with you, too), create a Mercury Retrograde & Shadow Journal for later use. Observe yourself during these times, too. What are you remembering these days?

AQUARIUS: Things, thoughts, events are occurring about home. They have roots from many months ago. There’s a shifting about concerning what home means, and what you consider your personal foundation. This has been a time for assessment, review, re-evaluation and revelations concerning home – what you need, where and what home is for you. Assess how family can assist with your plans for a home. Ask them. They want to help.

PISCES: You will find that only patience assists at this time. It seems that emptiness has come to roost in all parts of your life and it is very hard to understand. Stand with that emptiness, become empty yourself, allow life to flow through you. Many will not understand this part of your life. It’s an Initiation, very valuable, extremely difficult. You stand alone. No matter your actions, the emptiness remains. Expect nothing. Be still like nothing at all. Good.

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