Pisces – Two Fishes Saving the World

We are under the light, love and influence of the Lords of Pisces, sign of two fishes held together by a silken cord, one looking toward heaven, the other looking down into form & matter. The fishes are unable to be loosed, not until the personality (the duality of the two fishes seeing two realities) is strong enough to accept the care and tending of the Soul. The two fishes gaze in all directions, longing for their release, longing for the Soul.

Pisces understands these things. Pisces understands imprisonment, captivity, being confined, being abandoned, not having freedom, caught in illusions and glamours, cults, drugs and sex. Pisces, the last of the zodiacal signs, and containing impressions from all of them, understands sadness, sorrow, grief, melancholy, woe, and most of all, being misunderstood. All of which makes Pisces, after many lifetimes, able to offer understanding, compassion and care, which “saves the world.”

Pisces, when building the personality, experiences drugs, alcohol, dramatic emotions, drowning in a world of senses. On the Soul/Spiritual level, Pisces is the “Light of the World….the light that reveals the Light of Life itself. Pisces light ends forever the darkness of matter.” Those words “light of the world” sound familiar. Many of the Saviors who came were Earth were born in Pisces. They appear to help humanity as we struggle towards the light.

Jesus, the Christ, was One (savior). So was Buddha, Zarathustra and all the many religions teachers that have appeared on Earth since the beginning of time. In these dark times of the Kali Yuga Age (our present time, where the darkness is allowed to manifest so humanity can make a choice), we await the Reappearance of the Christ, the new Savior and World Teacher of the Aquarius Age. They say He will come soon.

ARIES: While busy with professional shifts, changes and rebalancings, turn more towards forgiveness, friends and the future – where the true reality is. Set goals with friends, helping them be stable and successful. Don’t demand too much from others. It creates disappointments. You’re in a time of great creative potential. Why do I see greenhouses & natural warm pools when I enter your world?

TAURUS: The past weeks have been more like an internal retreat, inner solitude, where something very important has been taking place. Now you consider new goals & plants, tending to their manifestation. This is “white magic”. Magic is the ancient word for bringing a thought-form into the world, helping it appear in form and matter. Call forth the Holy Spirit (Ray 3) to overshadow you. Divine Intelligence leading to Divine Action. This is esoteric.

GEMINI: You become more practical with resources because you know a change, new experiences and education are coming that reorient your beliefs. That is, if you have the courage to step into a new reality, enter into a group of like-minded others, plan your travels ahead of time and know the rest of your world will be cared for. You have a bit more time to prepare. Education in the New Aquarian Age calls to you. It’s never too late.

CANCER: It’s tax time, yes? Sometimes that creates anxiety. This year with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, it can be even more confusing. The feeling is everything’s just too complex. Like Pisces, you may feel you’re on uncharted waters, in a boat with no captain, no shore in sight, and there’s rumors that pirates are just around the bend. Life feels like that now. Be sure to rest. And find soothing warm calm waters (or arms) to lay in.

LEO: You’re sensitive, more than usual. Here you are in your reality and it seems something, over there somewhere, opposes you. What this means is an integration (of things & thoughts, new & unusual) is attempting to occur. An absorbing and balancing of new realities. One reality may be that creating more companionship & alliances would assist you. Assist your heart, actually.

VIRGO: There’s always so much to accomplish, so many people to contact, so many ideas to jot down & create goals with. It’s good Virgo has a developed and orderly work ethic. Virgo is responsible and intelligent. Creativity is to be practical & purposeful this month. You remember something. It makes you sad, glad, wondering, concerned, happy, joyful. All those things together.

LIBRA: You want to play a little more. Some Libran’s are very serious, they don’t play much. They feel injustices in the world and seek to alleviate them. You do this. However, now’s the time for a bit of lightness, for friends, entertaining, communicating with loved ones, interacting with children. In the coming weeks and months, tend carefully to health. See a natural doctor, dentist, care provider, and a deeply listening therapist. Get new shoes. A new endeavor may appear.

SCORPIO: Tend to family with extra care, touching in, making contact with all the family, even those not often seen. There’s a pull between home and work, family & the world, internal & external realities. Try to meet personal needs first. Stay at home a bit more. Let outer realities fall away. This gives you time to consider a different course of action concerning your gifts, talents and work. What needs tending concerning your own self?

SAGITTARIUS: New thoughts and/or ideas, very new, very future, should be streaming through your mind, creating a Tesla like electricity in your body. People can sense you’ve become a bit different. You need a close companion. Tesla’s closest companion was a dove? They communicated daily. Which you must do with heart, with those around you. Focus on them more. Soon a strange new spirit of adventure arrives. Where will you go? What/who will call?

CAPRICORN: Capricorn identities (who am I, really?) continue to shift, change and be transformed, like fluid earth. Saturn & Pluto are in your sign, creating a great transforming field around you. People respond to you differently now. They see something – a light perhaps, a sense of focus, a power, a beauty. Stay close to loved ones. And should you require it, call forth the resources needed in your life. They will arrive at just the right time.

AQUARIUS: Careful with money, assets, facts and figures. Know what you have, know what is coming in and going out. Be orderly about this. Don’t allow a lack of time or attention to take you away from this task. Train yourself to have a clear idea of all financial transactions. Have a book where you jot down finances, facts and figures. This calls for a bit of discipline, more practicality and it allows you to have a firm idea of all that you’re worth.

PISCES: So, happy birthday, Pisces …yesterday, today, this week, next week. When our birthday month arrives, the Sun’s golden light shines through us. We are beautiful. Our angels stand close by during our birthday month, waiting to hear our needs for the coming new year. A birthday celebration only really occurs when we talk to our angels. Their task is to help us in our needs. They stand around us…waiting, listening, tending, patient as ever. They offer their gift of loving protection.

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