From Scorpio to Sag, Mars to Jupiter to Gratitude

Tuesday this week, the Sun moved from Scorpio to Sag – a shift from Scorpio’s deep waters to the meadows, valley’s and plains of Sagittarius. We shifted from the eagle to the horse; from the depths to seeking the heights; from the star Antares to the Galactic Center; from the opal to the topaz; from Mars to Jupiter; from Orion to Chiron; from Tuesday (Mars’s day) to Thursday (Jupiter’s day); from the sign of death and regeneration to the sign of the adventurer, riding the white horse, bow and arrow in hand, seeking the mountain tops of Capricorn. Both Scorpio and Sag are signs of discipleship.

Jupiter is personality-building ruler of Sag, aiming its bow and arrow to a goal far away, in the clouds somewhere above the peaks of Capricorn. It is Neptune who lives where Jupiter wants to go, where the arrow is pointed. Neptune is the ethers. Neptune has no external aim or direction. It simply expands, dissolving boundaries, barriers and obstacles to the spiritual world. Jupiter is religion, Neptune spirituality. Jupiter is faith, Neptune compassion. Jupiter is knowledge, Neptune intuition. The Raincloud of Knowable Things.

Jupiter and Neptune are rulers of Pisces, sign of the world savior, sign of saving the world – the esoteric task of the United States. In Sagittarius, we prepare for the dawn of the new year, in Capricorn, Winter Solstice. When the Temple door opens.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Under Sag Sun we eat well together. Under Jupiter we give thanks and are grateful. We have joyfulness. Gratitude and Joy also open the Temple Doors. That’s a secret. Alert! Mercury retrograde begins next week!

ARIES: Relationship interactions will call you to tell the truth, to ask for what you want and need, to reflect and figure out what you’re willing to give in return. Allowing nothing to happen, not providing information, not exploring and explaining desires and aspirations in relationships keeps everyone in the dark. True love is communication. Communication creates true love. Nothing else matters.

TAURUS: It’s important to plan, create rhythms, agendas and schedules that structure daily living. It’s important that a routine be established, priorities stated, goals set and details worked out so you can achieve greater efficiency. Allow nothing and no one to hinder you from creating the essential discipline of preparing for the future. You actually know what that future will be.

GEMINI: For months, there have been hints of a new creative process emerging. However, the time was not right, the season hadn’t arrived. There is a time and season for everything and Geminis are smart enough to know and follow them. It’s time to list the projects and visions you think about, choosing several to follow up on. Conflict turns into peace and harmony, confidence into well-being.

CANCER: Certain situations have erupted placing you between two different realities which you are attempting to balance. However, each day this becomes more difficult, leading to exhaustion. What’s at stake are values and you’re asking what are your values. Home has become a place where change must take place. You need sleep, rest, comfort, quiet and solitude.

LEO: Perhaps it’s been difficult the past two months for others to understand your hopes, wishes, needs. Have you been lonely and felt misunderstood? Perhaps you longed for clarity, thinking it would never arrive. It has now. It’s just begun. You will no longer have to enter into silent retreat because of communication difficulties. Discernment was the purpose for the last several months.

VIRGO: Have you been tending to finances, figuring out resources for a true perspective of your assets? Is something occurring at home, perhaps a state of anger or dissatisfaction, a sense of restriction leading to a restructuring of your surroundings? Are you wanting to run away from home and wondering if you have adequate resources? Take a bit more time to reflect on your choices. More answers emerge soon.

LIBRA: In the past several months a new vision of self has begun to emerge. You want to look a certain way that enhances your self-esteem, benefits your earning power, and creates a balance between who you are and how you’re perceived. It has been important in the last years for your desires, wishes and longings to manifest. Now that you have much of what you hoped for, whom will you share it with? Will you share?

SCORPIO: That nebulous feeling of not knowing anything, even the time of day, the month or year, is slowly dissolving and with it comes a sense of knowing, once again, your true needs and wants, desires and aspirations. For so long you’ve heard yourself saying “I don’t know, I don’t know.” Allow surrounding circumstances to present themselves slowly and gently. Watch, look and listen, observe. And then be grateful.

SAGITTARIUS: In these days of gratitude, it’s good to assess your true friends and acquaintances. It’s important to know whom to turn to for care, warmth and respect. So much has been in flux and change. You are beginning to understand where real support comes from and what you can accept. Reach out and touch all that you care about. Surround it all with love and appreciation. The planets are entering Sagittarius and your joy increases.

CAPRICORN: Everyone who comes in contact with you realizes you are a teacher, someone to be reckoned with. They realize although you can be the life of the party, it’s best not to cross, take advantage of, ignore or treat you unkindly. They realize you have values and principles concerning Right Relations and Goodwill. It’s good to list your likes and dislikes, needs and wants. Sharing them with friends and family…. creating a true dialogue.

AQUARIUS: Many changes have occurred in the past months and many uncertainties emerged and visions you held seemed to melt away due to so many unusual tasks and responsibilities. Now there is fresh air and time to choose and eliminate and you can take a stand on the direction of your life and figure out what’s a dream and what is reality. Things, people, information far way seem vital and significant. Contact them.

PISCES: Observe with interest and care what you do each day. Observe your thoughts, timing, focus, goals and intentions. Do you know what you want and need? Make a list. Begin with what you don’t want and need. Paradoxes abound in your life. To be efficient and balanced you must stand in the middle, betwixt and between. Focus on small daily details. Complete tasks step by step. When larger life events appear, you will be prepared.

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