Becoming Grownups

Uranus is part of the new moon, Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Uranus brings humanity vital and unrelenting change. The question at the new moon, and continuing onto the full blue moon at month’s end, concerns hopes, dreams and visions. Perhaps our dreams have changed. What visions and dreams did we have before? What are our dreams and visions now? Have they expanded (Jupiter) or consolidated (Saturn in Capricorn)? As 2018 unfolds we find ourselves working more than usual. In the last years, we pondered upon far reaching goals.

This year, we sense the need to structure our goals, dreams and visions, finding pathways where we are useful. 2018 is a slow & steady year. A fertile year for visionary enterprises to be anchored and stabilized in form and matter. It’s a year of tending to responsibilities. Making a list each day and checking it once, twice, three times. Finding Saturn in our astrology charts. Discovering what we must do each day in terms of daily tasks that care for ourselves, offer us structure, order & organization.

This year, we create Saturn Journals. What does that mean? Our journals of daily, weekly, monthly tasks, responsibilities and structures that we want to bring forth & complete this year. Saturn in Capricorn will assist us. That is Saturn in Capricorn’s job description. To work steady and persistently in the task and responsibilities, plans and agendas.

Saturn remains in Capricorn until December 17, 2020, prior to winter solstice. By then we will have achieved much, matured more, have greater strength and purpose, having moderation and caution. We will have become respected, sincere, serious and authentic – like grownups! Especially in America!

ARIES: In the next several years you will make critical decisions concerning your work, reputation and professional image. There will be rewards, achievements, accomplishments. There will be learnings about limitation and yearnings to create a firm foundation for the future. There is a ladder you must be climbed. Strength, security and leadership will be cultivated. You rise up slow and steadily.

TAURUS: You sense a seriousness, somberness, depth in thinking. You wonder what you’ve been doing for the past years and what will the future bring? You take one step forward and two steps back. Starting over and over every day. You call upon Spirit to sustain, direct, guide and hold you. You may even speak quietly with Mary, Mother of the World to assist you. Mary listens at dawn.

GEMINI: You will find it’s a time to tend to things financial, to taxes, insurances, legacies, trusts – all things shared with others, too. You may wonder who truly supports you emotionally. You will question intimacy and if your needs of intimacy have changed. You will need greater independence from someone or something. Desires and attachments come forth. New ones. You’re surprised.

CANCER: Be aware of changes in relationships. All types of relationships. Intimate and close friendships, too. There may be a need for compromise and flexibility, or perhaps a call to strengthen the “other”, or to let them go. Some may feel loneliness, seek a marriage partner. Some will feel the need to commit, or be urged to. Relationships may feel serious and demand to be redefined. Everyone’s true needs emerge.

LEO: All things in daily life will be challenged. Daily work, routines, habits, structures, tending to self and to health – all these will call you to be present, responsible and conservative. Everything will be like the order and organization of Virgo. You may need to tend to things neglected and put aside. Every day will be a no-nonsense day. You will learn how to manage everything quietly and with care. Especially health.

VIRGO: So many things will come your way to relax, lighten and loosen you up. Your task is to play with them in all ways possible. First, your creative expression will come forth in a more structured way, and this is good. You will seek children out, discover new hobbies, take tests for fun, think about romance with no commitment, yet with a touch more discipline than usual. Just have fun, Virgo.

LIBRA: Everything domestic, homelike, personal, nourishing and nurturing are the points on the family compass you are drawn to. You will realize all the past, including childhood, was your field of experience, where you learned a certain discipline, a realism and a way to structure your adulthood. Now, you seek to create traditions that sustain self- sufficiency. All family ancestries, backgrounds and heritages are good, unique and just what we all needed spiritually.

SCORPIO: It will be good to take up a new course of study or a training that interests you. If you haven’t yet trained in Compassionate Communication, the next two years prove to be the right time for this. A restructuring of your mind, thinking and belief system takes place, entailing detail and research you’re excellent with. You will participate in challenges and tests. They will be serious, satisfying and life-affirming. Remember not to worry.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn left your sign in December and the seriousness and somberness worn like a cloak is gone. The past years have been introspective, concerned with self and work, finances and a place called home. The upcoming years will see a steady, slow and sturdy flow of energy. Be sure to maintain your perception of self as effective, financially savvy, responsible, resourceful, realistic and always useful. These are true, you know.

CAPRICORN: If it’s at all possible for Capricorns to become even more capable, responsible, serious and mature, this will definitely happen in the next two plus years.

Here is what all Capricorns must understand and repeat daily, hourly, moment by moment. “I am always enough and I always DO enough and there is always enough in my life.” These words will create a deep sense of inner strength and a confidential sense of true identity. These words define your true identity.

AQUARIUS: You may sense you’re living a life of contemplation even when out and about in the world. You may sense a feeling of discontent which is usually a divine discontent. Ask what this discontent is…for discontent tells us something needs changing. You may consider all the things you hope to accomplish in your life, eliminating what is no longer important or necessary. You may begin to attend church. Or pray more. You find comfort there.

PISCES: You will need to set aside time each day for the tending to your own health and welfare. In the future, you will be called to do even more work with groups and people who depend upon you. This work is important for it contains your purpose, the plan for your life….and lives yet to come. You can make long term plans for the future. Allow nothing to frustrate those plans. Your life moves forward, upward. It’s a good time for the fishes. Visualize your warm pool and new home.

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