Goodwill Festival and the Equation for World Peace

Wednesday begins the week with a Libra moon – sign of creating Goodwill in our world. Thursday is Scorpio moon – sign of the mysteries and the call to discipleship. Venus/Neptune & Sun/Chiron influence us on Thursday – a confusion occurs, perhaps, a wound too. We stand with the Will-to-Good in all situations which then creates Goodwill in the hearts of those around us.

Friday is Sun/Uranus, creating unexpected disruptions and revelations – things needed for the new world to appear. Saturday is the Scorpio new moon and World Goodwill Festivals.

Sunday, we experience Mars/Pluto energies – quite transformative, perhaps explosive and angry. We remain calm. Tuesday, Sun enters Sagittarius. Sag is the sign of world disciples everywhere, in all cultures, countries & nations. Their purpose is the creation of Goodwill in the world.

The Ageless Wisdom teachings offer humanity the equation for world peace. “Actions of Goodwill create Right Human Relations create the active processes of peace humanity seeks.” Saturday, during the Scorpio new moon festival, the World Festival of Goodwill is being held in NYC, London and Geneva by Lucis (Light) Trust. The seminars are also live online. I will be listening, watching & taking notes. We can compare notes. Please join us, the New Group of World Servers & the Esoteric Seed Groups. We can participate in the World Goodwill Festival seminars together here…

ARIES: Thoughts turn toward relationships – how they serve, tend and care for you, your expectations, how they free or restrict you. You also must consider how you serve others in relationships. Perhaps how you were tended and nurtured in your early years is mirrored in present relationships. Or maybe you don’t remember. Choose now, with awareness and depth, to make relationships more loving, kind and filled with intentions of Goodwill.

TAURUS: Assess daily chores differently. What needs eliminating, what needs most tending. You ponder upon a totally different lifestyle that includes community, things sustainable, location, safety zones, source of water (through dowsing) and the best way to meet food source demands for many people. Meet with like-minded others also facing the unknown future. Research and plan simultaneously.

GEMINI: It’s good to learn the new physics (the electric universe) so you can inform the rest of humanity which is your task. Like Taurus you are to be concerned about safety concerns seven generations beyond now and you need new (actually ancient) information in order to re-educate humanity. Everything’s reorienting in our world. You must also. What do you understand about this shift and what could your plans be concerning the future?

CANCER: Your tasks are always about family, your garden, property, farming, elders, parenting, home and, lastly, community. All are appropriate for you to focus on. It’s important to share with those close to you what you know about the present world situation. How is your living situation? Are you happy and what are you growing in your garden? Sustainability is on your mind.

LEO: A new cycle of focused creativity, new life and a new identity begins. You are a leader. However, often, you’re not aware of your leadership or the responsibilities leaders have. In your community of peers, forming community wherever you are, others look to you for care, love and direction. If our present world reality changes, where would you go, what would you do? How would you prepare? What are you presently pursuing and is it useful for survival? Rest more.

VIRGO: It’s most important to realize that values are shifting and changing. And so, each of us must ponder upon what is of value? Do you feel of value to yourself and others? We are all very valuable in many different ways. What is the state of your money and resources? An economic reorientation is occurring. Are you one of the new world servers who can help create the new materialism? Are you tithing?

LIBRA: A new life structure begins for you this autumn, slowly changing your sense of identity and artistic creative self. Profound new perceptions continue to occur concerning resources and communication with others. As world conditions enter new phases you will be called to a new state of healing. Nurture the art of kindness especially toward family. Honor them, along with the Ten Commandments (Aries Laws).

SCORPIO: Mercury, as messenger, is influencing and informing you about the new ethics and ways of being needed to cultivate the new world civilization. These are big words. Mercury is your spiritual helper, developing your contact with the divine. Mercury works with the nine tests of Mars, pushing you to have intentions for Goodwill to create Right Relations creating compassion. These words define your internal experiences. You are to be contemplative for a while.

SAGITTARIUS: You might wonder who considers you a leader. Well, just about everyone who meets you. Knowing this allows you to experience confidence and freedom. You will add new friends to your circle. You will support projects that educate humanity. Beliefs change when you consider what your goals were previously and what they are now. To maintain equanimity, become a bit more non-conforming. Show worthwhile friends they are valuable. They are grateful for you.

CAPRICORN: Are you wondering where your Capricorn leadership skills can emerge? Eventually, after much preparation, your community activity and gifts to humanity will be recognized and applauded. You will lean towards a new symmetry in the new year, wearing new plumes, curls, fashions and colors. Your art will nourish and be nourished. Remember, to honor excellence in your family and your friends. Lives change when excellence is supported. You are excellent!

AQUARIUS: The focus of energy in your life concerns travel, publishing, long journeys, people far away, the news, religion and philosophy. It would be good to meet new people, study histories, biographies, especially geography, teach skills, talk about the coming times, of community and future survival. It’s good to allow challenges, new inventions and things different into your life. They widen your perspectives and expand your strength and courage.

PISCES: Reality will drift here and there, resources will change, you hear new ideas, nothing from the past remains, home is everywhere, there’s more and more work to do, you seek to stabilize finances tending to taxes and financial responsibilities (with help), you are conservative and resourceful, you stand in for a parent, you rediscover abilities and gifts, and finally you find a warm salt-water pool to swim in. Solitude leads you into the new reality. Hold on. Just keep swimming.

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