Sign of the Archer

Wednesday, is the feast of St. Nicholas, Greek bishop, healer, Wonderworker, model for today’s Santa Claus.

After the dramatic tests and trials and Scorpio’s deep waters, Sagittarius is a breath of fresh air with a simpler task of riding over hill and dale on a white horse seeking endless adventures, foreign lands, foods and cultures, eyes on the mountaintops of Capricorn. Over time, Sagittarius realizes that a different test is taking place. A tempering and a fire to burn away all distortions hiding the truth. The Sag disciple must be able to see clearly. In Sag, the mind is being refined, sharpened, prepared, new teachings are presented. Much is demanded. The Disciple must demonstrate a one-pointed, focused mind containing clear visions and goals.

The eyes of Sag are always on the Path ahead, all motion (horse, rider, arrow) is towards a spiritual target. Truly this is the sign of the archer, bow & arrows in hand. At some point, with appropriate tension of the bow, the Archer fires an arrow through space and time and into the future and all things of the past fade away.

This is the task of the present world disciple. Day by day we see our present culture and civilization collapsing. And as they do, the eye of the Disciple, with it’s one pointed directed focus, sees with inner vision the direction humanity is to take.

Sagittarius is the sign of Truth, removing the veils hiding the eyes of Lady Justice, allowing all that is no longer useful to shatter and fall away. The keynote of Sagittarius each day is, “I see the goal, I reach the goal & then I see another.”

Upcoming festivals. Hanukkah’s first night is next Thursday, Dec. 12. The first menorah candle is lit. Next to the menorah is the Advent wreath and candles. Both have lit candles – the light in our darkness. St. Lucia’s feast day is next Wednesday. She wears a crown of light.

ARIES: Something expansive occurs with money or things you hold in common with others. Also, your wound displays a Pisces flavor – an act of surrender, a revelation, or a feeling of being behind a curtain or veil. You will remember the way your mother (or grandmother) spoke with, tended and cared for you. You will attempt to recreate her food. You will finally praise and thank her. Quietly.

TAURUS: Hopefully you’re home, with intimates, family and friends and have access to things that nurture like gardens and nourishing things. You will ponder upon previous work groups and interactions. You will remember a time when you felt life was bountiful, the path clear and bright ahead of you. It still is. Know this. Do get some peace and quiet amidst all the work you’ll find to do.

GEMINI: You’re working more than ever, both internally and externally. Relationships take center stage these days. In the months to come, it will be important to ponder on future plans and goals. It is also most important to create cooperation between yourself and those around you, balancing your self-interests with those of others. Allow no conflict to arise between life at home and life at work. They are one.

CANCER: It’s important to assess your values – what you value, whom you value, and if you feel valuable yourself. You may be hungrier than usual, and a bit more temperamental and touchy. Watch for impressions, vivid ideas, thoughts that lead to more independence, further resources, and a set of disciplines that make you feel more safe and secure. It’s inner structure coordinating your outer life. What creative endeavors are calling to you?

LEO: There is a new focus on self-identity and self-improvement…on all things for and about the self. In the meantime, organize all financial information, keep up to date on taxes and insurances, check investments, tend to debts (monetary, emotional) and always save 10% for yourself and tithe 10%. Remain close with family, sharing your ideas, plans even fears. They care for you. Be kind in your speech. Then magic occurs.

VIRGO: Spend time with loved ones and those close to you. Compromise, cooperate and have the intention for Goodwill. It brings forth Right Relations. As you extend gratitude to all and everything in your life, be forgiving in areas where you judge yourself. Remember there is no failure. There are only successive stages of learning. Work calls. Maintain discipline.

LIBRA: Tend carefully to finances; try not to spend on things not needed. Save resources for a family member or emergency. An innovative idea will occur to you concerning how to better save and how to build monetary safety for the future. Think about family wealth (not only money but information, land, etc.). Research silver and gold and work towards being ready when the economic reorientation occurs. Begin now.

SCORPIO: After giving profound thanks for all that you have (and all that’s packed away for some eventful later time) and for your enlightened mind, it may be time to give some attention to your finances and slow down on any new output of monies till the old debts are paid. Abundance will continue. Something needs to be sold. And some things given away.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re a bit vulnerable at this time. Usually, you aren’t, but now you are. Everything seems new and bright and possible. When we are vulnerability great ideas appear. Record them. They contain a power and magic for the future. Your creative work is tuned to humanity so all of your ideas are what humanity seeks. From the deepest recesses of yourself ideas stream forth. You are expanding beyond all limitations.

CAPRICORN: Give thanks for all hidden things in your life, things you don’t know yet that are bright and beautiful and arriving in the future. Give thanks for all life experiences and people that shook you up and transformed you. Give thanks for those things that made you weary. Something new enters your world. Tend to everything close to home with care and awareness. Good things come with gratitude.

AQUARIUS: Create a journal of hopes, wishes and future dreams. As you write, goals will appear, then more and more goals. Tend to what is most important around you. Clean and clear away what seems confused, unkempt, untidy, disorganized or incomplete. Change will occur in the new year. Uranus prepares us for a future that is quite unexpected. I hear the sound of freedom

PISCES: Gratitude propels you forward, releases the past. You can be grateful for knowing this. There is a ladder you’re seeking. Know that you are a true leader, that you will eventually, if not now, turn and serve humanity in ways you better understand. For now, it’s time to rest, ponder on your plans. Refine them. Concentrate on love and kindness in relationships. Laugh more.


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