Autumn’s Dosha (energy, rhythm)

Autumn (known as “midnight” in esoteric sciences; winter solstice is the “dawn”) is a season of transition, between summer’s golden green and winter’s bare darkness. In trees and shrubs, we see a subtle shift of color, from greens to oranges, reds and browns – the browning of the Earth. This is the very thing that shocked Ceres after her daughter, Persephone, was captured and taken to the underworlds. The color, hues, shades and position of the light hints at new seasons unfolding – from autumn’s crispness to winter’s shadows. There is a simultaneous feeling of loss and also of hope. We sense the possibilities of light appearing in the darkness.

During autumn, we seek simplicity and warmth with a hint of the festive. Autumn soon becomes dry, windy, rainy, erratic, subtle, cool and clear. The element air predominates, the subtle prana (breath), the essential life principle. Following Ayurvedic principles, we learn that autumn is a Vata (one of the Doshas – basic energies in nature, of which there are three – Vata, Pitta, Katha).

Vata is air, the etheric subtle unseen. Vata governs movement and communication; it is light, cold, dry, rough, mobile, subtle, and clear. The focus here is the seasons. Within the four seasons there is a rhythm to be followed. When we follow the seasonal rhythms, our body becomes balanced & harmonized, the tasks of Libra.

Libra begins the autumn season each year. Seasonal living, following the circadian rhythms, rhythms of the Sun and Moon, the new and full moons, the light at dawn, noon, dusk and midnight – all of these astrology follows, too. (continued next week)

ARIES: You burn yourself often in the fire of risk taking. Then you feel a drop of rain and the fire is extinguished. You rise up from the flames, creating always a new self within. This is due to Mars, the life-giving energies propelling you in new directions, often unknown. There are snakes like jewels around your neck. They protect you. Think of these as your spiritual talisman and amulets.

TAURUS: Often you battle with the serpent of time. Always having the sense there isn’t enough time. Feeling so often pressured by time. It’s good to have a talk with Saturn, god of time. He enters into our lives when we need to learn patience and right timing. Saturn in Sagittarius takes us on an adventure and journey into Time. Saturn invites you to walk with him. Converse with him on time, in time.

GEMINI: Venus expresses its essence in your life through beauty and harmony. Venus removes hindrances that keep you from knowing the truth. Venus then offers you the understanding concerning all life experiences. The great Vedic seers tell us of vanquishing the dragon of ignorance. We do this by lifting up the lower to the higher, to the realms of Soul light. You then gain the wisdom you seek. Then you help others.

CANCER: It is good to build an enclosure around your garden, construct an indoor altar of stones, icons, water and prayers and construct an outside fire altar. All of these focus the mind and heart. At each new and full moon standing at our altars, reflecting upon the days, weeks and months, we sense the rhythm of essential beingness. Constructing enclosures with altars for ritual creates a new well- lighted house to live within.

LEO: It’s important to polish your personality into a gem of light. Then the angularities and irregularities within your personality become a perfect diamond. You are to work on yourself so the Master Builders (Hierarchy) can use you to build the template of Goodness in everyone. When your necessary work has been completed you will be called to the Temple of Beauty and Usefulness.

VIRGO: Consecrate the lands around you to the Angel of Rituals. This is an ancient activity that alchemists performed. They tended and tilled the land with sanctifying mantrams: invoking the Angel of the Plough and the Angel of the Earth. Invoking the Sun, moon and stars to fertilize the land with magnetic energies. Allow your place (home) to be attuned and aligned with the Spirit. Then pure Goodness expresses itself through you.

LIBRA: Creation occurs according to Law. Libras know intuitively about the laws of life. Use mantrams each day to invoke the Spirit of the Day ay so that on inner and outer levels you are aided and nourished in all ways. You are to clear the thistles (harshness, unforgiveness, anger, hatred) from your life so that equality, balance and beauty can come forth. Otherwise you will remain in the Kurukshektra (Sanskrit for “great & ancient battle”).

SCORPIO: In Wisdom teachings, “the body (personality) is called the field of cultivation.” It is also seeking “level ground” (the Soul). Link the inner (Soul) and outer (personality) selves so they become one. See yourself as a Great Ritualistic Bird, the Great Eagle. Stand on two triangles, arms outstretched, forming a cross. Then you work with heaven (north) and earth (south), and side to side (east/west). You become centered on the Tree of Life in the world of men (thinking ones).

SAGITTARIUS: In the Masonic Lodges, the Centaur (half animal/half man) represents the dual nature of all of us. Sagittarius is given the gifts of high nobility, generosity and a self-control that leads to freedom. There is often a restlessness with Sag, seeking at times high worldly positions. At other times hiding away in the woods as hunter and archer. You fight for the rights of others. Removing the blindfold from Lady Justice.

CAPRICORN: So often you are thoughtful, reserved, serious, prudent and cautious – the born diplomat. You understand authority. You also understand negotiation and peace keeping. Goodwill propels you to the top of the mountain very quickly. Careful, when climbing (and running), with thighs and later with knees. After a long arduous climb to the top of the mountain, you become the unicorn. The Light meets you there.

AQUARIUS: You are an interesting character. And with Uranus ruling you, quite a character you are! You are also humanitarian (a giver) while also needing scientific verification of all things. You are intelligent beyond your years (and beyond most others). You are the “man/woman” of the zodiac. You are the “waters of life” in many cases “for thirsty humanity.” You are the friend to everyone. You are the wavy lines of the Aquarius glyph. The lines of electricity!

PISCES: Greatly influenced by all environments you find yourself in, it’s most important that they be beautiful, harmonious, filled with color, subtle hues and the sound of flowing waters. Deep within your heart longs for peace on earth. Sometimes you’re dreamy and romantic. Mysteries call to you. Sometimes you’re sad, restless and discontented. You are the two fishes united by a silken cord. You want to break that cord at times. And be free. Pray for this.

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