Saturn in Capricorn – New Rule of Law

As this column is published five planets (Mercury, Venus, Sun, Saturn and Pluto) are in Capricorn. It is a most potent stellium (gathering of planets). Saturn entered Capricorn at winter solstice and remains in the sign of the unicorn for 2 1/2 years. Saturn in Capricorn, at first, can feel cold, harsh and difficult. Pluto in Capricorn can produce transformations, making us fall to our knees. Venus in Capricorn pushes for more and more concrete scientific and true information. Mercury in Capricorn tells us to be very careful with how we communicate.

With so many planets in Capricorn, our knees, bones and joints can hurt. We can feel time has stopped or we feel limited by time itself. We can experience delays, disappointments, obstructions, walls being built (Berlin Wall built in 1961 with Saturn in Capricorn) and things falling down (like the Berlin Wall, 1989, when Saturn was last in Capricorn) or falling away from us.

Saturn and Capricorn present us with challenges, bringing awareness to crystallizations – areas in life where we are no longer growing. Saturn in Capricorn can also break down crystallizations, eliminating them, so new life can eventually come forth. The old is shattered and then reformed into what is useful for the coming new era.

With Pluto continuing in Capricorn, there is the promise of regeneration for humanity, the new “rule of Law”, lifting the darkness up and into the light, allowing any type of enslavement of humanity to be dissolved. Capricorn is called the sign of “arresting (periodic arresting). This means, that until the old crumbles and passes away, the new order of things, a new cycle cannot not come forth. The stars will see to this new order of things. Life changes for everyone under Saturn in Capricorn.

ARIES: Saturn is restructuring and redefining your relationships, redefining commitment (there is no such thing as fear of commitment), love, marriage, affairs, etc. Or perhaps you are going to redefine what relationships mean and then observe your behavior in them. In partnerships, you will come closer or remain apart. It’s a balancing act. The stars provide courage and strength. Then you become that strength.

TAURUS: Your everyday tasks, study, research, work agendas continue to be assessed and reassessed in order to understand what needs to be done, what’s important, what’s of value, what’s priority and who can help. During the next two months, the art of Right Relations in daily life along with health and healing matters emerge. You find you’re efficient in all ways. Share resources, care for your health, and remember kindness.

GEMINI: Can you define, recognize and identify your creativity. In the coming months, you will note your creativity emerges from many sources: your childhood, children in your life, love affairs, the art of conversation or simply walking here and there, to and fro in neighborhoods. What would you want your creativity to be? The opportunity for defining and knowing has arrived.

CANCER: You may find yourself turning from the outer world and turning inwards, turning to your inner sanctum, home, gardens and what you define as refuge. Some will remember their childhood, how they were nurtured, educated, cared for, fed and the values shared. Some will go about beautifying and redecorating. Some will attend culinary school. A new beginning sought. New self-redefining follows.

LEO: Your communications and community work in the world will be redefined. So often, you are recognized for the creative quality of your work and ability to lead. Now new community, leadership and communication phases will be needed. You will assess how, what, when, where and with whom to accomplish these tasks. You will define the context. Simultaneously, tend to siblings with compassion and understanding.

VIRGO: In the next months, notice your values shifting, changing, redefining. With the new Saturn in Capricorn energies you will assess, question and ascertain exactly what money and resources mean to you. New values will emerge. You’ll seek ways of solidifying and building what you have. You’ll think many revelatory thoughts for many months. A love of something new emerges. It makes you happy.

LIBRA: A new twenty-eight-year cycle begins for you as the past twenty-eight years’ experiences are integrated. Your appearance and how others perceive you will change. All of your virtues will shine forth. You may feel the need for retreat and renewal and thus tending, reinvention, updating and improving yourself. There’s someone you love who also needs tending with kindness, care and prayer.

SCORPIO: A great inward migration is occurring to you. You’ll be faced with all that’s been hiding, all of your past, anything emotional that has upset you in the past twenty-eight years. You’ll discover habits that no longer work, fears you thought were left behind, and a litany of actions being assessed. All these you’ll tend to like a warrior. The purpose is complete restructuring of self so your future has a solid golden foundation.

SAGITTARIUS: I wish much for you; that your hopes, wishes and dreams be fulfilled. In the coming months, certain groups of people with specific new ideas are of interest to you. You discover the need to share and create community, that serves humanity. You bring liberty, love, light and happiness to everyone. You realize these aspirations. You will be tested as to your seriousness. New structures will be formed. Success follows.

CAPRICORN: You are the goat that turns into a unicorn on the top of the mountain. Assessing how the world sees you, realize how dedicated you’ve been in helping others succeed. You outline what you now need to feel rewarded and recognized socially and monetarily. Your life direction begins to emerge and soon a foundation is built with new goals. Life changes. There may be some spectacular travel. Summon the Angel of Beauty to travel with you.

AQUARIUS: You’ll become a bit more philosophical, ponder upon higher education, read more and observe life from an ever-widening lens. Some will become or interact with lawyers, priests, adventurers, philosophers, writers and intellectuals. You may travel. All previous beliefs will be challenged. In your self-evaluation, you’ll understand greater realities. Meaningful events and people enter your life. You embrace them. Love happens.

PISCES: The next months are important for evaluating your work, social media, how your work is presented to the world, how to proceed, its value, financial structures, and what others expect from you in terms of resources. You have been free and easy with everything, from personal interactions to money. You will adapt to changes as they appear. Define exactly what is needed, ask for assistance, have patience. All that we ask for, eventually is given.

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