Astrology, Three Spring Festivals & the Self

We are in the midst of the Three Spring festivals – Aries (Easter, last week), Taurus (Wesak, Buddha Festival) & Gemini (Festival of Humanity). All festivals in all religions are based upon astrology, the timing of the heavens. Clement of Alexandria wrote, “The path of Souls to Ascension (Resurrection Initiation) lies through the twelve signs of the zodiac,” and all church (and esoteric) festivals today are based, not upon historical dates in connection with the outstanding religious figures to which they refer, but upon the times and the seasons (astrology).

The Three Spring Festivals create a template for the new spiritual year. Along with the new and full moons that follow (which are also festivals) the Three Spring Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) direct humanity toward the Path of Return through the use of the sacred astrological knowledge. And so, the question what is astrology?

Astrology is a “unified field theory that directs us along in our search for spiritual truth. Astrology (as we study it here) allows one to “Know the self” (words inscribed over the Mystery Temples) and cultivates within each of us the knowledge that we are each of great value (to self, to others and to the world). At each of the Spring Festivals, great Forces stream into the Earth to assist humanity. At Easter/Aries, the Forces of Restoration, “restoring humanity’s psychological health & well-being.” At the Wesak (Taurus) Festival, when the Buddha makes his yearly visit, the Forces of Enlightenment stream forth. At Gemini, it is the forces of Reconstruction. The New Group of World Servers stand with these Divine Forces. Join us, everyone.

ARIES: Often your compassion and sympathy are so well hidden it’s thought you don’t possess these virtues. You do, but it takes effort to bring these forth and this will occur this month. No longer can you draw the curtain on spiritual realities. No longer will we think you don’t have tender feelings. No longer can you push these away believing they interfere with daily life. They are actually guideposts, talismans, amulets and protective magnetic charms.

TAURUS: It is important to begin to assess your goals, hopes and wishes for the future. As you do this, others are reaching out to you from groups and organizations asking for your professional sense of the world and direction forward. Cultivating, encouraging and strengthening the intelligence within your group is a task only you can do at this time. The group needs nurturing, too. Can you step into these shoes?

GEMINI: There’s a continued assessment concerning your work in the world and how you’re recognized. Soon there will be a new sense of vitality and invigoration and how you see your potential coming forth. Why not make a list of all the things you can do? Then list all that you hope to do and how you aspire to serve others. These lists allow you to have a deeper and greater self-identity. How do you want to be remembered? And what do you idealize?

CANCER: In college I was asked to write a paper on altruism. That word has since been a part of my life and it appears in the most unexpected times and places. I would suggest you write a short paper on altruism because it is responsible for creating new philosophical ideas, attitudes and visions in your life from now on. No matter whether you travel or not, your mind is traveling far distances. Seeking a greater life plan.

LEO: You will be thinking of new things to do, new endeavors, challenges, and new ways of using your resources. Notice that your intuition and perception are very strong at this time. If you tune in quietly within, you will know who loves you. Concern about resources continues. However, soon this concern will evaporate. Did you expect something that didn’t occur? What would fulfill you these days?

VIRGO: Are you being diplomatic, re-defining relationships and sharing more? Someone significant is either in need or you need them. Do you feel there is a lack of support? If so, begin to support others and that which you give is returned. Be truly gracious. Don’t put on an act or act in terms of others’ expectations. Learn how to be authentically gracious. It has to do with the heart.

LIBRA: It will be time this week to get down to business, to begin to be practical every hour of the day and to establish routines that will handle the detail of changes occurring in your life. Attempt to work with enthusiasm, summon efficiency and organization, ask for assistance (from humans and angels), eliminate everything not needed and make health and well-being your first priority.

SCORPIO: You need some just-for-fun endeavors, things playful yet passionate. You also need something or someone calling forth your creative gifts. Only when creativity is involved are you truly pleased. Always you think of your impact on the world. This is good, allowing you to be brave and bold and always rebuilding your confidence and self-identity. You’ll express yourself this week and the next and the next….

SAGITTARIUS: Are you paying attention to what your feelings and intuitions are telling you? Are you assessing what creates safety and security for you. Are you stirring up activity at home, leaving home, seeking home, or needing a home? What are your support systems? Everything that leads to re-organization is occurring and this will continue. What new creative arts are following you around these days?

CAPRICORN: Are you feeling hopeful concerning creative endeavors, children, family and loved ones? Are you to transform parts of your life? Know that being creative offsets all disappointments. Sometimes you dream of things so significant and beautiful they take a long-time manifesting. Over time they actually will. Express your feelings in a neutral tone. Be conscious of love in your heart. Ask everyone to listen.

AQUARIUS: An ease in public and social situations may be felt this week. However, tend carefully and with detail to daily life tasks. When you are at ease with yourself a rapport with others develops spontaneously. Walk around the neighborhood, stroll down the middle of town, make phone calls, tend to bills and monetary responsibilities, assess your environments, be alert, contact others, be gracious and communicative. And realize with gratitude all that you value surrounds you.

PISCES: You’re wondering how to recreate, look and express yourself differently. You find it most important to present your authentic self. You think of stopping some things. Perhaps going on retreat for a while. It’s important for you to be both strong and kind, to seek understanding and harmony with others and for your actions to be understood and not misinterpreted. Often you dream your way through life, learning self- confidence through self-realization. You are brave.


~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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