Epiphany, Three Astrologer Kings & Aries to Pisces

Since the first day after Christmas, we have been traveling with the Three Magi Astrologer Kings, from the east to the west, following the Bethlehem (Sirius) star, walking towards the stable where the holy child (metaphor for the new light for humanity) was born. During each of the twelve days after Christmas (Dec. 26 – Jan. 6) there is contemplation upon one of the twelve signs of the zodiac (Aries to Pisces). It is a yearly “journey” after solstice and Christmas, reflecting upon the twelve zodiacal signs in the new year, and upon the Three Spring Festivals – Aries (initiating creative energies), Taurus (Buddha stabilizing energies), Gemini (Christ & humanity distributing energies).

After twelve days of contemplating the twelve signs, we come to a culmination point, a feast and festival (January 6th) Epiphany (Latin for “something is revealed, made known”), when the Three Astrologer Kings, after their long journey, discovered the holy child, the Holy family, the sheep and shepherds in a stable with angels flying about. Because they were astrologers, they knew of the prophecy – that in “Bethlehem a child would be born who would become king.” Upon gazing at the child, knowing the prophecy and looking up at that most unusual bright star, hovering above the stable, the astrologer kings knew with the appearance of this (prophesied) child, the world would change forever.

And so, because they were astrologers, Magi and kings, it was their task to reveal to the world (one filled with ignorance, cruelty and darkness at that time, quite like now) of what they saw (the prophecy of light and a Messiah, fulfilled).

And so, since Christmas, each day has been filled with the energies of both the sign Capricorn (a mystery) and one of the zodiacal signs. It is a journey with the Three Kings, each holding a gift. The Three Astrologer Kings tell us the twelve zodiacal signs are the Path of Light streaming forth the waters of life for seeking humanity everywhere.

The kings also told Joseph, for protection, to take the holy family to Egypt, where the child, Jesus, would be trained in the Mystery Temples and prepare for his later work (as Christ) in the world. (282)

ARIES: As the weeks unfold in the new year, try and try again with all endeavors. May new prospects can be initiated. New opportunities will come to fruition mid-May. You will have many trial runs, planning and perfecting activities that highlight creativity, which will be inner focused at first, outwardly seen later. Maintain optimism, poise, intelligence and a rhythm attuned to the Sun.

TAURUS: Everything in the new year will be about the correct foundations being created and stabilized; about patience being recognized as an asset and redoing everything if, at first, the work is not prepared with the needed perfection, harmony and balance. Perhaps you’re building a greenhouse. Give yourself and others working with you more than ample time for nourishment and gratitude.

GEMINI: Life, people, communication, the mail, correspondence, messages – all will call for tending to and you will accomplish this before the retrogrades (Jupiter & Mercury in March; Saturn in April; Mars in June). Tend to small daily tasks, easy repetitive things. People may need you to repeat information over and over. You will find your way through these interesting times. You’re clever, a wizard, a trickster. Eventually a magus.

CANCER: Attempt to do one project at a time with patience, poise, careful attention. Attempt to see the sacred in all daily occurrences, something your sensitivity can really sense. Follow up on every endeavor with caution and watchfulness. Monetarily, assess all finances, make changes if needed, create a will and make sure you sign it. Your life becomes creative in unexpected ways.

LEO: Remember that the energies are new now in our new year. Adjustments will have to be made in terms of how we understand and interpret people’s responses. And how we greet and share and communicate with everyone. Careful with fire, sharp tools and injuries to your head and face. Don’t push any river, person, event, plan or yourself. Be the tortoise. Trim your hair.

VIRGO: Many Virgos will go into contemplation, delve into their subconscious, read up on Jung, the Red Book, archetypes and Joseph Campbell books till mid-year and emerge with an entirely new and different perspective on religion, spirituality and their place in the world. The invisible world surrounding us comes alive with sparkling light, flashing devas.

LIBRA: As everyone realizes the world has accelerated, changed, become an unknown entity, and some feel glum, displeasure and impatient with these changes. It’s time, therefore, to generate parties and pastimes that dislodge the prevailing blues. Only you can create these gala adventures that make what’s somber feel like a party. Make the gatherings abundant, plentiful and often.

SCORPIO: Study people in the world, past and present, that you admire, those you would mentor, and those whose attainments reflect your aspirations for success. Always think of serving others. This takes the focus away from competition, survival, losing or winning. The time has come now to reposition, revive and cultivate your creative ideals.

SAGITTARIUS: It is possible you may discover another Path, devoting yourself to it for a while. Once this Path is revealed you’ll march forward with courage, wisdom and determination. And exploration. Mars is the inner arrow in the bow of the Archer. It’s presently in your spiritual realms. Later the arrow will be directed toward the Capricorn mountaintop, the place of Initiation. You’re again being tested with change.

CAPRICORN: An inner reconstruction and a phoenix-like rising up with a new identity will occur within all Capricorns. It is an excellent time to renew, reawaken, revive, relight and rekindle your deepest hopes, wishes and dreams. This will set a new foundation for many creative years to come. And it will be what sustains you in the changing times. There’s an adventure soon ahead.

AQUARIUS: Be generous with everyone especially with friends and loved ones. Expect nothing in return. But do ask for help if you have needs. Working together in close association with others can create a strong bond that helps rise above possible frustrations. Realize that success is linked to all parties attempting compromise. As the leader, you are to have Right Relations, first. You are the mentor.

PISCES: Create and maintain a very regular daily schedule, tend to work early, maintain regular eating and sleeping. Everything’s transforming and realigning on inner levels all over the world. The world, people, the kingdoms, the Earth – it’s all an experiment. It’s stated in Ancient Wisdom texts that when one is experiencing an Initiation (potent inner change) they are often alone. Stay poised in this solitariness. Pray ceaselessly.

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